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[EN/FR/NL] Say STOP to PTO !!!

Day 2,286, 06:29 Published in Belgium Switzerland by Franckie18


Dear REALLY eBelgians,

On this day, I say STOP.

Stop to the PTOers, there false comments and there attitudes.

Now, I speak this to the innocent eBelgian, the REALLY (e)Belgian :

In this fabulous country there are 2 big types of persons :

- The anti-PTOers : the persons that fight to have a stable countrie. The most important persons of the eWorld to my eyes !

- The PTOers : The persons that will make of our country an anarchy. They will have the power of the country and invite all they friends to have a country fully controlled by Serbians, Croatians, ...

Is it this that you will eBelgians, a country where you don't can do anything without fighting for Serbia and Croatia.

I don't make a long text to the PTOers because many people allways has do that and that the PTOers don't listening these peoples. But my only message is this :

This is not only a message to the eBelgian PTOers, but also to the PTOers from the other countries.

People of eBelgium, people from the other PTOed countries of the eWorld and people that support us, vote this article to show to the PTOers that we can win this war !!!

In the bottom of the article you can find the list of the most important PTOers of eBelgium


Chers VRAIS eBelges,

En ce jour, je dit STOP.

STOP au PTOers, leurs mensonges dans les commentaires et leurs attitudes.

Maintenant, je m'adresse à vous, innocents citoyens eBelges, les VRAIS (e)Belges :

Dans ce magnifique pays qu'est la Belgique, il y a 2 grands types de personnes :

- Les anti-PTO : les personnes qui se battent pour garder notre pays stable. Les personnes les plus importantes de l'eMonde à mes yeux !

- Les PTOers : les personnes qui veulent créer un pays où ils ont le pouvoir et où ils inviteraient leurs amis Serbes et Croates pour gouverner.

Est-ce ça que vous voulez eBelges ? Un pays où l'on ne peut rien faire sauf se battre pour des Croates et de Serbes ?

Je ne ferait pas de long message au PTOers car beaucoup de personnes ont déjà essayé de parlementer avec eux et cela n'a servi à rien puisqu'il n'écoutent personne. Mais je leur dit ceci :

Ceci n'est pas seulement un message au PTOers de l'eBelgique mais aussi à tous les PTOers de l'eMonde !

Peuple Belge, peupe de toutes les autres pays sous menace des PTO de l'eMonde, et les personnes qui nous supportent, votez cet article pour montrer au PTOers qu'ils ne gagneront pas cette guerre !

Vous pouvez trouver une liste des PTOers de l'eBelgique tout en bas de l'article


Beste ECHTE Belgen,

Vandaag zeg ik STOP.

Ik zeg STOP aan de PTOers, hun leugens en hun attitude !

Nu spreek ik aan de onschuldige Belgen, de ECHTE Belgen :

In deze fantastische land zijn er 2 grote types of personen :

- De anti-PTOers : de personen dat vechten voor dat we een stabiel land hebben. De belangrijkste perssonen van de eWereld voor mij.

- De PTOers : deze personen willen van ons land een land maken waar zij en hun Serbische en Croate vrienden de macht hebben.

Is het dat wat jullie willen ? Een land waar je niks kan doen behalve voor Serbië en Croatië kan vechten ?

Ik zal niet een lang bericht aan de PTOers doen omdat veel personen het al hebben gedaan en dat ze ons toch niet luisteren. Maar ik zeg hun dit :

Dit is niet gewoon een bericht tegen de PTOers van eBelgië, maar ook tegen de PTOers van de hele eWereld.

Belgish volk, volk van al de andere landen dat PTO problemen hebben, en mensen die on supporteren, vote deze artiekel om hun te tonen dat ze deze oorlog niet zullen winnen !

Je kan een lijst van de belangrijkste PTOers van eBelgië juist hieronder vinden

This is a list of the current must important PTOers of eBelgium :

Thorin II Oakenshield
vladut georgel
Texas Cowboy X
Gianpietro Gepetto
Vincent Pain
Marko Klis
Aries Sun
Joep Hoep
Papa Strumpff
Ellen R
Mahabharata Salama
Mickey B E
Naiad Shrewd Nil
David Cnudde
donkey Pedro
(Princess Rapunzel BE ?)



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,286, 06:40


Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,286, 06:49


Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,286, 06:53

Pertazeta is not a PTOer in any way.

Princess Rapunzel BE: there is no evidence to my knowledge.
timmayh: there is no evidence to my knowledge.

Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,286, 07:14

Yes I agree with TC (wow 😛)

Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 2,286, 08:26

Some months ago I saw Princess Rapunzel moving from Res belgica to H.O.P.E (Liberation front) and at the same time they gained a vote. .. Yes I often watched elections closely.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,286, 08:44

so? i mean: it is not a serious evidence if a newbie votes for hope/lf or whatever.

Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 2,287, 08:11

During a very closely watched election, with suspicious... moves sorry but I can't buy a noob would suddenly start in a party to move quickly during election vote for someone who is a PTOers then coming back as if nothing happened.

Again people are blind enough to see the truth.

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,287, 15:37

I'm really sure that she's not PTOer. In fact, I could give my "eHead" that she's not PTOer.
I saw she was supporting gov. articles.. she's maybe angry or confused with this situation..
(where you can't buy 2 tanks with your daily work)
I just wonder how many eBabies left eBe because of this statements...

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,287, 15:54

And other members from RB moved to HOPE and give their votes! RB is a party filled with PTOers!

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,286, 07:14


J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,286, 16:25

This boy has been eating hallucinogenic champignons lately or has been smoking lot of weed.

I was eBorn in eBe for you were a twinkle in your puppet master's eye.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,286, 16:39

Beaverss, Beaverss...your protégé is real wacko.

MaryamQ Day 2,287, 02:23

Nice way to steal my comment. In fact, most of his list is correct.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,287, 08:12

Maryam.... lol.., im stil suprised that you became one of the terorrists in our GOV.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,288, 00:25

This is a risk, when you're a beaver, to eat champignons by accident you know...

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,286, 07:51

We already can not do anything!

We are banana republic! Hail banana republic!

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,286, 08:19


What a fail article. You are marking anyone who doesn't share your opinion as a PTOer. Are you 12 year old like Fhaemita?

Though, I am flattered that you put me on the 1st place there. ❤

+ If everyone who are not Belgians in RL would leave you would be left with half of this number of citizens.

Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 2,286, 08:31

I don't agree on some point of what you said but I agree on one point: If all non-RL belgians left the country there would be nearly no one in eBE that's a fact.

Personally I do not care about who is RL belgian or not, it doesn't matter to me, but the problem is who that person is. Is it a PTOer or not.

I always found sad that some people were bullying the non-RL belgian but I think this is a consequence to some previous PTO attempt... sadly.

Doudou93 Day 2,287, 01:56

Merci pour la liste, je m'en méfierait ! 🙂

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,287, 08:09

Wahahahahah... 65% of that list are REAL LIFE Belgians. We have more RL Belgians named PTO'ers then their are people in the GOV. How Manny REAL LIFE Belgians are ibn the GOV Frankie??


Never thought about that Huu??


BaraBum Day 2,287, 10:25

He doesn't have capacity to think as he is on weed.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,287, 10:54

Well let take him to the Pope then!

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,287, 15:34

I'm Serb, and tell me, am I PTOer?

LOL seeing Rapunzel here.. That's right, declare eBaby as PTOer, and wonder why eBe will die and have no eBabies...

Many of us, who are not RL Belgians, are bigger eBelgians than those so called "guards of eBe".

shadowukcs Day 2,288, 05:44

Wat een bullshit artikel. Ik ben zogezegd geen echte belg? Man, ik speel al het langste in eBE van iedereen hier. Dommen idioot. Te stoem om te zien da de helft van de mensen op uwe lijst perfect nederlands praten. Ik zie konrad en MQ da nog ni direct doen.

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