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[eWikileaks] The Truth Behind Joining TWO

Day 2,051, 11:04 Published in Australia Norway by Major Lee Hung

As per my promise in the previous article...


Many of you probably know that our good friend Timmy has very grandoise plans for eAustralia. Apparently ditching an alliance in the way we did makes us look so good to the rest of the world! (if only they didn't all think we're traitors) Sometimes you need to tell a little white lie or two to Timmy so that he doesn't continue his run of stupid plans.

This one in partcular was me trying to tell him things such as, eAustralia won't beat Indonesia, ditching friends in NaN for the sake of 3 regions makes us look more awful than we already did, and TWO doesn't revolve around eAustralia. I'm sorry Timmy, but there are much more important things in the world.

I must apologise for this myself, I don't mean to put eAustralia down. But let's face it, eRepublik revolves around Europe and TWO aren't going to drop their ongoing campaigns to give us a couple more regions for a week or two, before priorities shift and Indo take them back immediately. I had to tell him the truth in these well-thought plans of his - it will be many months until we're free. Unless you're a European eNation, you probably shouldn't expect much.

It also proved fruitless to tell him that betraying people and being prepared to alliance hop to chase a mere 3 regions is frowned upon. Sorry to dissapoint you Timmy, but the eWorld isn't eAustralia, where people on your side can be treated as disposable when something bigger comes along for you. You've proved it with War Crew, and I'm about to prove that you proved you're doing it with TWO.

So enough talk!

Here is what really happened behind the scenes when joining TWO... Here is what your genius government think of those who fought for our recent 'freedom':

#eWikileaks 😃

So there it is, our then-MoFA at his finest. Did you know about this, TWO?

I know we both said bad things - it is indeed my personal belief that TWO, and indeed the eWorld, revolve around certain European countries. Because of the demographics of the game, it's completely unavoidable. On the bright side for me however, I haven't made something of a slip-up by telling anybody and everybody my grandoise plans.

Why did I choose these logs today?

Simply because Tim has threatened to 'go to TWO HQ' about Binda. This will seriously undermine our relationship with TWO and Tim is willing to do that purely because of a grudge with Binda. Consider yourselves saved from being dragged in to Tim's problems...

As Tim is no longer MoFA and probably won't even be near the cabinet next term, I feel it's now safe to post these. I always intended to post them, but I'm sure you can understand why I didn't do so until now. We don't need to be punished because of the idiots in power.


Thank you BOUD1CA(?) for the suggestion of eWikileaks! 😉 Today's article was brought to you by Joshua Whelan!

If you're a candidate in the forthcoming election, I recommend keeping this character well away from cabinet decisions. No MoFA should ever behave like this. My party is committed to TWO, and this is one of the two main reasons as to why we have chosen to work with Binda this election.

An Explanation on my Support for Binda, for Those Willing to Listen...

Some of you may have seen, I offered Larni a chance to surrender yesterday. All she has to do is apologise publicly, which we all know will never happen. While the demands weren't serious, the principle behind it was.

When we came to eAustralia, we tried to befriend both sides. We wanted neutrality and not to be dragged in to your political situation... We joined ARP initially, along with War Crew. We got along well enough (hence all of these worrying things I've been told..) but the constant pissing contest between certain members of the ARP & Binda became something of an annoyance for many of us. It was then decided, we'll make a party to maintain neutral ground between both 'sides'. We wished to maintain the friendships without getting involved in the politics.

If you follow my articles, you'll know that in the last 3-4 weeks the level of threats from Larni to specifically us relating to Binda had increased greatly. It got to the point where we couldn't even tell Larni that we got along fine with Binda after getting to know her. (because we don't care about the politics, to some it's a shame its ALL about the politics) Had Larni found out we were on talking terms with Binda too, we would have been banished from the community long ago.

In recent days, it's unfortunately got to the point where my party can no longer take anymore. Larni has driven 5-6 of our party members to other eCountries because they simply can't tolerate her anymore, and she's issued sanctions now against everybody affiliated with us. For this reason, we're going to try damn hard to ensure Binda wins the forthcoming election.

We do not care for the politics, we think that Binda will 'break' the country is total BS. We're now happily accepting the role of standing up for the lesser members of the community against this eBully.

The sad part of it all? I've been told daily in the numerous attacks from ARP members that Binda is evil and the source of all negativety in eAustralia. Binda isn't the one who couldn't handle our friendships with the other side. Binda didn't threaten us to join her side. She was nothing but supportive despite joining the opposition. ARP's leaders on the other hand? They simply couldn't live with the fact that we don't want to pick a side.

If you think we're in the wrong for wanting to be friends with both sides; if you think we've been appropriately punished for trying with difficulty to maintain a friendship and neutrality with both sides, then please post in the comments why you think this. I'm interested to know why we've been painted as the bad guys.



Johnnie Rebel
Johnnie Rebel Day 2,051, 11:12


WayneKerr Day 2,051, 11:34

we all use TWO...

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,051, 11:35

Just wait until THREE my friend...

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 2,052, 19:48

I use you!

Cpt Jackson
Cpt Jackson Day 2,051, 11:38

Good Stuff -

What Tim forgets is that Indo was a big part of ONE (just like NZ). Indo has strong ties with TWO. Indo will be back with TWO (just like NZ) and again we will be wiped by Indo. USA not Indo stated the CoT vs TWO war. Before that they were called by people CoTWO.

History is important. TWO will choose Indo over Aus. Aus burned the bridges.

I could be wrong. Time will tell.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,052, 00:27

Indo are fiercely CoT, China is an enemy of Indo, do you think TWO is going to fuck that up and turn china against them?

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 16:33

wouldn't think so would you.

greg L
greg L Day 2,053, 00:09

Mate if that's your attitude, whats the point ?. Indo can go to hell and they cannot be allowed in TWO, EVER. I am getting sick of this negativity crap, lets hate Indo and not ourselves eh.

Saiwun Day 2,051, 11:38

Who left the country?

Read this:

Move on.




Learn to trust.

Vault Guy
Vault Guy Day 2,051, 13:45






In Between.



It Would.

Look Better.


Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 2,052, 14:03

Lmao Vault

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 2,051, 13:52

Why don't you publish the whole truth, not just the stuff that makes you look like some sort of ambassador of peace and good will. Like your ultimatums, you've issued to people. So he is the TL;DR version of this article, "Larni was mean to me, it made me cry, so now I must make drama biased temper-tantrum to make me self feel better."

Further you start off early talking about the NaN, please you know nothing about the NaN.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,051, 14:18

Yes I cry myself to sleep every night because Larni doesn't like me. And I didn't say anything about NaN except comment on our welcomed departure. 😃

Are you the kid that came in to IRC last week, raged at me for 5 minutes, saw it was failing and ragelogged? If you can't use a sentence without the words "F***", "Idiot" or something else along those lines, you probably shouldn't communicate with humans. Especially if trying to get to other people causes you to get so angry you ragelog and don't re-emerge from your closet for over a week.

People like you are the reason Under 14s aren't allowed on eRepublik. Shouldn't you be playing Club Penguin or whatever kids play these days?

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 2,051, 14:23

Continue to prove my point, you sit there and talk about people being "bullies" and than you take part in the same behavior, hypocrites like you are what makes this game crappy.

"Especially if trying to get to other people causes you to get so angry you ragelog and don't re-emerge from your closet for over a week."

Your sense of time is pathetic, so is your sense of everything. The Only difference between you and Larni is she doesn't pretend to be a nice person.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,051, 14:29

I know I'm not a good person - the people she drags in to her crap are however. 🙂

Thank you for your criticisms. If you're trying to make a point of something though, you need to go after something else; I don't care about how people perceive me or what a bad person I am, because at the end of the day I don't care for my 'reputation' on here - I'm known to just fade away for months because I play mostly for the economic module. Politics involves me debating with people like you on things like this, which is just boring because neither side will ever get anywhere. This change of scenery has been nice, but it's very tedious!

Finally, the moral highground doesn't work for you after what you said to me last week. I'm assuming you still want to 'throw me under a bus' and whatever else you said, so I'll leave you to your ramblings good sir.

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 2,051, 14:46

I'm not touching Binda vs Larni. I honestly don't have a good relation with either of them. But I'll rumor troll both the same.

As for the Moral High Ground, LOL. My Morals are for things outside of this game. But what you Fail to understand, is if you are going to make such a big deal about something like eBullying, you shouldn't be treating people like crap. I on the other hand don't write about eBullying, so I don't care what people think of how I speak to them when I'm pissed off. The only thing I'll take Moral high ground on is I defend my friends, you take a shot at one of them, eFriend or Real Friend, you're going to hear from me, you don't like it, keep your statements about my friends to your damn self.

But all the same, blaming the whole of the ARP, is like blaming the whole of any party, plenty of people in the ARP don't go around Bullying. mzCielly is super nice, 😛

And if you say otherwise, I'm submitting you for Drug testing.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,052, 00:24

you seem to be doing this on the basis of hurting reputation, noone cares about that in eAus. you are a foolish eUKer the way i see it, if reputation was important binda would not be anywhere near a CP run

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,051, 18:44

Yep Josh good diplomacy with a high level rep our closest ally....

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 2,051, 15:44

Cody just got wrecked, lol.

Bohemond4 Day 2,051, 16:06

the eUK likes eAus' night damage...

Tim_Holtz Day 2,052, 00:29

and we like Europes night damage for us, this is a good trade off, we help each other. apparently according to Josh we arent allowed to use each other for mutual benefit

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,051, 18:39

just another log from an open party room? Still waiting for something of substance other than general discussion that happens in all rooms.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,051, 18:42

and again I am bought up? Josh of course I knew you were on talking terms with Binda. You didn't have an open door with ARP so you went elsewhere. Unfortunately you are no match for Binda, as clearly evident.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,052, 11:05

Ohhh nice, more made-up Larni things for the world to ponder on. 😃

We were forced to join War Crew to be let in to eAus. You all tried to persuade us in to ARP (which we left very soon after because we're not here to feed your power-trip) and we were let in to cabinet positions within days of being in eAus. The only 'door' in regards to your little posse was the exit door, to leave what we had to let ourselves in to. Tell me... In what way did we try to get through your theoretical door? 🙂

A slightly off topic question too... How are you able think up so much crap without realising you're contradicting your previous crap from last week? If you were really worth the time you seem to think you're worth, I'd be exposing the fact that you have no idea what BS you made up last week (which is obvious by your constant contradictions) because there's so much you can't keep track of it.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 17:07

You do realize your argument falls apart with your first sentence right? You can't be forced to do anything. Once you have Cit you can do as you please and nobody can stop you.

Is not a better truth that you stayed in War Crew to leech supplies?

BOUD1CCA Day 2,051, 19:16

Geez Larni, why don't you like Joshua? I mean you grew to like Valentyme & if you could like that blow in/change stuff/blow out again, you could like anyone \o/
Keep it up Joshua, you have an interesting take on things 🙂 and if things get too hot, there is always the Columbian embassy

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,051, 19:21

He was all fine till we found out he pays his party members to join. Unfortunately now he seems to think logs from the ARP room are worth being leaked? I mean hello Venja sits in that room logging all day. lol

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,052, 10:52


You was fine until I got tired of you, do you mean? I pay party members yes - they have a slightly above average wage to work for me in party communes. Try again bro.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 16:33

Sweetheart whatever floats you're boat.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,052, 00:32

he certainly has a good ability to see the completely wrong thing when he reads text

i dont know if that skill is useful though

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,051, 19:26

"In recent days, it's unfortunately got to the point where my party can no longer take anymore. Larni has driven 5-6 of our party members to other eCountries."

They left pretty much the day after Scottty left and stopped throwing around funds (2 left before).... that was over two weeks ago, long before anyone thought about the CP election. You were simply outbid by others who use credit cards to try and buy power and influence.

Binda33 Day 2,052, 02:09

Quite a few left before Scotty left. Xavier Griffith, Irule, Lancer to name a few.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,052, 18:16

I'm sure people I talk with daily, that tell me things, know more about why they left than you do.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 18:31

they left before the CP campaign which means your argument is invalid and lies like pretty much everything else you say.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,052, 18:42 you seriously think you know more than them about their reasons?

srg91 Day 2,051, 19:30

lol... First of all, whatever you are doing here is probably gonna fuck over binda's run for CP unless she removes you.
Which CP is going to be smart enough to let a proven log releaser (useless logs mind you) in their cabinet.
All you have proven is that 1) you would put Australia's safety for personal gain.
So what if Aus is trying to use TWO for its personal gain, you could have just single handed removed all TWO support for us, leaving us in a more shitty position then before.
2) You think you are pro and irreplaceable
Which is not true as all you are good at is taking some screen shot, do you even lift bro?
3) Yes, Larni and Binda do not see eye to eye, but this is not your fight.
Its a game, grow a pair and tell larni you talk to binda, wtf is she gonna do? Fire you from MU? Kick you out of Australia? I dont think she has all that dictator power she always claim and if you believe that... Actually scratch that, you do, and there is no real hope for you anymore.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,051, 19:56

I doubt it will effect TWO at all since Ronell is in the ARP room all the time. If we were really doing something like that don't you think she would be a little alarmed? Venja is also in there the whole time for the record.

I don't really get where all this dictator stuff comes from tbh, but he does seem to think I actually control everything behind the scenes which as you, and every other experienced player know is a load of crap.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,052, 00:21

Comment deleted

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 00:24

pretty clear he's got no idea how alliances work.... or the Aus language for that matter.....

Tim_Holtz Day 2,052, 00:26

apparently joining TWO/ACT for the purpose of helping our own country is the wrong move, SILLY ME WE SHOULD BE WIPED AND ONLY HELP FULL TWO MEMBERS

cheers JoshuaWhelan, you have shown us why you are in eAus

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,052, 10:55

Worst. Defence. Ever

Scared to address the fact that you're using TWO in public or are you going to waste my time with another hour-long debate on IRC private chat instead?

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 17:08

You just don't get what alliances are for.... good dCP you will make. What is the point of an alliance if you can't use it to benefit your nation?

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 2,052, 01:58

Josh your a joke haha making yourself look like a moron. Keep it up, we love watching a dancing monkey.

BOUD1CCA Day 2,052, 04:12

God almighty not another dancing monkey to add to the chorus line.
And how could be watching AB? You would be part of it 😃

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 2,052, 07:00

I was waiting for you to comment haha

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 17:20

hehehe but at least he is our monkey Louise.

Mickskitz Day 2,052, 04:10

Is it just me, or does this guy remind everyone of Icetek?

Josh, get some new glasses buddy, your short sightedness is obvious to all.

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 2,052, 10:53

If you don't like seeing leaked logs and knowing what people you vote for are up to, don't open my articles. Derp

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 2,052, 16:32

but we all want to know about party's conversations.

Mickskitz Day 2,052, 20:39

I really couldn't give a shit about what was talked about on IRC. It just makes me feel that no one could or should trust you. I have publicly complained about the way we left NAN, but that doesn't suddenly mean it was a bad decision, which you imply. You don't understand how this game works but pretend to be an expert? What credibility do you even have?

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