[EN] Promoting massmurderers in eRepublik - should be banned?

Day 2,514, 08:55 Published in Romania Romania by Nicolas Cristian Alex Popa

Hello once again to the series “F*** you admins! Listen to us!”
Well this time is something different. It’s about the names that appears in eRepublik and used as propaganda: names of people, of contested regions etc.. There are hundreds of accounts, MU’s or descriptions that promotes the hating between nations, but I’ll talk about one that is by far the worst of all (in my opinion): Miklos Horty.

Who is/was Miklos?
Miklos Horthy, a austro-hungarian admiral during WW1 and the leader of Hungary (1920-1944), was one of the most important figures of Hungary and it’s considered by them a national hero. During his reign, Hu-borders growed between 1937-1942 - parts of Slovakia (today slovakian and ukrainian regions), north Transilvania and the serbian part of Banat were annexed by Hungary.

Now you will ask me “What is wrong with this?”. Well, I’ll tell you what happened in the annexed part of Transilvania and I think that this happened in the other annexed regions also.

Once the hungarian army crossed the border and entered in the newly annexed Transylvania, the hungarians celebrated. The army marched further - some units were detached and sended on the 9th september 1940 to Traznea (village in Transylvania) and the hungarian civ’s joined them in the hunt after the romanians. Between 87 and 300 romanian civilians were killed (number is uncertain because between the victims, there were also newborns and unbored infants).
”Gheorghe Leonte went after the doctor because his wife was pregnant and was ready to give birth to their child. A group of soldierds found him, killed him and then cut the belly of his wife with a bayonet and let them to die.” (from “Nu uita!” film made in 2006).
Others weren’t shooted but beaten and/or tortured untill they died. Few days later, another group of soldiers entered Ip (village in Transylvania) and started another hunt after the romanians. Again, more than 150 civilians were killed in similar ways by the Hungarian army lead by Miklos Horty. Just in 1940-1941 1000 romanian citizens were killed (not takin in consideration those who died in 1944 because Ro changed the sides then).The survivors were forced to learn and obey to the hungarians but they hadn’t (most of them) any rights. The maghiarization affected not only the romanians, but also the jewish and all other peoples that were not hungarians already, reason why they didn’t want to kill/deportate the jewish like the rest of the fascist countrys.

So… there it is. This is the story. This is why many of romanians and I consider him a massmurderer.

But what is the relation with eRepublik?
Horty szazad and the majority of the members of this MU having it’s picture as avatar. They encourage and worships Horty, a massmurderer fascist leader of Hungary. Should be promoted content like this in eRepublik? What if eGermany would promote Hitler and other germans massmurderes or the erussians would promote Stalin?

Well… I would propose that no country in eRepublik should promote a person or a group of persons that is considered a massmurderer: from Horthy to Hitler; from Stalin to Goebbels (you get the idea). The eRep staff and us (the citizens) should make a list with this persons. What do you think?

Untill next time: o7!

P.S. Yes, there are more massmurderers, but for me and my country, the hortysts are one of the worst.