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[ESO] Five Top Tips for New Players

Day 1,447, 02:30 Published in United Kingdom Belgium by Veruvia

Written in consultation with Emergy Maxfell, resident Santa Claus

An Introduction

This article/guide is being written because I believe that, while there are numerous articles guiding people on what to do, there isn’t a substantial article on what not to do or where people can make mistakes. Bearing in mind that most of these mistakes were ones that I made in my first week. They are mistakes that everyone knew who engages immediately with the game is likely to have committed. Having this article available is like reminding people we’re all human.

1. Don’t Spend Your Gold

It’s one of the most prominent currencies in the game and that’s why it’s so precious. You might not think about it when you’re clicking the “Fight” button but your gold could be better spent. Don’t, under any circumstances, spend your gold on health kits. They don’t provide value for money and those features are for the gold-buyers of the game. Save your gold for something more valuable than a few extra fights!

2. Don’t Waste Bazookas and Energy Bars

Bazookas and energy bars are great. We all love them. When we get one, we’re excited. New players always have the temptation to use them to rank up faster or to get a few extra clicks out of the game. It’s worth noting that this game is a slow-paced social strategy game. By that, I mean, you’re going to get more out of it if you don’t dedicate yourself to the game but more to the community. Save your bazookas and energy bars. They’ll be more useful in the future. Always think long term, not short term.

3. Join the Forums, get Free Stuff

Who can say no to free stuff? Most of the major parties give away free food. It’s better than using your energy bars! Get some free food and use that to fight. There are a number of government schemes that you can make use of as well which makes you that you increase your profit margins quicker than ever.

3.1. Get an Iron Mine and an Oil Rig

The best of the government schemes is their free Iron Mine/Oil Rig Scheme. If you’re a new player, head over to the forums and request monies to build an Iron Mine and an Oil Rig. Doing this gives you extra weapon raw materials production which you can then sell on the market for profit to help you buy food or weapons to rank up.

3.2. Use the first gold you earn to build a Weapons Company

Remember when I said don’t spend your gold? That’s not strictly true. When you earn your first gold, spend it on building a Weapons Company for 10 Gold. Doing this will give you the opportunity to convert your WRM (weapon raw materials) into Q1 weapons which gives you even more money. Step two on the road to riches – complete!

3.3. Get your Town Hall upgraded

Town Hall upgrades are the key to ranking up faster because every upgrade of your town hall gives you an extra ten fights. Rather than fighting every hour with ten fights, you’d fight every two hours with twenty fights. By doing that, you’re more likely to get kills (which are the key factor in ranking up) and rank up faster. We know by now that ranks = higher influence = ranking up quicker! Simples!

4. Avoid Gold Training

You might have seen when you were building your weapons company that there’s an option to build extra strength training building. Don’t! They use your gold in order to increase your strength and it’s simply not worth it when you’re that young. Wait until your GBP profits are equivalent to the exchange rate of the gold needed and then start thinking about it. Again, long term is always better than short term.

5. Join a Military Unit that offers weapons

Most people will enjoy the military module the most. If you do, your best bet is to join a military unit that supplies you with weapons. You can join the United Kingdom military where you’ve got the option to become a supplier or even Minister of Defence one day or you can join a militia like The Unity Party Family or Every Single One Legion. The possibilities are endless if you use your head and resist the temptation to click away your gold!

Helpful Links

If you're new and need some more assistance, check out these links that will give you a great start in your new eLife in the eUK!



Diakun Day 1,447, 02:35


ePocalypse Day 1,447, 03:57

Handy info. Voted.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,447, 08:59

Voted, nice job.

rems2a Day 1,447, 10:11


Nazafyn Day 1,447, 10:19

Nice info, albeit I would say the 10 gold is better spend on a Q1 food factory or Q4 WRM factory then a Q1 weapon factory.

Veruvia Day 1,447, 10:39

Nazafyn, the reason we agreed that upgrading your Q1 weapon factory was the preferred option was because a) it is required for a mission relatively early in your eRepublik career and because it helps you upgrade your town hall faster.

Zonmei Day 1,447, 11:06

Don't gold train at all! Not when 1g is over 1000GBP.

Etheri Day 1,447, 11:40

I always use the 0.19 gold booster, it pretty much pays itself back in SS medals... o;
(Tho I think i earn more than 0.19 gold/ day in GBP anyways)

Nazafyn Day 1,447, 12:15

I understand, but both of those options do not increase your income directly. Whilst a Saltpeter mine nets you a direct amount of GBP and a food factory allows you to work in more companies.

Anyways, let us agree to disagree. The rest of the tips are all very useful to new players. Good job!

Joe Pete
Joe Pete Day 1,447, 18:01

Don't buy a weapons factory. Sign up for a grant.

unstupid Day 1,448, 23:09

Clear and concise! Good job. Shame this wasn't here a month ago when I spent my gold 😕

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