[EN/PT/RU/RO/TO] NOD : Same name, same logo, and no future for GDI

Day 1,215, 16:58 Published in Brazil Hungary by Dacicus Maximus

We noticed the propaganda of the GDI from the UK. Stay strong my brothers the armed forces of the Brotherhood will come to your shores to devour the lies of the GDI.

I have spent...thousands of years trapped here working toward this! I found you people in mud huts.. you were living in CAVES!

You're only delaying the inevitable. I have the Tacitus. I am invincible. The Tacitus told me of Tiberium missiles, of invulnerable flying ships, of real-time genetic mutation. More than alien. More than human! The next step in our evolution as a species!

Kane Secretary General
Anton SlavikDeputy Secretary General
HassanSupreme Commander
MarcionDeputy Supreme Commander

P.S Death to the GDI dogs :3