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[eUP] Young and Adult Citizens, and some updates on the eUniversity

Day 1,822, 04:56 Published in Philippines Philippines by Vincenzo Roque


As we can see today, the Admins have implemented two new titles: Adult and Young.

This new titles can be seen on each one's profile page, above the eRepublik birthday.

For the old citizens, if you have strength over 50, you will automatically be an Adult and this will not affect you much.

This will affect only the new citizens who will automatically be young citizens as they register and will only be an adult when they finish the “Become an Adult” mission.

Mission 14: Become an Adult

The stronger you are, the higher your damage will be

Reach 50 strength
Increase your strength to inflict more damage on the battlefield

+10 Strength

Features only available for Adults:

- Adding offers on the Monetary Market;
- Buying more offers from Monetary Market;
- Voting for Elections;
- Sending more than one Personal Message every 15 minutes;
- Post Products on sale;
- Buying more offers from Market;
- Donating Currency, Gold or Items;
- Hiring citizens in your Companies;


On to the eUniversity updates, all Block 1 and Block 2 students passed the 1st lesson and have received their supplies. Currently, they have moved on to the 2nd lesson. Also, I want to thank Mr. Alex Great for donating some supplies to eUP and the government for its continued support for the eUniversity.

If you also want to donate, just send them here.

Dean of the eUniversity of ePhilippines
Proudly Pinoy


chriswen Day 1,822, 18:13

What's the mission? If you find out PM me.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,823, 14:08


Dytowi Day 1,823, 16:03

v lol

Dytowi Day 1,823, 18:13

where my name 😛

BlackMarket 023
BlackMarket 023 Day 1,823, 20:27

1-defu (block 1) \m/

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