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[FED][EA] Exploration into Awesomness - Cab and Some goals

Day 1,907, 02:18 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome

Hello Once Again Feds,

As I write this it is 4:30 am for me. I went to bed super early and I ended up waking up super early. This article will introduce my cabinet and some of the goals that I have. I want to touch base on a few things …

First, the Cabinet!

Vice President

Jefferson Locke

Fed Radio + Meeting Lead
(plans and leads the Fed Radio + Fed Meetings)

Political Director
Paul Proteus

Recruitment Director
Crash Thompson

Retention Director
Duncan Crowe

Media Director

FOP Director

FBI Directors
Stewy (Fed)
Kody5 (EZC)

EZC Plans

EZC is a very well run MU, so I don't want to change anything dramatic as it is working out fine the way things are. The main thing that I want to change is Media driven and Forum driven. I was talking with Deepchill and wanted some insight on things to change and ways to improve, I offered all of my resources available if I were to win PP.

Of course Deepchill said that more exposure would be nice and, of course, more supplies would be nice (as with any MU). Malarkey came to me later that day and assured my belief that EZC needs some more exposure.

Anyway, my plans!
EZC Newspaper – I know Gniralps has been working on some EZC media recently and I want to combine our efforts along with my Media and R&R directors to get together and create a weekly, or bi monthly update such as rank ups of members and current things that are happening in EZC. To couple with this newspaper I want to encourage people to donate to EZC and to join EZC and information will be provided in each article about how to do that. There are a lot more to be discussed but I feel when all of our minds come together something amazing will come out of this newspaper.

EZC Forums – As Malarkey said, they are pretty basic. I want to give EZC members reason to post in the EZC section. I want them to have fun on the forums, rather then all the spam we have going on now... which can be overwhelming. Hehe! (Even though I love spammin' the Fourm) 🙂 I will be talking with some people and see if we cannot get some funding to give EZC more tanks for participation in the forums. This is still very unclear and I have to see how much funding is possible. I will be asking Fingerguns directly to help me with making the Forums are more "EZC-Fun" place.

In addition, I feel we should provide at least some tanks for each rank up of EZC member. I will be funding this out of my own pocket. The exact number of tanks given isn't decided yet, and I will be working in collaboration with Deepchill in this Venture

Federalist Party

We are the #1 legit party right now, and that means we must work to maintain our status. We are coming from a high right now with Fingerguns as PoTUS, however don't forget that we do have J-Lo as VP and practically the entire DoD is Feds. 😃 Actually, MANY of the government jobs are Feds right now, like always! Hehe! We are doing so good right now, so I want to fine tune.

The Fed Radio Show
I want to change a little on the radio show. I think that on our schedule we should switch to a 30 minute pre-recorded show with some important topics talked about and less of the dead air and much random talking. Now, I LOVE the random talking and hour long radio shows and don't want to get rid of that at all. The other show of the week will be the usual hour long, with some nice chit chat and we encourage anyone to call in! Especially for the after party because that is where it is at!

Fed Meeting
I want to change the Fed Meeting a little bit too. I'm going to set up a poll and see which time best suites our members needs and when they are most available to hopefully get the most out of the meeting. I want the Fed Meeting to be all about the fed party members giving their feedback and concerns directly and in pubic to the cabinet and having the cabinet discuss what we have been doing for the week and what things are coming up. I want it to be about transparency.

Fed Recruitment and Retention

I will be working with Duncan Crowe to retain as much newbs as possible. I will be creating a Fed VIDEO tutorial, and I want Dunks to help me lay out the format and even co-talk with me on the video; heck he can take the reigns on the project if he wants to and I will follow his path! I want the video to show how to register for the forums and why we have the best forums in any party, how to join our irc and why it is the best irc chat room then any party, and just to show potential recruit around and how and why to get involved.

Note that “best” is relative and differs from party to party 😉

I'm so happy that Crash Thompson stepped up to be recruitment director. His activity has surged and I wanted to take advantage of that. The Feds are all about new members and educating new members. New members HAVE to know this, they have to!!! 😛 I want crashthompson to work with Logamac, my media director, into setting up a Newspaper article with a lot of Fedtastic stuff and links and resources on it and have it republished every 2 days in the “First Steps in eRepublik”

Sorry for going on and on, I have A LOT of plans. I'm glad I got to talk about some of them. A lot of my work will be collaborating with my cabinet and helping them succeed and working with the Fed members to assure mutual success.

Please, vote for Fingerguns, vote for Jlo, vote for Tiacha, vote for Crash Thompson, vote for Logamac, vote for Duncan Crowe, vote for Deepchill, vote for Paul Proteus, vote for Greekm4n, vote for Kody5, vote for Stewy, vote for EnterAwesome. We will all be leading the Federalist Party!

As Always,
Love Forever ,



Evil.Elvis Day 1,907, 02:36

1st reserved for Awesome.

Tiamati Day 1,907, 03:21

Excellent platform article Exploration; good luck in your upcoming election!


Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,907, 03:25

Pretty strong platform, good luck

Deepchill Day 1,907, 11:36


Good luck

emdoublegee Day 1,907, 11:59

Excellent platform article Exploration; good luck in your upcoming election!


Gnilraps Day 1,907, 12:45

I welcome the help of the EZC party president. Direct attention and assistance, especially in the areas of innovation and support have been lacking in Fed PP's for as long as I can remember. At times it feels like if EZC didn't maintain our relationship with the Federalist Party there wouldn't really be one.

So Bravo for taking this initiative.

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