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|Embassy of MNE|: Little more about Montenegro

Day 1,944, 10:03 Published in Estonia Montenegro by Zeljko Vukmirovic

Hello, dear eEstonians!

First of all, I would like to say sorry for not being active these days. you know - RL is RL! 😉

In this article, I'll try to present (e)Montenegro, so let's start with eMontenegro:

The president of eMontenegro is Petar Popara Crni, a player who is well known between players from ex-YU countries. You can see, aslo, some ministers in our Government:

In next photo you can see our MU's. The most biggest MU is GUSLARI. We also have MU made special for eBabies - Djetici - jedinica za nove, so they can learn here how this game should be played, to get instructions and the goal is also to make stronger D1 and D2.

Once upon a time, eMontenegro had so many MPP's that I needed to print screen twice just to put it in some articles. Unfortunately, today, we only can have couple, and there are:

RL Montenegro

Well, I'll put just few for you, just to have idea in your head how Montenegro looks like, but YOU want, the next article will be dedicated for wild beauty of Montenegro! 🙂

Savin Kuk, Žabljak

Skaline, the capital - Podgorica

Lady of the Rocks, Boka Bay, Kotor

Sveti Stefan, Budva


Herceg Novi


In the end, I would like you to click the photo and join me on a PARTY!🙂



Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,944, 10:07


|Embassy of MNE|: Little more about Montenegro

PyrrusOfEpirus Day 1,944, 10:13


Narlindir Day 1,944, 10:14

Da ti nesta kazem...

Nacinjem limenku , zivot je cudo... 0 /

PyrrusOfEpirus Day 1,944, 10:38

DodZi kod nas da nacnemo pivo 😃

sacred459 Day 1,944, 10:42


beautiful country, good friends and allies.

BangIades Day 1,944, 11:04

Who See Klapa!!!
Vote ka' kuća!

Georgian Shield Day 1,944, 11:08

Comment deleted

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,944, 11:18

Dear readers, just report comment of this multiple account.

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 1,944, 11:43

dear readers, report comment of this RL albanian lyer and anti serb propagandist : ) he wasnt kicked out from montenegro for small reason : 3

Sara R85
Sara R85 Day 1,944, 11:09

Prelepo : ) o/

Pealik Day 1,944, 11:20

Very nice!

Viskaja Day 1,944, 11:52

Montenegro is beautiful.

N2SS Day 1,944, 12:01


Orao007 Day 1,944, 15:03

Comment deleted

Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,944, 15:03

Comment deleted

Orao007 Day 1,944, 15:03

"The most bigger MU is GUSLARI"

samo stavi The biggest MU is

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,944, 15:05

Eto ga! Ne primijetih! Hvala, orlU! : D

Orao007 Day 1,944, 15:05

Comment deleted

Orao007 Day 1,944, 15:06


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