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[eINDONESIAN-EMBASSY] eIndonesian Ambassador for Estonia

Day 1,880, 05:41 Published in Estonia Indonesia by klump


Greetings from eIndonesia

Firstly, i would like to congratulate ALL the newly elected presidents and their cabinets and to our glorious alliance, our Brother countries, and our opponents.
And on behalf of all the people I wish the government this month will be better and wiser than before. And I thank you very much to all parts of government and MOFA team have again entrusted me as eAmbassador for Estonia.
Hopefully I can do the job well.

Well as an Ambassador I will have 5 main things I would do:
1) Creating new options dialog for the Executive Branch of the Government eIndonesia, to get to know other members of the country you are assigned to;

2) The reporting of major events that occurred in Estonia regular, even moderate events that might be interesting to know, and

3) Reporting in the office at Room MOFA eIndonesian incident, Deputy Chairman of you to see what will be done about the situation eIndonesia.

4) Help MOFA and the Ministry of Defense in Estonia if they need help and always keep in touch with them in the IRC, PM, or Forum.

5) as a bridge of communication between the government and the government of Estonia eIndonesia.

Primary Goal From eIndonesian Embassy For Estonia of us in this month is intended to strong relations between countries that have long since disappeared.
With this we call for all our friends to come back over and work together with Indonesia, we open wide the doors to the friends and our alliance.

eIndonesia and eEstonia may re-establish a strong relationship!




klump Day 1,880, 05:42


giladahgua Day 1,880, 05:45


KIDE777 Day 1,880, 05:59

o7 Good luck

Prabu Gatotkaca
Prabu Gatotkaca Day 1,880, 07:27


Selamat bertugas..
Ane 2 bulan lalu jadi dubes disini.. Jadi kangen. T___T

Arfan-Khan Day 1,880, 07:45


bamboon05 Day 1,880, 08:18

o7 semangat kawan

klump Day 1,880, 09:08

o7 Good Luck too all! selamat bertugas 🙂

N2SS Day 1,880, 12:42


Grand Old Man
Grand Old Man Day 1,880, 20:00

May the future be prosperous to you and eIndonesia, welcome to eEstonia.

Janisatya Dido Pranata
Janisatya Dido Pranata Day 1,883, 21:08


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