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[FDC] Photoshop/Paint/Gimp Competition!

Day 2,370, 14:17 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Federal Chancellery

Photoshop/Paint/Gimp Competition!
Let's have some fun and put creativity in practice?!

Think you can make a funnier picture? Think you are one of the best painters of this world? WIN 10 GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the best picture. 😉

Send your pic to the Minister of Culture and Fun: Comrade bla bla Lenin

Lucas: moooo moooooo (I like to invade his articles, hue hue)
*Cows have Presidential support. moooooo

Country President of eSwitzerland

Comrade blablablabla Lenin
Minister of Culture.


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,370, 14:17


Walen II
Walen II Day 2,370, 14:25

moo 😃

Black Whiter
Black Whiter Day 2,370, 18:22

Moo ??

Moo Moo!

Rican Day 2,370, 19:41

yay Madkytle !!!!!!!!!!!!!
< 3

Leonardo.DiCaprio Day 2,370, 23:53


Ser Fartsalot
Ser Fartsalot Day 2,371, 03:34


Lord Aragorn99
Lord Aragorn99 Day 2,371, 03:35

voted 🙂

DoDrew Day 2,371, 09:51

Participating in the contest with the picture form this article:

Basaev Day 2,371, 09:57


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