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Day 2,275, 21:23 Published in USA USA by blondeninja

I made my announcement on the forums just before the nominations went up. Since then I have announced my cabinet and answered your questions. However I aim to reaffirm my case in game, as well as to make a final presentation to you.

The Federalist party has always been a very proud party and as many different articles have outlined this has its drawbacks. It is easy to get lost in this mentality and it is dangerous to a party to maintain such a idea. However, we have been improving and not once sacrificed our identity as a whole. For those interested in the full fed motto many sources exist, however my goal is not to get bogged down in the ideology of this and rather focus on the issues we face and how I plan on resolving them through the application of such.

Last time running my focus was activity, integration of newer members and further engagement of existing ones. What might that translate to? Good question. Starting with activity as a whole I know from experience leading a training branch, whose purpose is to teach new players and get them active, that it all starts from the top. Having an active and participating leadership not only sets a good example but allows for better interaction between leadership and joining members. Beyond spurring leadership into an even more active role I plan on using programs, contests, discussions, and a better use of irc to provide more than enough venues for members to become active. Everyone has different inclinations; some post, some like irc etc. And providing enough activity in all areas helps them find a niche which is essential to retention.

More specifically when it comes to such items as retention and integration one program I will bring back is the mentor program. It allows new players to gain insight into the leadership realm as well as guidance in the game overall. I believe this program can help provide yet another area for new members to become a bigger part of the party. I will also be continuing the reward program for joining members and implementing more rewarding feedback opportunities for members to let the leadership know what they think. Between these and the other continuing programs we can foster an even more welcoming and active environment for new members and existing ones alike.

As a party we have a large influence on the national scene as well as in congress. We have a sizable member base but we need to get everyone involved as we exist as a whole to serve the members. The experience I bring to the table as a long time leader of a training branch that works with new people day in and day out as well as my time in party leadership has prepared me for being PP. My team has proven themselves before and with some fresh ideas, experienced hand, and solid plans I know we can hit the ground running with some awesome improvements. Let’s do this Feds, together we can go far! BN4PP
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Please shout! 'Blondeninja for PP'


Pfeiffer. Day 2,275, 21:36


Lorenzo VonMatterhorn
Lorenzo VonMatterhorn Day 2,275, 22:03


Synesi Day 2,276, 16:24

I spit out my drink while pondering the same issue.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,277, 09:34

The same citizen who told you that you could use serial dater Taylor Swift...

redbirdusa Day 2,275, 21:47

V & S

Blondeninja for POTUS!!


blondeninja Day 2,275, 21:51

PP lol

redbirdusa Day 2,275, 21:53

It was worth a Shot 😛

Gnilraps Day 2,276, 09:35

Good looking things ahead for the Feds.

nick.bergman Day 2,277, 23:58


Cthulhu.. Day 2,277, 07:43


Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,277, 09:35


Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,277, 13:35

... go Berserk there 😛


Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,280, 12:09

V + S; watched Stuck in Love last night, pretty good movie, especially with KB! Haha

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