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[EN] Epic... allies! | Епични... съюзници! [БГ]

Day 1,960, 10:33 Published in Serbia Chile by Krum III

Българска версия по-долу

English version

The three day battle of Al Madinah between Bulgaria and Greece was lost, dramatically. Yet another bought victory for Greece. Just look at the overall top 5:

But this is not the accent of this article.

I want to express my gratitude to all our allies who made this battle epic, who spent energy and weapons with the ultimate purpose to help Bulgaria and to give our enemies a strong reminder that the campaign is not over yet and how much more they have to p(r)ay to the Gods of war if they want the final victory. Plato will not give it to them fo free and we will make sure it will not be cheap.

Thank you, Chile, Mexico, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Poland, Russia, and all the rest who were with us! You were great!

Българска версия

Тридневната битка за Медина между България и Гърция беше загубена драматично. Просто още една купена от гърците победа - погледнете общия топ 5:

Но не това е акцента на статията.

Искам да благодаря на всичките ни съюзници и приятели, които направиха тази битка епична и които похарчиха толкова енергия и оръжия с крайната цел да помогнат на България и да покажат на враговете ни, че войната не е свършила и че те има още доста да се помолят на боговете на войната, преди да я спечелят. Плато няма да им я даде безплатно, а ние ще се постараем да не им е евтино.

Благодаря на Чили, Мексико, Македония, Сърбия, Унгария, Бразилия, Индонезия, САЩ, Полша, Русия и всички останали, които бяха с нас! Вие бяхте страхотни!


Alex Dekov Day 1,960, 10:39

Comment deleted

dia761 Day 1,960, 10:55

Thank you, Chile, Mexico, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Poland, Russia, and all the rest who were with us! You were great!

NOTLD Day 1,960, 11:17

hahah to lose all battles in the prime time...yes they were great


Have No Fear The End Is Near
Have No Fear The End Is Near Day 1,960, 11:24

Can you open the map ? DO you see eTUR how will be delete again ? ; ) Only to punish bad bulgarians ; ) Nice job EDEN

NOTLD Day 1,960, 11:26

epic allies bulagarians, indeed
now please, logout

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,960, 11:37

If Bulgaria logs out, EDEN will also log out. The only purpose it follows is to fight Bulgaria. Without us, your existence will be void.

vejderr Day 1,960, 11:25


Maced0n Day 1,960, 11:27


Angeldim Day 1,960, 11:28

mozebi treba malku da se zaprasate zosto izgubivte i koj e kriv za toa ???
poradi cot hq sto e socineto samo od bugari mnogu od cot borcite se razocarani od bugarija i ednostavno nejkat da se borat za vas

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,960, 11:33

Да ти го напиша и на български - спор няма, че управлението на съюза куца много надявам се след изборите на 5-и, новите президенти да го сменят.

Angeldim Day 1,960, 11:35

dodeka ima kozi i chukci vo hq ke gubite

DnPijote Day 1,960, 11:49

Сигурен съм, че ако има читави македонци дето им се занимава с Кот веднага ще бъдат избрани, а и други - проблемът е, че и при нас никой не иска да поемем отговорност там и наистина се задържаха едни и същи хора

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,960, 11:31

The days of the HQ are over. I really hope after the CP elections these guys to be repalced. Too many scandals already and none of them solved.

BucephalusIII Day 1,960, 12:22

Hail G*eek money 😃


M.A.M.A.D.O Day 1,960, 12:46


Anominan Day 1,960, 12:46

You're welcome! We are always ignore bulgarian battle.

Sir Algaroth
Sir Algaroth Day 1,960, 12:47

Thx you Russia we gonna left you alone against any country of Two again soon, but you still our brothers!.

BeDva Day 1,960, 12:49

it's the other way around krum, it's u who is obsessed with eden... and that is why u lose battles while poland wins - u hit for them cuz u hate eden even tho they igmore you, or humiloate you (like with your brothers russia, who u would never betray, right).. gimme a break

Krum III Day 1,960, 12:54

Comment deleted

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,960, 12:55

BeDva, you are of the lamest trolls here.

Yeah, its Bulgaria that is obsessed with EDEN.

BeDva Day 1,960, 13:24

you proved it!! lol

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,960, 13:35

I did. Romania (EDEN) cannot exist if it is not at war with Bulgaria. 3 consecutive accepted NE laws in one week.

hanibalbg Day 1,960, 13:30

No, we don't hate EDEN. You want to be like this, but - it isn't it. We spent enough time in this union, in the time when it was a union adn a brotherhood. It's like to turn against our own kind, but whatever opinion you have for the Bulgarians or for the e-Bulgarians, it seems far from the truth.

The only interesting battles for us are against Turkey ... And if I am not wrong, yesterday you were shouting something for the Turks - to leave EDEN, and all to finish - right?

And yes - EDEN is not EDEN since the Turkey arrival here. Blame yourself if you are members of something which is damagehood, not brotherhood. It's not Bulgarian fault.

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 1,960, 13:55

Thank you, Chile, Mexico, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Poland, Russia, and all the rest who were with us! You were great!

CrazyPrzenica Day 1,960, 14:22

Comment deleted

Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Day 1,960, 22:46


bernoldi_salieri Day 1,961, 23:36

Comment deleted

Ivdza gej
Ivdza gej Day 1,962, 02:13


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