[eRA] Version 4.0.3 released !

Day 1,281, 15:02 Published in Belgium Serbia by Azor Ahai Reborn
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eRepublik Advanced v4.0.3

With more than 108 000 installations, there is no doubt about the popularity of eRepublik Advanced. This script is the most popular one for eRepublik, and it became a must-have for all active eRepublik citizens.

- The new version is about to be released, and i'm glad to announce the come back of the old style "top news" on the main page. The media modul update have been quite controversial and it has become very hard to find it way into the numerous categories added, requiring a lot of clicks to check all the press. This time is now over with eRA 4.0.3 ! 🙂

- And that's not all ! This new eRA version also bring back to life the Military Events on main page, a feature which could be quite usefull for several citizens...

- New addition to this eRA version too, the comeback of the subscription notification icon on the sidebar.

- And finally, two more improvements, a major one and a minor one. The major is a feature several citizens were waiting for, a redesigned skill selector on job market page...

(click on the picture for a larger picture of the skill selector)

And the minor is the added "Total" rows on market pages :

When Roktaal started to work on this script, with asylume and frimen, their goal was to make this script the only one we will need to improve our eRepublik experience... Months after months, updates after updates, i think we can say that they never disapointed us and i would like to thank them for this great work ! 🙂

To conclude, you can find the changelog of this 4.0.3 version here :

Added Latest to Old style news on main page.
Added Military events to main page.
Added an option do remove News categories from main page. By default this option is disabled.
Redesigned links under Battle listing to match the button under shouts.
Added Subscription notification icon to sidebar.
Added "Show less" button under shouts.
Added "Total" rows on market pages.
Redesigned skill selector on Job market pages.


(click on the picture to be directed on the eRA IRC room or go directly to the eRA installation page - that i can't link here to respect eRep rules)

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