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[EN] Who needs fix?

Day 1,903, 13:17 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by Alfadi

I have been recently reading numerous shouts and chain shouts about how "Economic module should be fixed" and how "Admins do nothing to fix it".

But is that really the case? Is economy really dying because of Plato?

Let's see what happened in the modules where changes have been made for the profit of players and no longer need significant improvements.

Political Module:

It's not a secret between players that many Political groups have multis which they have been using to vote for months even years now

If you watch the numbers of active players in fights and articles, then look at the number of people who vote in's obvious something is wrong.

eRep has millions of registered players although only around 250.000 active. (Which number i doubt is even correct)

But that's not the worst thing, since many improvements have been made and it's harder than ever to manage multies now

The worst part is that people vote for whatever candidate someone tells them to vote for. No matter who he is no matter what he did.And they manipulate others to vote for him aswell.

It's safe to say that many countries are led by cliques and not by parties or leaders.

News module :

It doesn't matter if you write good articles.
It doesn't matter if you are creative,funny and enjoyable.
It doesn't matter if you inspire people with your articles.

How i feel browsing newspapers today

I don't even wanna count the numerous other ways you can get votes-subs (payment, massive shouts and spams)


What is my conclusion?Why am i writing all these?

Which of the two is it really?

Stop complaining, stop blaming others. You are killing the game. Not admins or the fact that the world didnt end at 21 Dec 2012.

/me out


manolios 7
manolios 7 Day 1,903, 13:23


marcelbok Day 1,903, 13:27

hahaha hard voted

Alfadi o/

Finway Day 1,903, 13:32

The 300 support this article xdxd

CDefactorC Day 1,903, 13:35

Signed By Fakeistan President ibn Defactor xdxd


GreekNyanCat Day 1,903, 13:37

Hail fakeistan


xDefactorx Day 1,903, 13:38

s105 s106

Hail fakeistan


ElRoi Day 1,903, 13:44

Ας τα γράψω εγώ στα Ελληνικά, για να πρωτοτυπήσω:
Συμφωνώ. Άντε όμως να πείσεις τον "Δεν_Φταίω_Εγώ–Αυτός_Φταίει" ότι έτσι είναι τα πράγματα.
(πολύτεκνη οικογένεια αυτοί οι Defactor...) xdxd

sieggggg Day 1,903, 13:48

v14 s107

Hail fakeistan!

Stan CCCP Day 1,903, 13:49

lol Voted

Alfadi Day 1,903, 13:50

Επίδομα πολυτέκνων παίρνουν

PERICLIS Day 1,903, 13:52


fakistani boy
fakistani boy Day 1,903, 13:52

v17 s108

Hail fakeistan!

fak1453cCc Day 1,903, 13:55

v18 s109

Hail fakeistan!

PanoS THE DuellisT
PanoS THE DuellisT Day 1,903, 14:02


Phaethon Ominosus
Phaethon Ominosus Day 1,903, 14:03

Over and out.

zervakus Day 1,903, 14:11


Megaloxorianos Day 1,903, 14:37

triple kill

Agathoklis Day 1,903, 14:39


Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,903, 14:42

true story, voted

adamjensenn Day 1,903, 14:58

loled the one with the tits xd i know exactly who she is xdxd

melini Day 1,903, 15:19

VoOoOoTeD !

eagle one
eagle one Day 1,903, 15:21

Votado ^^

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,903, 15:26


Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 1,903, 15:35

δεν σταματει

Maxine Ernst
Maxine Ernst Day 1,903, 17:50


Defactor v4
Defactor v4 Day 1,904, 06:00

sieg heil

Defactor v4
Defactor v4 Day 1,904, 06:00

Hail fakeistan

MakisSafosTsetsenoglou Day 1,904, 06:10


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,904, 15:12

full of truth, full of win, and an extra point for Giorgios hair

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,905, 00:42

abuse is nice

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