[eUK CP] Wook has arrived...

Day 2,119, 17:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Greetings and very hearty salutations to everyone in the eUK!

I apologise for not having this first article out sooner, what with eRep server problems and then a real life hazard of getting caught up in what can only be described as bleedin’ God awful traffic jams for almost four hours due to an English Defence League (if you haven’t heard of these lot, they’re a bunch of racist, nationalistic thugs) march in east London yesterday.

Anyway enough of that nastiness…

Can you dig it? I won the election...who in their right mind would’ve thought that was possible?

By golly, you did!

Thank you for voting for me those that did and for those that voted for someone else, I hope to dazzle you with wonder and other such things this term!

My team and how we’re progressing already…

Here’s a rundown of who’s working with me this month…

vice-Country Presidents - Butjam & ChewChewShoe

Ministers of Defence - FragUK & mwcerberus
Deputies/Assistants - Max Blue, Rory Winterbourne, Grigor09 & surferdude.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs - Bohemond4 & Rfeist
Deputies/Assistants - Nohjis, Kravenn & mittekemuis.

Minister of Finance - Emergy Maxfell
Deputy - Elvis Trout

Ministers of Home Affairs - ApronChef & FightAndProduce
Deputies/Assistants - Robalbinio & Super Llama.

Minister of Education - CheetahCurtis

Minister of Entertainment - LongShotzZ

Minister of Health - Dr Kawishiwi
Deputies/Assistants - wigibob, Madelina de Melrose, alan warwickshire, Adastros.

First up, you’ve hopefully already read the articles released from the Ministries of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Health, all of which have been highly informative journalistic works.

If not, here’s what you may have missed out on already:

[MoFA] Introductions and September Cabinet

[MoHA] The MoHA team are ready, are you?

[MoEnt] MS Paint Competition and Royal Quiz!

NHS September

[UKGOV] MoF Report ~ Days 2113-2119

In other news the war with eBelgium has begun as expected with both countries’ defence shields protecting them in the first conflicts. Although this war began before my tenure in office, I believe it was the right decision to make at the time and I see no reason to end the conflict prematurely.

I must reiterate the advice of the Ministry of Defence though and that is to fight sensibly. If the wall is over 55%, save your damage and come back to attack when it will have more of an effect!

This is not fighting sensibly…

Thank you once again for deciding to make a change in the eUK and I shall endeavour to keep you as informed about what is going on as much as is possible throughout this month.


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