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Day 1,834, 10:21 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Shin Gouki

Dear Citizens of ePakistan,

Recent articles by a nervous Deputy Minister of Defense have caught the journalistic and curious eye of the ePakistani Media and eLife Times in specific. An article was published by the dMOD, however we appreciate the fact that the article was published as a Citizen of ePakistan rather than an official article by the mentioned officer.

Journalism and the Media can survive only if the readers and audience are presented the truth and nothing but the truth. Some of you may feel that this is another bashing session by Shin Gouki's alter ego "Sir Trollsalot", however this is just a reminder that the people of ePakistan can not be misguided by any information you throw towards them. We do appreciate motivational speeches and ways of building pride within an eNation. Unfortunately, no pride is better than false pride. The information presented in the article written by Mehmood25 seems to be a tad bit misleading. If the sensitive population of ePakistan allows me, May I, SG, the director of eLife Times and a common Journalist, ask the author to answer a few questions?


The article written by our senior ePakistani Citizen reflects a comparison of Influence between ePakistan and eIndia. The picture borrowed from the author's article reflects the statistics of day 1832.

I would also like to paste the false statistics shared by the Senior Citizen of ePakistan which are as follows.

Day 1832

1. India

Influence: 203974980
MUs: 9
Citizens: 257
Fighters: 128
Tank: 20191
Percentage: 45%

2. Pakistan

Influence: 166947930
MU's: 4
Citizens: 154
Fighters: 67
Tank: 31265
Percentage: 55%

My first question to the Deputy Minister of Defense is, If your article mentions that its purpose is a comparison of day 1832 Influence by India and Pakistan and If the two figures clearly show that India's influence is 203m and Pakistan's is 166m, how is our percentage of Influence 55% and how is India's Influence 45%? You fail to calculate that according to your figures of influence, which are inaccurate, India's influence is 55% and Pakistan's is 45%. I would also like to clarify that eIndia did 224 million influence and not 203 million as falsely stated by you and that ePakistan did 165 million Influence and not 166.9 million as falsely stated by you.

My second question is that, taking in perspective the fluctuation of influence an eNation does daily, (Which means taking in view that you chose to publish statistics of a day where eIndia did little over their average influence between day 1822-1832 and ePakistan did twice more than the same 11 day average). My question is Mr. Mehmood25, Why did you conveniently publish statistics of a bad eIndian Influence Day and the best ePakistani Influence Day?

Dear Readers, having obtained the statistics from eGov4You, I have calculated averages in order for our ePakistanis to understand that they were misguided, We may be improving, however WE NEED TO DO ALOT MORE!

Please note that averages were calculated for all parties taking figures from Day 1822-1832. The 11 day averages will reflect a realistic review of things the way they are.


Average Influence: 215491498
Average Tank: 27298
Average Fighters: 125


Average Influence: 80850730
Average Tank: 11885
Average Fighters: 55

Seal Team 6

Average Influence: 546066290
Average Tank: 28068
Average Fighters: 122

all statistics are sponsored by egov4you

My major question to Mehmood25 is that the foreign MU you belong to Seal Team 6, does 546 million influence and your country ePakistan does 80 million, Will a Foreign MU doing 546 benefit more from your influence or your own country ePakistan which does 80 million?

Your own average influence is 4.7 million influence if egov4you is not mistaken, So is your 4.7 million influence more beneficial for our 80 or is it even visible within the 546?

As the official journalist troll of ePakistan I ask my fellow ePakistanis as to why a Citizen of ePakistan is the Deputy Minister of Defense when the 4.7 million influence ePakistan so dearly needs is so conveniently gifted to Seal Team 6 which doesn't really need it in the first place?

I don't care if this sounds like a trolling session or a bashing session but IT IS TIME FOR EPAKISTAN to stand up and ask these SENIOR ePakistanis to get back into ePakistan and fight for ePakistan. This includes Aovelhangera who so conveniently sells 10 million damage according to his profile but can't find reasons to come back to ePakistan and leave GROM. He has allegedly benefited from ePakistan but his bonuses seem to be more important when ePakistan needs him the most.

I have noticed people criticizing Dioists recently and as a true Pakistani and a Patriotic one, I Shin Gouki state infront of the people of ePakistan that "A DIOIST WHO FIGHTS FOR EPAKISTAN IS FAR BETTER THAN A RL PAKISTANI WHO DOES NOT"

I hope you enjoyed the facts I have stated and I request the Head of Congress, Chief of Army Staff, Country President and the Opposition to take notice of these false claims and false pride. The ePakistani People shall no longer be fooled by those who benefit themselves yet claim themselves the SENIOR MEMBERS of EPAKISTAN!

Cameraman Javed Cheema kay saath, Main hoon Shin Gouki, eLife Times TV LIVE!

Yours Patriotically,

Shin Gouki
eLife Times




Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,834, 10:23


TheJakal Day 1,834, 10:24


Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,834, 10:28

Great article fahad 🙂

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Day 1,834, 10:31


Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,834, 10:33

truth rules o/

Mehmood25 Day 1,834, 10:41

@ Sin Gouki:

Yesterday, it was but today it is different and about the percentage thing it is not only based on the influence. So, if influence is based on fighters it means if we have the low fighter count and we do a bit less damage which was 166947930 and when our competitor did a bit more damage which was 203kk on 1832.


Mehmood25 Day 1,834, 10:45

So it clearly shows that we are on our best average then them. It means that our less fighters are more active then their whole fighters then i guess we should motivate them for their good afford but by making these type of articles to troll the citizen of ePakistan wouldn't give anything and we can do it if we want so, we can also make FAILURE'S and LACKNESS OF THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT then i hope all the community would happy at you all.


Policy Day 1,834, 10:46


Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,834, 10:47

Yesterday was day 1833, Why would the statistics of 1832 be different on 1833 and 1834? and your graph clearly states comparison of influence, by influence you mean "COMBINED" influence of eIndia when you say eIndia's influence. If you wish to compare the number of fighters and their influence, you have to break it up and let the readers know what your statement means. Your article was clearly misguiding readers into believing something that is not true.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,834, 10:49

Please provide the calculation of %'s using the figures mentioned in your article. I would like to see how these percentages were calculated in order to understand the figures these percentages are meant to reflect.

Mehmood25 Day 1,834, 11:02

Well, why are we working together with the well known PTOers of ePakistan which were the threat at the past time of ePakistan and why they are supporting TheJakal cause maybe there is something behind this and why they are not try to PTO ePakistan ? I have so many questions in my mind which needs to be clear here and in my opinion, that we are working under the PTO Government so , here goes my resignation from the DMoD. How they are supporting TheJakal? why they stopped doing it.

Mehmood25 Day 1,834, 12:03

I have noticed people criticizing Dioists recently and as a true Pakistani and a Patriotic one, I Shin Gouki state infront of the people of ePakistan that "A DIOIST WHO FIGHTS FOR EPAKISTAN IS FAR BETTER THAN A RL PAKISTANI WHO DOES NOT" >>>

I don't see them fighting for ePakistan and yesterday your MoFA fought against eSerbia? Did you told him to do it?

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,834, 18:20

Mehmood25, The only threat to ePakistan is ignorance and I see plenty of ignorance.

Q. Why did i publish this comparison ?

A. It is to show that ePakistan is going well day by day by doing the great damage a day.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,834, 18:22

Are these your words? ePakistan may be doing well day by day, but can be doing better if people like you come back and fight for ePakistan. I'd also like to ask you about this threat. You say all of these "PTOers" are a threat to ePakistan, you were an eUSA Citizen, Weren't you a threat to them? Aren't you a PTOer?

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,834, 18:35

as a Deputy Minister of Defense, use statistics efficiently and correctly. Your information was reflecting facts and figures incorrectly. What if the youth of Pakistan took your words seriously and attacked China? If we are doing well day by day? Praising ourselves won't help, Improving ourselves will. In order for ePakistan to be on top a lot of work has to be done, GET BUSY ALL OF YOU. Victory requires preparation!

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 00:27

Well, just talk to eUSA Government that am i threat to them? Never cause i wasn't in their Government and never try to get into it and btw i don't think that you know the real meaning of the PTO , the PTO is Political Take Over so it means that i wasn't the PTO threat to them and if i was the PTO threat to them then why did they accepted me into their Military ?

Because, they trust me so that's why they get me in but what you have done in your HoC term ? I don't see any work from you.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 00:33

And also your Government is a big FAILURE in the start and now still it is because of your lack of knowledge & being lazy and oh, no meeting ? nothing? So you guys are doing everything on your own but before you were shouting and commenting that you need the DEMOCRACY so that's why you guys made your own Party to show that you are well and equal to everyone but you failed to do it.

Strywgr Day 1,835, 00:33


Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 00:39

I wasn't going to take a part in this Government but somehow , TheJakal came to me and twice told me to become the DMoD because he knows that he don't have anyone else to do this job cause this job need hard work and activity. So, by making troll articles why don't you do something for your Country and stop making congratulations articles about your Party success whether your elected CP is breaking his promises which he told in his manifesto.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 00:40

Another thing, he promised to do these steps but does he forget about it and now he is reviving DIO, to get more votes?

1. Fix our current MPP state. >>> 3 alliances? I don't see any fix here. It is how it was.
2. Organize regular RW or TW so that Pakistani's can work towards their True Patriot Medal. >>> RW or TW was in M.Bilal term but in his term? i don't see any type of this.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 00:41

3. Organize and introduce a proper structure to run internal affairs, Immigration, Finance, Congress and Wesbite & Forums will be the top priority. >>> Oh, He forget about these steps cuz of reviving the Dioism. I don't see any articles which is related to the current status of SBF from our sweetheart MoF, I don't see any article published from our sweetheart Congressmen about immigration and i don't see any article published from our sweetheart MoI/A about the current status of Internal Affair.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 00:42

4. Encourage users to invite more players into the game and give an incentive. >> Well, the users count of ePakistan is still same as before so i don't see anytype of change here.

So, why should we support this type of President that doesn't full fill his own views or promises.

Scorpion King
Scorpion King Day 1,835, 02:10

primitive bhai, na kabhi baaz aaey hain na aaey gay 😛

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 02:52

Mehmood25, I request you to first paste the calculation you did in coming up with these percentages. I personally am not the brightest Mathematician, however even I can see that your figures and your statistics were erroneous. Once you explain to us why you were blurring the vision of so many ePakistanis by misinforming them, I will ask the question beyond that.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 02:55

As far as the PTO is concerned, ePakistan is not a Monarchy, Which simply means "Yay aap kay maamu ka khait tu hai nae". If there is a PTO according to you, the biggest PTO in current times is by the DPP. The Democratic Party of Pakistan has PTOed the PTOers which include all of you. All of you who were sitting on power like a Chicken sits on her eggs and by using multiple accounts.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 02:58

I as an individual do not consider Somaka, Maniak or anyone else as PTOers, The members of our Party can't even be called PTOers because we requested them to take part in the government. Hence that sort of answers your question. Why are they a part? They are a part because just like you're not a threat to the Military of eUSA, they aren't a threat to ePakistan. ePakistan was long looted of her resources. Her pockets were empty thanks to those you supported and those who supported M Bilal.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 03:00

Mehmood25, you seem to be even dumber than I first thought. Please as Mohammad Bilal to come online at any given time. We would like to invite you and your party members to an online radio debate and discussion to determine how well the past governments were doing and what we have achieved in such less days.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 03:04

I suggest you to re-read the history of ePakistan.
I didn't take any money from treasury of eUSA but these PTOERS took the money from the SBP to their own accounts.

I don't care about this current Government because this is a BIG FAILURE.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 03:06

@ Shin Gouki:

Re-read my previous comments on your CP Promises which were in his speech but it doesn't implemented because of the FAILURE.

You guys say something and do something else.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 03:09

I am not the part of any Party of ePakistan cause i am only the citizen of ePakistan and wants to see ePakistan on the top but it doesn't happpened because of your fake policies.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 03:41

Ok, and how do you justify the 800 Gold stolen from the treasury by dodial and aovelhangera? I will not blame Mohammad Bilal for this, however I will hold him accountable for the 80k cc Serbia compensated for MPPs. So are dodial, aovelhangera and Mohammad Bilal PTOers who stole aswell?

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 03:42

I am a congressman, not the CP neither am I part of his government. As a congressman and a civilian I see progress and I applaud his efforts. Ask him for justification for these false claims you make and have some shame, you ran for congress but PRF put you at the end of the priority list. Don't lie to our faces.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 03:48

That is because i am not from them and i am not even belongs to any Party so that's why they have the vaild rights to put me at the end of their priority list but the facts is you supported your CP which is your Spreme General of your Party and you are in this party and acting the PP of it.

And about the stolen stuff from who ever you claimed that they did it then why don't you show us the proof?

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 03:52

And from now on i wouldn't do any comment on any of your article , it is because you say something and do something else and your Government made this state a big FAILURE cause of your weak and bad standard politics.

And you guys are claiming the things that never happened but if it does happened then why don't you proof it infront of ePakistan.


RL Pakistanii
RL Pakistanii Day 1,835, 04:27

Interesting XD

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 05:16

So convenient for you to write some BS and quickly run away instead of defending your self and your friends. Very convenient I must say. It is not the END, it is the beginning and TheJakal my "Supreme General" is going to get trolled if he makes stupid mistakes like you people did. Trust me, I'm not the sort who spares anyone.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 05:35

Well, i don't see any article from you which is against your CP because of his pointless and useless speeches that what he does. The nation wouldn't success if people like you would stay here and lets see what you are gonna do and we are gonna do for ePAKISTAN.

By making artile to Congratulate DPP for the more seats wouldn't a success of your Party cause your party motto is to do things equal with everyone but you guys are opposite to it and truth is always the BS to you cause it hurts.

Mehmood25 Day 1,835, 05:37

And one more thing, from now on i would stay claim and just watch your moves and i'll watch till this nation will become more powerless cause of the FAILURE of current Government.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 06:17

Mehmood25, I think it would be easy for me to gain citizenship to a developed eNation, and shorty to a MU which supplies well or on the other hand It would be easy for me to sell damage like Aovel and Dodial do, but I don't think I am up for it at this current moment. You misunderstand the point though. There is nothing wrong with being in ST6 or an eUS Citizen. We all have a right to make such decisions. It doesn't give you the right to be dMoD or the right to

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 06:23

boast your patriotism as you are doing what's best for you not ePakistan. I respect Anni10 and all the others who have come back to fight for ePakistan. I also respect all those who have left their eNations to strengthen ePakistan. I don't have the time to even argue with you because you lie and make up things. All i'm going to say is that PTO or ATO or Whatever you guys call these things, keep it to yourself and all I care about is ePakistan, when you want to help, we'll stand besides you.

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,835, 06:24

Well, I learned everything I need to know about a few people here today.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 06:27

and Yes, The government of ePakistan was supplying to D1 and D2 members, members of the Pakistan Army who needed these supplies the most. Resigning as dMoD is a right you have, deleting the supply form and documents reflects your intentions of being selfish and an ignorant imbecile.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 06:34

Oh yes, and you commented above by saying "I don't see them fighting for ePakistan and yesterday your MoFA fought against eSerbia? Did you told him to do it?". Please explain to me why you hit for Albania against Serbia doing 1434048 influence and for Argentina against Chile doing 1668447 Influence when both of them are our allies? You're nothing but a liar and a hypocrite.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,835, 06:36

You have been exposed as a liar, a hypocrite and your intentions have been put on a silver platter for everyone to read and decide by themselves. I'm not going to waste my time on you anymore.

Policy Day 1,835, 12:55



Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 1,835, 18:01

Everyone should expect the Dioist Inquisition.

St0L3n1 Day 1,836, 07:48

Speechless again 😕

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