[eUK][UKRP] So you think you can play Video Games?

Day 2,674, 12:38 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by PopovicForeverInOurHearts

People of the eUK, your friendly neighbourhood pisstakers are here with a challenge and a chance for a bit of friendly rivalry between us all. The majority of us are going to be pretty familiar with games that aren’t browser based and exceptionally broken, and we want to organise competitions to decide just who is the best at each one, hopefully with pretty great prize sums for the winners.

To get the ball rolling, we’re going to be starting with a Rome: Total War tournament. As one the best RTSs ever made that almost everyone is going to be able to run, its a natural starting point. Hopefully after we finish this we can branch off into different games and formats if the demand is there. So this article is basically to gauge demand, comment below if you want to participate, also suggest other games and stuff that we could do.

At the moment we’re looking to do a 1v1 and perhaps 2v2 knockout tournament, with a week for each round to be completed. Prize fund for the winner will be in the several thousand cc region.
(Hopefully more if people donate monies- send them to me if you want to contribute)

So… who’s in?