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[eRepTools] Training calculator: contract include

Day 1,842, 00:30 Published in USA Norway by Furious Tank
Training Calculator
Open this website and use "Train simulation" for calculate how much you will pay for X(1-60) days training. After that use "Profile data" to see how it will affect your account!

How it works
1. Select period (1-30 days contact only for one month 😁
2. You choose Contract type: without; -50%; -90%
3. You choose which buildings use and at what level are
4. Click "Calculate" button

In "Train Stats" box you see how much gold you pay.
- add gold for SS medals;
- add gold for contract;

Use everything on MAX 😉
For 30 days you incrase strenght with 2754 for 6.610 gold

Тhis means:
- you pay 53 gold for contract (day One);
- you pay 30 * 0.287 gold (every day for training);
- you recive 11 * 5 gold from SS medals (~3 day);

Training calculator



Kxrt Day 1,842, 04:26


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,842, 11:47

Very good article and tool mate, V+S and shouted

Furious Tank
Furious Tank Day 1,843, 02:12

@Marcus Suridius tnx (:

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