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[eMDU] CP Election / Pemilihan CP

Day 1,840, 17:32 Published in Malaysia Indonesia by mhifzan


Bermula esok 5 Dec, jam 4 ptg (waktu malaysia) akan bermulanya pemilihan CP untuk eMalaysia. Saya selaku PP eMDU memberi sokongan dan kepercayaan penuh kepada Nerzhu1 untuk bertanding sekali lagi untuk penggal ini. Diharap ahli eMDU juga akan memberi dan menyokong Nerzhu1 untuk kali ini.

p/s :org pertama yg mengundi 😃

Begins tomorrow 5 Dec, at 4 pm (malaysia time) will start to eMalaysia CP election. As for me PP eMDU give full support and confidence to Nerzhu1 to compete once again for this term. I also hoped that members of eMDU will also support Nerzhu1 this time too.

p/s :first person that vote 😃




Hafiz AK
Hafiz AK Day 1,840, 18:51

go Nerzhu1!

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,840, 21:34

my full support goes to nerzhu1..good luck! 😉

nikanoz Day 1,841, 00:08

go go go Nerzhu1

MiVEX Day 1,841, 03:18


1NebuLA Day 1,841, 03:41

Like anyone wan to fight for that position 😛 GO NERZHU!!! U HELP ME QUITE A LOT 😃

Firebourne Day 1,841, 05:33

Nerzhu1 has my backing. : )

zeropercent Day 1,841, 09:12


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