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[eNL] Congress Half-Time Activity Report

Day 1,819, 01:03 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by UNL Congress
[English Version Below]

Beste Burgers van eNederland,

Elke maand worden er mensen gekozen om namens het volk beslissingen te maken voor Nederland. Dit gebeurt in het Congres. Niet elk gekozen persoon, doet voldoende met zijn of haar stem. Wenselijk is het dat de gekozen leden 75% of vaker deelnemen aan de stemmingen binnen het Congres.

Overzicht van de acht votes waar dit Congres over heeft gestemd en de opkomst per Partij.

Overzicht van de Congres Leden en het percentage stemmen. (Gesorteerd op basis van Percentage en daarna op Naam)

Dit artikel is bedoeld om Congres Leden te motiveren, actief deel te nemen in het Congres.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Chairman of Congress

Deputy Chairman of Congress

Dear Citizens of the eNetherlands,

Every month, people are chosen to make decisions for the Netherlands. This takes place in Congress. Not every chosen person, doing enough with this right. It is desirable that the elected members, participate in more than 75% of the voting within Congress.

Overview of eight votes, where Congress have voted on and turn-out per Political Party

Overview of Congress Members and the percentage of votes. (Sorted based on percentage and name)

This article is ment to motivate Congess Members, to participate actively in Congress.

With best regards,

Chairman of Congress

Deputy Chairman of Congress

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ElGorro Day 1,819, 01:03

Gz Congress with these fantastic results!

WhiteTemplar Day 1,819, 01:15


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,819, 01:16

Those are pretty good numbers in activity 🙂

Bloggup Day 1,819, 01:28


DimlightHero Day 1,819, 02:36


Kixtart Day 1,819, 04:21


Maginner Day 1,819, 04:32

Good job

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 1,819, 06:14

Good to see so many green numbers

Frankie M
Frankie M Day 1,819, 06:50

I apologize for my low level of activity in the first half term. I have been kept rather busy over the last week or so, but things are pretty much smooth sailing from here on out so I will be much fore active now. Again, I apologize.

2.D.G Day 1,819, 07:34

Libertas* Not libertad.

ElGorro Day 1,819, 08:37

^^ My appologies. I changed it now.

ArtemIvanov Day 1,819, 11:26

oops.... 😞

RayvanB Day 1,819, 12:23

good job, again!

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,819, 14:41

Better than last term.

RikW Day 1,820, 00:21

Very nice of you to start a bunch of votes when I'm on vacation for 4 days 😉

djirtsdew Day 1,820, 00:30

Rik: You'll get back into the green... But congress has to go on, even when you're on a holiday.

We're going to set a new standard for future congresses to beat. 85% average activity so far, and only 4 people not green at this point. Let's make that at least 90% and 2 people not green.

RikW Day 1,820, 04:38

Yeah, I was a little sarcastic 😉

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