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[Elections] Cp Candidature and Programs

Day 2,142, 11:30 Published in Japan Japan by William of Edenbury

Welcome to The Sword and the Sakura News!
First off, for those of you who did not know, I am running for Country President, and this is the mandatory "why you should vote for me article" 😛

As most of you know, I have been the Minister of Defense for the past three months. In this time I have handled the restructuring if the military, the creation of the current supply system (as well as working on the upcoming supply system reorganization), and a decent sized chunk of the work during the recent Mitsunami war against Portugal. I am proud to say the Military systems have been running smoothly since their creation, with only minor hiccups in isolated systems now and then.
On to more important matters though, namely what I would be doing for the country.

Since it would be a daunting wall of text to list all of the Ministry programs I intend to create, today's article will only cover the Outer Ministries.
The Outer Ministries are those that deal with the outside forces that act on eJapan and include the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Security.

Ministry of Defense:
I intend for the Ministry of Defense to start the next phase of the supply system organization. These past few months have seen the creation and maintenance of a basic supply system that kept our soldiers consistently well armed. Now though we will be moving towards a more professional force. The next system update will include a new set of tiered supply amounts to take advantage of renewed activity after the Mitsunami war and to continue moving our national Military towards a status on par with the professional militaries of the eWorld.
And yes, we'll actually be "encouraging" soldiers wear uniforms this time 😛

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
The MoFA will be dealing with multiple matters concerning our neighbors and allies, including the changing stance of eSouth Korea, the territories occupied by eChina, and our ties with CoT.

However, I will be introducing a large scale program that will take advantage of the current Ambassador program. This "new" concept will deal with attracting and retaining players from around the eWorld to become citizens of eJapan. Our country is in a unique position in this game. We are unable to create a true babyboom of RL Japanese. However, it is telling that we are a mid sized country based almost solely on an immigrant population. Japan is a cultural powerhouse on the internet. Anime, manga, light novels, and video games. All these things helped attract a good chunk of our current player base. The program I wish to implement will take full advantage of this unique dynamic. In combination with the Ministry of Culture and History, the Ministry of Security, and team members from the other Ministries, the MoFA will be implementing an eWorld wide campaign to interest players into immigrating to eJapan.

This is a basic rundown of what the Ministries would be doing.

-MoFA: The Ambassadors in particular will be using their contacts in their assigned countries to publish articles that will attract potential immigrants.

-MoCH: The MoCH team will create the basic articles (which will be slightly modified to correspond to individual countries by the Ambassadors) that will be used to interest players in our eCountry. The reason that the articles will be under the MoCH's domain is because we need fun and creativity, not dry data and benefits articles.

-MoS: They will be dealing with the influx of immigrants of course, but will also have a certain other program (see below for details).

-Other Ministries: The other ministries will be giving positions and work according to the Priority CS program described below.

Ministry of Security:

As I noted above, the MoS will continue its work with incoming CS applications, but they will also have an important second responsibility added.

During the campaign to attract immigrants we will likely see more immigrants than we can give citizenship to (either through running out of CS passes, or unresponsive Congress members). This is where the priority CS program comes in to play. The Priority CS program will be a system in which potential immigrants that were unable to receive citizenship will be given the option to either work for one of the government entities in a low security position or join the National Military. Foreign players that join the program will then have a priority placement for CS passes at the next congress election cycle. This program will help insulate the Immigration program against bleeding by keeping interested player around and introducing them into our community right away, rather than have them languishing in CS purgatory and ultimately giving up.

Well that's it for today's edition of The Sword and the Sakura news. Stay tuned for tomorrow's article concerning the programs for the Interior Ministries including the Ministry of Culture and History, Ministry of Education, and the revival of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

~William of Edenbury


ahava3233 Day 2,142, 11:32


ahava3233 Day 2,142, 11:38

Ok, now that I read the article, here's my review.
Very content heavy, less words of encouragement and more plans of action. Good Candidacy article and I like how you aim high.
On another note, that pic of that girl in front of the computer was my desktop wallpaper for a while a few months ago xD.
Waiting for Kowalski's article now. I know you both will impress me :3.

tarasino Day 2,142, 12:05

I think I'll wait for Kowalski's article too. 😛

Drakantas Day 2,142, 13:02

Be careful tarasino, if he does one will be in serbian 😳

Tomoyuki Yamashita
Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,142, 18:49

I think you have way to many opinions.

ahava3233 Day 2,142, 19:22

The opinion makes the woman tomoyuki-san!
And these are both rather lovely men--I can't help myself.

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 2,143, 18:54

Women were not allowed to have an opinion till the late 19th century.

kowalski_afc Day 2,142, 13:01

Nice program 🙂

Good luck on elections, William


Darshu Day 2,142, 13:30


Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 2,142, 13:41

Good luck, voted 🙂

Aryzn Day 2,142, 14:10

You have several very interesting ideas. This sort of bureaucratic creativity is just what eJapan needs.

To speak in another extreme, I am ashamed to see that both the SSG, and SoS would so eagerly demonstrate such blind support for a party based on European nationalism. Naturally I am saddened to such an overt act against Japanese culture, and promotion of Serbian.

Getting back on topic...I to await the CtG's publication of their platform. Maybe they will be willing to embrace eJapan.

synhro Day 2,142, 14:32

Interesting ideas and best of luck, William-san. o/

Metic Day 2,142, 15:41

Good luck.

ardishabutaro Day 2,142, 19:24

Voted. Good luck for election

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,143, 05:47

Good luck.

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