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[eIndonesia-Embassy] Farglory Ocean Park :)

Day 1,824, 03:42 Published in Republic of China (Taiwan) Saudi Arabia by Dytowi

Hail eROC

Hello all,how are you today ? hope you all fine 😃
well, from my last article i want to learn all about Taiwan..

Do you know Farglory Ocean Park ? 🙂

The Farglory Ocean Park is only 10 kilometers away from Hualien City. The park is Hualien's biggest man-made tourist attraction, and Taiwan’s first theme park focusing on marine ecology. Farglory Ocean Park features eight zones that introduce different aspects of ocean and marine life. From thrilling water rides, bumper boats, dolphin shows to roller coasters, everyone can have fun in this amusement park. Moreover, visitors will be astonished by dolphin and seal’s amazing acrobatic abilities in the marina shows.

The main amusement zone includes the Brighton by the Sea, Crystal Castle, Discovery Island, Dolphin Lagoon, Harbour Square, Main Street, Mariner's Cove, and Underwater Kingdom. The cable car service is available so it is very convenient for elders and children. With all the fun facilities and shows, it is worth coming for many times.

Take a look at the picture below which I took from the Ocean Park. Don't you think it's just amazing?

I took the two pictures below at the entrance area. Most of the things in the park has sea-related theme, from the decorations, attractions, rides, shows, souvenirs, etc. Good thing it was a great sunny day when I was there

Coffee Shop and Lighthouse. I don't think visitors are actually allowed to go up there

The entrance area where visitors can take pictures with Farglory Ocean Park's mascots.

If you like cable cars, good for you! It's an excellent way to enjoy the view of this park and its surrounding area a.k.a the ocean.

if you're afraid of heights.....Oh, come on!!! Are you really going to miss this chance?

Pic taken from the cable car I was in

The two pics below are some rides I saw from the cable car. It was still pretty early in the morning, that's why you barely see anyone in the park

There must be at least one castle in every amusement park, otherwise it won't be an amusement park 😃 Ok, there's no specific rule about that, but Farglory Ocean Park has an area called The Crystal Castle to release your fairy-tale dreams.

That's the gate of the Underwater Kingdom (pic below), which is a kids area with soft rides like merry-go-round, swings, small roller coaster, etc. I tried the kiddie roller coaster and it was meeehhh........................Sorry, but I'm a hardcore roller coaster lover.

There are different shows that you can see at Farglory Ocean Park such as the Dolphin Show, Sea Lion Show, Dance Show, Puppet Show, etc. I got the chance to watch the Dolphin Show, here are some pictures from the show:

Can you do that? lol

The admission price of Farglory Ocean Park (Feb 2012) is:
Adult NT$ 890
Youth age 13-18 or students NT$ 790 (Student must provide a student card)
Children under 12 and above 115 cm, elder over 65 and pregnant women NT$ 590
Disabled with one nursing person NT$ 420
Children 100-115 cm NT$ 390

Group prices (over 20 people) are as such:
Adult NT$ 820
Youth age 13-18 or students NT$ 720 (Student must provide a student card)
Children under 12 and above 115cm, elder over 65 and pregnant women NT$ 520
Disabled with one nursing person NT$ 420
Children 100-115 cm NT$ 320
They only accept NT Dollars

Signed with Friendship
Dytowi Ambassador eIndonesia


Erep Fikrie
Erep Fikrie Day 1,824, 03:44

vote vote vote !!

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woodward354 Day 1,824, 03:59

so you've ever been to Taiwan? amazing

Sheikha Al Jalila Al Maktoum
Sheikha Al Jalila Al Maktoum Day 1,824, 04:17

amazing vote\o/

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Si Barda
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Dytowi Day 1,824, 05:47

yea.. i have that video about dolphin show 🙂

Albert tseng
Albert tseng Day 1,824, 07:15

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