[Erepublik on day 5,000] Ten Days of Mayham Becomes The Norm

Day 4,007, 13:20 Published in Netherlands Poland by Shawtyl0w

Dear readers,

I'm writing this article to enter the erepublik "Day 4,000 media contest" started by game admins.

I hope you remember the ten days of mayham event. One of the best events in erepublik history in terms of being attractive to almost everyone!

The event came down to the following:
The battlefield as we know it was transformed into 14 different terrains. Each player could allocate a part of their strength to each terrain capped at maximum. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF EREPUBLIK!

I believe that if eLabs wishes to save this game they will have to keep the old strong players who use packs (either buy them with visa or pay for them with cc) interested in playing while at the same time make the game more interesting for everyone.

This is how they should do it (Shawty's Perspective!)

Divisions they will remain the same (otherwise plato can't sell IK and Mav pack)

Strength cap for each division:
D1: 20k strength
D2: 30k strength
D3: 50k strength
D4: 70k strength

*note: Players who are already alive can allocate their strength to each of the 14 battlefield terrains. Once they have allocated their strength they have the option to select one terrain (and change this at any time) which will become the terrain they are training strength in. Every player can allocate up to 70k strength to each terrain (also D1-D3 players). Once a player reaches the strength cap they will receive a message asking them if they wish to continue allocating strength to this terrain. If this message is ignored the strength gained by training will not be allocated untill the player confirms or changes the terrain he/she wishes to allocate the strength to.

Example: When fighting in a specific division e.g. D1 a player with 70k strength is capped to 20k when they fight in the lower division.
WHY would a D1 player be given the choice to allocate 70k strength to a terrain if he his max hit is capped at 20k strength?? Because this allows D1 players to buy a Mav pack and fight with maximum strength in higher divisions. (You're welcome plato)

- Every time a player enters a new division he has the opportunity to change the allocation of his strength.
- Each year there will be a new ten days of mayham event which allows countries to change region terrains (as allies change so do terrains). During the event every player is allowed to allocate his strength again.

Having these strength caps will lead to choices. 1) Allocate all your strength to a few terrains. 2) Allocate your strength based on strength caps in lower divisions to as many terrains as possible so you can hunt for BHs if you are a maverik player. 3) Become an overal strong player in your alliance by selecting terrains strategically.

Adding terrains strategically?
Every country has to select a "Home terrain" for each of their core regions. bordering regions cannot have the same terrains. This terrain will be the battlefield in case a resistance war is started. When countries are at war and the country that has innitiative attacks a region the battlefield of that battle will be decided by a random terrain selection which excludes the terrain of the of the region itself. the random terrain selection will now select 2 terrains out of the 13 other terrains. The country president who attacks has to select one of the 2 options before the battle starts. Once the terrain is chosen the battle starts! Allies can coordinate the selection region terrains. This allows allied countries to create a strong defensive army.

The terrain will be selected for the entire campaign. It does not change every battle like during the days of mayham.

Why does this work??
- Because it still allows pack buyers advantages as they have more energy than other players.
- Free to play players will now be able to have the maximum strength in specific terrains and are enabled to compete for BH/CH medals.
- New players will only require 20k strength in D1 in order to become one of the strongest players in a specific terrain. (of course rank bonuses still apply)

1 - Maybe eLabs can develop a random terrain selection tool that favours home terrains of MPP countries. This way MPPs become more important and so is strategically selecting terrains.
2 - Maybe eLabs can develop a new strength - hit formula. Meaning that the hit of players starts growing fast but slows down to a point of max hit at 70k strength. (this excludes rank bonus and boosters) The new strength formula will also prevent bombs to be overpowered (or bomb damage should be reduced)
3 - Plato can release new packs or terrain switch items (Terrain Switch Tokens) for even more financial income. Hail visa!

Oh and we'll have an in-game forum

Yours truly,