{eIre CP} An Update on the threat

Day 3,495, 18:42 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

Current eIreland DEFCON level

Dia Dhuit Ireland,

As promised eIreland, your government will keep you updated in regards to the current threat being posed to our nation. And unfortunately over the past 24hrs, this threat has taken an interesting turn. But before we get into it, we need to discuss some history. I will not go back 6yrs, 4yrs, or even 1yr. Many things have happened over the course of eRep, if we all lived in the past, the game would never evolve. But what I would do is talk about the recent history since this has reflected the way eIreland has dealt with it's neighbours as well as it's foreign policy (plus I know of our history from my time of arrival to the Irish shores).

Northern Ireland and King Trito Fisher

During Trito's governance in the February term, eIreland gave back the region of Northern Ireland that it had been holding from the eUK. This was done pretty shortly after he took power and done in a peaceful manner. While I am a bit sketchy on the reason's eIreland had come to obtain this region (due to my arrival only a few weeks beforehand), from the date forward eIreland has been trying to rebuild the friendship of it's European neighbour. Even to the point of signing a NAP with Orion, Pacifica (article here and 60 day NAP here ).

MKD and Spain Airstrike

Shortly afterwards, while eIreland still under the Trito's governance, Spain and MKD did a joint airstrike on Ireland. This was in part due to our actions against their friends and allies, including but not limited to the eUK. The Spanish and MKD governments kept eIreland under occupation for the remainder of Trito's term and into the political term of Releasethe Krakken. While some resistance battles were fought, both the Spanish and MKD governments were too well co-ordinated and strong for eIreland, so no regions could be regained. However, diplomacy was started and eMKD released a region so Ireland could have a partial congress. On the other side in the eUK arena, they suffered many attempts at a MTO, however these were not too successful, instead Irish fighters were actually seen fighting for their government to keep to the democratic path.

Peace, NAPs, TW's and Mach's term

With in a few days of Mach's being elected as the eIreland CP, Ireland/MKD/Spain reached a peace treaty and signed a NAP that included a clause in regards to their allies (details here ). Coincidentally this NAP happened when the old Orion/Pacifica NAP was expiring. On the signing of this NAP (which was in theory to last 3 terms), the Irish and MKD governments arranged a TW with each other to ensure rebuilding of friendships and economic growth for both nations. This training war, while it had it's slight hiccups was quite successful and lasted until the end of Mach's term (details here ).

UK Training War, Political instability in the UK

Shortly after the voting in eIreland that saw Kattiaa elected to lead the Irish people, Ireland and the UK entered into a training war (details here ) with the direct hope that it would help rebuild the countries friendships from the past times.

"This agreement is in relation to a proposed Training War (TW) between the nations of eIreland and eUK. The purpose of this TW is to allow the citizens of both nations a chance to gain medals from a friendly war, to allow the continued growth and friendship between the two nations, as well as help grow our individual countries economies."
The Preamble to the Training War agreement

Whilst it was meant to be conducted on British soil, this was soon changed when the battle moved to Irish soil. Communication channels remained opened to adjust for this slight detail and the training war continued. However due to what ever reasons (it would be wrong of me to assume), the UK side had alot political instability, resulting in many attempted impeachment votes, no voting to the NE laws (can be seen here. While this was going on the eUK breached the rules about resource regions on many occasionals, however the Irish government wanting to try and rebuild trust and friendship, as well as knowing that the political instability might not of helped, let these breaches slide, for the betterment of the nations friendships.

Threats, Breaches, Broken Promises

Now we get to where we are today. Shortly into the current term of Rusty D and Dishmcds, and shortly after the UK took a resource regions (against the TW agreement) for the 4th time, the Irish government received news that one of the UK alliance partners was looking at making a grab for Irish regions. This was discussed n the Irish congress as well as with the UK government and it was agreed to end the training war as per the agreement:

"Training War will be a long term one, however if 3rd party interference happens (ie. Ireland is ASed by a hostile nation), discussions will take place to try and prevent a wipe/end of the TW."

However, what appeared to be a clear cut end of the training war, were both nations leave as friends to allow the possibility of the new one at a later date, was shortly dashed when the eUK government proposed a Trojan horse maneuver to wipe eIreland. Which would not only breach the TW agreement, but also put strain on the original MKD/Spain NAP that was in place.

One could wonder if the UK had been planning this with their allied nation (who the threat originated from) or whether it was just an opportunity moment. One could say it is in revenge for Ireland holding UK regions over 6 months ago (yet the US has been and gone through UK regions since then) or maybe it is just a dog act. But one thing is sure, eIreland will stand by it's word.

What now?

eIreland will continue to view the original threat of an AS on our regions as the first priority and as such will be preparing to defend our homeland against hostile aggression. This is something that was raised in the original article as well as being discussed with our allies and friends.

In regards to the movements of the eUK, the Irish government will start to be more strict in ensuring the TW contract is abide by, this will include setting COs in any RW that needs a hand and in any attacks on our resource regions. The government will also play the wait and see game in regards to the NE laws, with the UK just recently passing their NE, they have to wait 7 days until they can do a no NE. But in the meantime, the Irish government has spoken to the governments of MKD/Spain to inform them about the potential breach in the NAP, governments of many allied nations and friends.

Call us simple minded, but your government believes when it gives it's word, it will stand by it. This is why your government will take the course of action it has taken. Not only because it gave it's word to countries like MKD, Spain, but also because it gave it's word to the citizens of the UK as well as it's own Irish citizens.

So until then eIreland, fight hard and remember that your not alone. Your government is active, both behind the scenes and upfront. We will survive and we will be successful, not matter the hand we are dealt.

Rusty D
CP of eIreland