[EXCLUSIVE] A day in Plato office + Varvarin info

Day 4,856, 00:53 Published in Serbia Serbia by Lordsrbin

Good morning everyone,

After the huge wave of bans. I went to Plato's office to check what they are doing.

As you can see from here, Plato doesn't really care. He can see there's a bunch of masochists still willing to pay for this game. People that would rather play this than do actual drugs.

He also doesn't care about his own rules in a way that someone can register the account under the age of 14 while someone else gets banned.

Btw, admins I also made my account while I was 12. I call you openly to ban me for that even if I am 20 now 🙂.

P.S. As a tradition, sending regards to Varvarin who has finally learned how to BENCH