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[ESO] Day 10 of the ESOlympiad!

Day 1,721, 17:52 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Elle Roslin

Welcome all to the inaugural ESOlympic games. Just like its real-life counterpart, here countries will compete for medals, status, and the everlasting gray-train of corporate sponsorship. So join in the fun, pick a country, and win prestige and free tanks!

DAY 10

Whew it has been some time since I've posted! There has been lots of drama and intrigue over the past week, with many nations racing up the leaderboard while others have suffered a string of disappointments and defeat. My very own Canada has had a run of bad luck, being DQ'ed from various equestrian events and losing to our arch-rivals the stinky Americans in soccer 🙁

Breaking Announcement!

There are still many nations that have not been claimed. I am opening this up to every player regardless of party in the eUK. So come join in the fun and take your pick from the leftover nations. Some stars that have yet to be picked up: Spain, North Korea, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and many more! FREE TANKS PEOPLE! FREE TANKS!

Current Medal Standings

I have created a GDoc tracking medal winnings. Keep an eye on it over the course of the games to see how you are doing:

Current leaders:

Alphabethis - with China
Ando Calrissian - with USA
Verygamer747 -with UK
Mezzalily - with Russia
TIE: Lucy28 and 11ue - with France and South Korea

Total free tanks allocated to date: 1281!

Where to look for more info:
eUK Forums
ESO Party
ESO Legion
eUK Channel (#euk)
ESO Channel (#eso)

Games Mascot:

Horice, the Evil Satanic Orangutan (surely better than the London mascots :3)


FragUK Day 1,721, 17:58


Snugz Day 1,721, 22:25


BigAnt Day 1,721, 23:57


Spygon Day 1,722, 00:31

Can i have spain please roz 😃

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,722, 02:51

Feel sorry for whoever chose Australia. Surprised at how poor they've medalled so far.

Percy Spencer
Percy Spencer Day 1,722, 04:16

Can I get Kazakhstan? Simply because they've got 7 medals, and 6 are gold. 😛


Carnconnor Day 1,722, 07:58

Yeah Australia are the under performers of the games so far 🙁


kcirp Day 1,722, 08:00

can i have north korea pls

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Day 1,722, 08:09

Kazakhstan, very ver nice place, greatest exporter of potassium 😃

Alphabethis Day 1,722, 12:51


Nicius0796 Day 1,722, 13:14

I want Jamaica LOL

Gordon Strachan
Gordon Strachan Day 1,723, 10:26

My Swiss just got their third medal yay! lol

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,723, 12:08

Is it me or is the mascot a Nazi supporter?

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,723, 13:49

That's the joke Mr. Knee!
He's the Evil Satanic Orangutan, and his ancestors were the mascots for the 1936 games

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,723, 15:25

And the irony of the joke is that Big Ant implied early in his career that the UKPP was the Nazi party... Ho ho ho :DD

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