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eRepublik global radio

Day 1,864, 03:18 Published in Pakistan Austria by Almandro
Hello ePakistan

This article is already made but I was asked by Ariston Darth to repost this so the people of ePakistan can see so here its 🙂

I present to you the brand new eRepublik global radio!

The radio welcomes everyone who plays eRepublik and wants to listen to some good music while playing. The staff will keep you informed of all major eRepublik events and we will make sure that only the finest songs are played.

Anyone can be a DJ here so you can pick your favourite tune and share it with others!

The radio is located on the website.
You can login via:





You can change your nick so don't worry if you don't want to share your real name.

1. Use your eRepublik name
2. Speak English
3. Don't spam
4. Posting any erepublik refferals is prohibited
5. No foul language and adult content
6. The songs can be about 6 minutes long - max

This is how it looks like
(don't worry...there won't be any bieber songs on my radio)

A large variety of characters makes this radio even more fun!

You can upload music from your computer to your playlist or you can play your songs directly from Youtube! The box in the centre shows the video of the song that is currently playing.

So if you want to listen to some good music & have fun join the party !




Sparkfyre Day 1,864, 05:46


St0L3n1 Day 1,864, 09:03

Thats interesting :-] thank you for the info dude :-]

arayiptaulasamadiginnumero Day 1,865, 07:20

Comment deleted

kami4u11 Day 1,867, 14:01


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