"eUSA in Danger of becoming a Dictatorship, USWP going for a PTO..." Day 514

Day 514, 17:21 Published in USA USA by dbuck2001

WTF do I mean?

The USWP is planing a PTO wants to control the Presidency and have all 52 seats in Congress, they are planing on moving people to where they can vote.

I have taken some chats from the forum, and from article's... I have skipped other people's and shortened if other part not important...

Claire|Away - "I don't think you have 51 qualified candidates."
HarrisonRichardson - "then we WILL "
HarrisonRichardson - "mark my words."

Ananias - "the USWP did not have enough active and contributing members to fill every state, therefore it made perfect sense to offer those “open” states to quality candidates from other parties.That was then, this is now."

Ananias - "I am thrilled to announce to our membership that we are embarking on a new paradigm for member success. We are offering, to our members exclusively the opportunity to run for congress under our banner. We have 52 states that we can endorse candidates in, and we are re-centering our focus and recruiting on providing that opportunity to our members that have contributed so much to our success."

Ananias - "If you are a USWP member in good standing, willing to contribute to the success of the eUnited States of America and the success of the United States Workers Party through public service as a candidate for Congress: Go immediately to the USWP Political Action Committee board at the The USWP Forum identify an open state in one of the PAC regions, let your interest be known and let’s get you on the road to success."

I have read from a resigning USWP Congressman that the reason he quit was because he was being told how to vote from the USWP leadership...

If the USWP only gains 27 seats they can get anything they want passed, and then we're see eAmerica become a Dictatorship...

So come the 25th vote anything but USWP, i'd prefer CVP... but anything but USWP

P.S. the Flag above will be the new USWP Flag...
P.S. here is Ananias article read it yourself http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/uswp-the-52-state-plan-quality-choices-for-the-nation-779516/1/20