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[eSA-DoD] Order of Day 1,968

Day 1,967, 23:02 Published in South Africa South Africa by Ministry of Defence- SA

‿︵‿ Friends that count ‿︵‿ Amigos que cuentan
There are no RWs on eSA soil, but eAustralia needs our help.

Free fighting is ON.
Fight where you can get maximum gain for yourself. Fight for our allies where possible. The Guerilla Fights gives better damage for your own progress. Also it will help you to read opponents in future. You might loose a lot if you are still not very strong. Even a loss will however give better growth than just a normal food fight.




megacarnage Day 1,968, 09:08


Cody Caine
Cody Caine Day 1,968, 13:32


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