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[eIndia]The Day after the World Ends..

Day 1,858, 22:14 Published in India India by Uv Ajed

Thought of the day: "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'."

Greetings everyone,
In past few days we witnessed a severe turmoil in the country, and we have been trying to steer through it. But we haven't given up our hope to live, to earn our right share of liberty.

I was told and threatened that everyone in the world will now want to own piece of us through aggression, and I asked everyone to keep calm. Because the heart refuses to believe that the world is full of selfish, rude, opportunist and egoistic people, people who don't care about the nation which stood up for its right, A nation which brought its plight to the views of the world and A nation which fought for its honor, integrity, identity and self respect.

My question to all world leaders is
Has Humanity died in Plato's World?

The idea was to publish the detailed result of referendum after the war was over, so as to not have any impact on it, but since several serious allegations were leveled against the government regarding the legitimacy of the decision, so here it is

And as you can see after taking all valid and credible votes into account 26 people supported the idea of "Leaving EDEN" and 16 people voted in favour of staying in EDEN. Out of those 16 people who voted to stay in EDEN, 8 belong to United Aggression MU, a pro EDEN MU which came to India 2 months ago. We went with the majority and the announcement can be seen in our highly respected MoFA Alector's article

As per the plans earlier we will have "The day after the world ends" party tonight i.e. 22nd December 2012, all over India.

The Venues
Mumbai: Gorai Beach For details Contact Prabal or Ashwamedh
Chennai: Planet Yumm, Besant Nagar Beach For details contact HemanathanKumar
Bangalore: Amoeba, Brigade Road For details contact ashphalt
Bhubaneswar: The Cellar, Mayfair Lagoon For details contact Uv Ajed

Kindly let me know if more venues are to be added to the list. The pictures from the meets will be included in an article to be published on 24th December 2012.

We Indians value dignity, honour and respect above everything else.
The way to win us is through love, not through fear or oppression.

Uv Ajed,
An Indian


Xicor13 Day 1,858, 22:26


Brilliant as usual 🙂

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,858, 22:42

Pertamaxxx o7 Proud To Be An Indian

terlika Day 1,859, 23:00

i forgot to vote hahaha so make that 26 😃

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,859, 23:10


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,859, 23:50

Jai Hind!!!!

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,859, 00:06

Shouting Pertamaxxx isn't going to make Indo respect you

BrknSword Day 1,859, 00:49


Shakti Rocks
Shakti Rocks Day 1,859, 01:06

damn ... missed the bhubaneswar meetup .... am in kolkata now : (

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,859, 01:15

shakti bhubaneswar pheri asse ebe bhi time achchi..

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,859, 02:34

Much respect to the views you hold o7

Lonqu Day 1,859, 02:48


Shakti Rocks
Shakti Rocks Day 1,859, 04:07

hehe .... not possible re ... new year pai eithi rahiba ra achi .... ta pare bhubaneswar feribi

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,859, 05:02


Bharmal Day 1,859, 05:07

Nice article.... way to go....Love your line "The way to win us is through love, not through fear or oppression"

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,859, 05:08

"And as you can see after taking all valid and credible votes into account ..."

How were the "credible" votes taken into account?

Since you published who voted which way, please publish the votes that you stroke from the record and excluded from consideration.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,859, 05:09

"The way to win us is through love, not through fear or oppression."

Did India "love" EDEN?

Is India prepared to "love" its enemies?

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,859, 05:39

Did EDEN "love" India?

India is prepared to love anyone. We already have friends in this world and clearly they are not called "The Brotherhood".
After all Addy we never left EDEN as we were never members which means we just left GEA alliance with no members.
Please stop this BS and be Indian or leave India if you dont like it here. Go to Croatia or any other country you like if India is not good for you. We have our honour and we cannot sell it for protection. We will be free without EDEN too who actually never even bothered to help us. EDEN HQ divides countries in two groups:
1.) One that can deal serious damage and thus can help
2.) Weak countries that have no influence

India is in the group number 2 and we dont dont exist for EDEN HQ. If you see the comments around our press you`ll see that there are still Bulgarians loving India after all... They have no benefit from us yet they still want us in CoT - are they our enemies or friends? I think they are our friends!

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,859, 06:14

"India is prepared to love anyone."

Except GEA/EDEN.

"Please stop this BS and be Indian or leave India if you dont like it here."

I like it here, I just disagree with how the EDEN situation was handled.

"They have no benefit from us yet they still want us in CoT - are they our enemies or friends? I think they are our friends!"

I sure hope so, we are a little light on allies right now.

Treian Day 1,859, 07:12

"Please stop this BS and be Indian or leave India if you dont like it here."

Such tolerance for others........ I wonder how you'd feel with the shoe on the other foot?

Do what we tell you or get the F*%@ out of India???? Nice.........

Also to call the UAgg members out on their votes but no one else??? Who's dividing the nation now? Why haven't you outsted EVERYONE's votes?
We came here to play a game and to live as citizens, and are being met with prejudice and accusations for voicing an opinion like everyone else........

Wow.... just wow.........

HemanathanKumar Day 1,859, 07:45

Guys ... Everyone has got their own liking and dis-like ..
Remember, there are few indians still who believe this issue could be handled in a passive way which was handled bit more aggressive.

Going neutral will result in wipe-off from the map until u find a credible ally who can help u out in the crisis.
If we are going to become neutral, Get ready for wipe - off, in-case Croatia goes back to Balkan,

But there things which needs to be taken care off..
Please don't push India to another Alliance . There are oldies who shaped India to what we have seen here needs some time to adjust themselves.

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,859, 08:54

@Heman and the oldies want India in other alliance, everyone wants that, not neutrality.

Anyway UA members, being for EDEN against all India is not going to help you get involed rather being pushed aside.
India decided its faith without you , as you were against the majority. But please you have to respect the referendum, country and CP. If you dont, we have serious issue. UV is a great leader, who did what others couldnt. You have to accept the situation, this is done and there is no way we return to this story, never again.

After we choose our situation and after Cryatians get kicked out we can talk about was this wrong or not. We will talk about how it happened, and if there was any better choice but please AFTER everything is done. Now stay united and fight for India, our Motherland needs us on the front lines right now

Zinaa Day 1,859, 10:13

wow with friends like u Vladimir, who needs an enemy? cool down.....u are being extremely obnoxious!
and remember 26 votes is not the whole India

Sean ODoyle
Sean ODoyle Day 1,859, 10:14

I wholeheartedly support India's choice to leave EDEN; the alliance has become a festering wound in global affairs and it certainly hasn't treated India kindly. If I had the power, I would establish a new alliance, one that stood for a united cause, i.e. one of liberation and prosperity (high ideals such as these establish a high moral standard).

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,859, 10:30

Nor 16 is... And 1/2 of it were u guys... So relax

Fighter100 Day 1,859, 11:06

the reason i did NOT vote is because govt has already pretty much made their mind. There was no use of voting.

This issue could have been handled in much better way...but because of this over-reaction, things are even more messed up.

and +1 HemanathanKumar.

Zinaa Day 1,859, 11:39

i am relaxed....u need to chill with finger pointing & with your rude comments. If u were an honest citizen, that was a different story.........

ultimatewinner Day 1,859, 17:48

Did India "love" EDEN?

Yes, India did love Eden (at least in the past) as you can see most of our DO are for eden fights. We don't have any (almost) real war in past one year. Yes, India has small damage so can't do much.

Though I don't agree with this referendum as it was rushed (42 votes is not even half of Indian active population) but don't care much as if India remain in eden there is no fun for Indians as there is no real war here for past 1-2 years. This is a war game mostly.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,859, 21:20

why have you pointed out the voting of only 8 Uagg members, why not list us all. Oh probably if you had you would have noted that less than half of our membership in eIndia voted. In fact that would show that our MU didn't vote as a block or in any organised way.

It is disgusting for a "CP" to be so divisive as to highlight a false fact and be so alienating.

Please refrain from this kind of short-sighted ignorance and try using a little diplomacy to unite the nation after this vote. Please grow up and be a leader.

PolitrykSSSR Day 1,859, 22:56

чё вы говорите? я вас не понимаю XD

kentanghalla Day 1,860, 23:02

pertamaxxx, pertamax everywhere~~~

/toy story meme

Chengis Khan
Chengis Khan Day 1,860, 23:58

The pic which u gave at last I uploaded it on google!!!!!

Adhavan Day 1,860, 10:09

@ our CP Uv Ajed

" Out of those 16 people who voted to stay in EDEN, 8 belong to United Aggression MU, a pro EDEN MU which came to India 2 months ago "

MU or no MU, they are eIndians. They have voted in the referendum as a citizen. Also in the list of people who voted for EDEN, there are at least two very respected senior players who are also RL Indians, why not mention their MU or party here.

I am not judging people by the vote the casted, my point is, every citizen has the right to take his/her decision, irrespective of wether they belong to any particular party or MU.

I hope that you too are not classifying / grouping / dividing our country ecitizens based on any choice they make.

Jai Hind.

Zinaa Day 1,860, 11:07

^^ that's the attitude i agree i said before during the interrogations on why we are coming to India, we came here because we were a mature, descent group of ppl looking for a peaceful & pro-eden country to elive in & prosper. We hated the cheats & thieves & corruption so we heard that India is that place. I am disappointed that the major players in India are not what I thought they were. You play your game guys...........I will evaluate & worse comes to worse, I will just leave. No harm done!

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