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[eIndonesia Embassy] Hello eCroatia!

Day 1,825, 07:49 Published in Croatia Croatia by Herditya The General

Hello people eCroatia
Hail eCroatia, Hail eIndonesia

Firstly, let me introduce myself, I'm Herditya The General, eIndonesia Ambassador for eCroatia.
I also would like congrulate elected eCroatia Cabinet who so far have a wonderful achievement.
I also wants to apologize for the delay for doing my job because of CS problem.

As Ambassador, I'll have some few major things that I'll be doing.

1. Creating dialogue between eCroatia government and eIndonesia government.
2. Helping eCroatian if have a thing about eIndonesia stuff.
3. Warming a brothership between eCroatia and eIndonesian.
4. Introducing Indonesian social-cultural life or elife.
5. Learning some Croatia social-cultural life or elife.

There will be so many way to achieve my goal above. Just wait the moment for that. I also wants you guys help for this.

Special thanks to Obersoldat (CP) and Lico (congressman) who accept my citizen request.
If you need me, you can find me at #hr-mvp or #indo-mofa my nick at IRC are GeneralMaho


Herditya The General


Drke John
Drke John Day 1,825, 07:57


zujo ide ispocetka
zujo ide ispocetka Day 1,825, 22:35


Black Octopus777
Black Octopus777 Day 1,826, 23:35


Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,826, 03:04

welcome Mr. Ambassador - v&s - we are looking forward to your further reports

Dalmatian devils
Dalmatian devils Day 1,827, 23:52

vote, welcome

Josipjo Day 1,827, 00:12

hello. dobro došao! 😉

Dreamkiller 1514
Dreamkiller 1514 Day 1,827, 03:09

welcome to Croatia 🙂

DominionHR Day 1,827, 04:16

Welcome to Croatia!

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