[eRepublik] Time Zones and Day Change + articles about Anniversary Challenges

Day 5,117, 02:37 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,

I would like to make a list of our countries and when Day Change happens in your RL / CS Country 😉
So the best way is to ask the community 😉

So I would kindly ask you to put the following information in the comments:
Your RL Country and eRepublik Day Change in your RL Country is at XY hours.
Your CS Country and eRepublik Day Change in your CS Country is at XY hours (if they are different).

For example:
My RL country is Croatia and eRep DC is at 09:00 AM here.
My CS country is Austria and DC hour is the same.

Thank you for reading, and for your comments 🤗

AMAZING JOURNEY I and II + Special Weekly events information

And I also wanted to promote articles with great information about the Amazing Journey and special weekly events we have. I wanted to write them, but when I saw how amazing job was done by one of the players - I think no need as all the info you need is there
And this articles deserve promotion for sure (as someone on the stream said, riyo did amazing job with articles - but is not so good in self-promotion > so let's help him to share the news!)

In case if you missed it, our dear riyo86 wrote amazing articles about this 2 weeks Anniversary event we have - so please drop by there and show him some love with subs, endorsements, votes, and comments. Thank you 🤗

Part 1 - eRepublik Anniversary Challenge I (Day 5110 16 Nov 2021 till D5116 22 Nov 2021)

Part 2 - eRepublik Anniversary Challenge II (Day 5117 23 Nov 2021 till D5123 29 Nov 2021)

And big thanks to Curly for making this Google Sheet List with all the rewards, locations etc.

In case if you have any questions, write them as well in the comments 😉

Yours truly,
Fluffy, busy with Amazing Journey planning, and still smiling 😉
Rabbit of Caerbannog