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[FED] Awesome Media Contest for Awesome People

Day 1,815, 13:27 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome

Hello Once Again Readers,

This article is going to be ALL ABOUT THE FED CONTEST which I discussed in my last article. Feds are becoming a ubiquitous scene in the media and things just got real now. We at the Feds offer a plethora of ways of getting involved in the community and this is one just for you.

I know you're hasty in finding out what this is all about so let us commence on this adventure.

Some necessary background is necessary. Necessarily so. Who the heck are those pompous feds thinking that they are the best~?!? Could it be that they are really an all powerful. Leading. cutting edge party? Personally, I've seen some zealous and committed Fed members stating the facts that they are Feds4Life. Argueably The Federalist Party is the most proud and outspoken party in the eUSA who prides themselves on achieving “awesome members”.

Now we go into no mans land. We are going to try an uncover the secrets of the Federalist Party and revel in the magnificent stories that their awesome members will bestow on us. We are on the hunt for prestigious past scriptures. Another checklist includes modern and current events that woe and amaze us. Lastly, we want predictions of the glorious future. Now you might be thinking, “What is she talking about” and I will reveal that.

Okay no more loafing, PAY ATTENTION now~!

The important things
This is where things get serious. The federalist party would like to present a Media Contest exclusively for Federalist members (excluding Fed Leadership). The main idea behind the contest is to get Feds involved and get some nice media rolling out. We are looking for an article that you, a fed member, writes about how it feels like to be a Fed. Give us something about the past (former party presidents,contests,etc), the current, and the future (maybe PP noms/elections). There is no structure needed just write from the heart about why the Feds are so awesome.


*~- Write about how it feels like to be a Fed.
*~- Incorporate Past,Current,Future
*~- Deadline is November 13
*~- Submit Articles to EnterAwesome or Jefferson Locke
*~- Shout the article to be awarded the prizes
Shout Copy and Paste for easy-ness 🙂
[FED] Awesome Media Contest for Awesome People

Winner's will be choosen off these compenents

*~- Creativity
*~- P/H
*~- Clear and concise genuine writing
*~- Effort
*~- P/H

The winner will receive...

*~- 10 gold
*~- A top 5 spot in media
*~- A shout in the Fed Press

I will also pick an article that I feel deserves second and award them 2 gold.

Stay Awesome,
As Always ,

Writer for eUS Department for Education
Ex Airforce SCO
In the Airforce Again 🙂
Current Deputy Secretary of Media
Retentions, Fed Party
emdoublegee for PP Campaign, AMP



fingerguns Day 1,815, 13:59

I'm going to enter this even though I can't win. I love talking about the Feds. It's my greatest passion.


Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,815, 14:23


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,815, 15:16

excellent job 🙂

emdoublegee Day 1,816, 23:44

Good stuff, interested in seeing what you all write! Not a fed myself, but there's a lot of folks I respect and enjoy playing this game with over there like EA and fingerguns! So voted for interparty friends!

fingerguns Day 1,816, 09:14

M2G is jealous.

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