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[eIndia] Kshamta - Endurance

Day 1,873, 06:18 Published in India India by Uv Ajed

Kshamta: "Endurance: The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way."

Greetings Everyone,
I would like to welcome back Real David Forde, Graf and Stoich. In a matter of few days we will have Jelen and couple of other Old eIndians back in the country.
First there was Asha(Hope), then Ekta(Unity), it was followed by Sankalp(determination) and now it's time for Kshamta(Endurance).

Foreign Affairs

When the term started everything looked quite peaceful and we expected that the New Year would begin on a peaceful note as well. But things started taking an ugly turn when our nation became the battlefield of two Alliances. We had to fight for our own survival and honour. We had to recognize our friends. We had to have our share of betrayal. We saw our friend turn into foe and some of our old friends come to our rescue. A group of people have questioned the series of MPPs that we signed over past few days, the fact is it was in retaliation of the act of treachery. People have also questioned our pro CoT motive, fact is that when someone pushes you away from the path you are taking you are bound to fall on either side of the road you have been taking.
The perspective of the coming term should be to have at least 5 MoFAs to handle world diplomacy.

Croatia: A friend turned foe. We do realize that we have some Croatians who still care about India and the old friendship. But the fact is we have come a long way from having a discussion without the intervention of International community, who would act as mediator. The focus is to gain back our region for a trust once broken is hard to mend.

Thailand: Our relationship with Thailand is several years old. We have always had a friendly enemy relationship until last 2 months. We used to have TWs and organized fun wars, just to end up back where we were. Unfortunately things started taking an ugly turn in past 2 months. It came to an all time low when people started resorting to racial abuses. I had hoped that we could go back to our old relationship and it seemed impossible until recently. We now see the light once again shine bright. With Thais returning us back our regions Tamil Nadu and Kerala, I hope in the coming time we can go back to our old friendly relationship once again.

Bulgaria: The brothers who once again came back to our aide at the most difficult time of our need. Everytime we faced the brink of annihilation we had our Bulgarian brothers come to our aide. We share a history of trust and faith which is so deep that India avoided being a full fledged member of EDEN after Bulgaria left it, owing to our stand that we won't ever fight against Bulgaria. I hope this relationship grows much more stronger than it already is.

China: China has been India's allies for several years now. We have always held China with high regards even after quitting EDEN. In future irrespective of which alliance we chose to be in, we would do everything on our part to protect the honour and respect associated with this old relationship.

EDEN: We left EDEN last month in an honorable way albeit lot of controversies and disputes. The reason I use the word "honorable" is because we left the alliance during the beginning of a war, but yet we chose to fight in it for EDEN. And we did a major damage as well.
But EDEN needs to realize that an alliance is not just about Damage, there is a lot more to it than wars.

CoT: Several people have made false & baseless accusations and claims that India was trying to become a member of CoT while being in EDEN, to cover up the mistake made by Croatians. The fact is few hours AFTER Croatians NEd us we approached CoT. Right now we share a symbiotic relationship with CoT/TWO, but I hope that in near future this relationship grows stronger and deeper.
The point here isn't whether we want to join CoT/TWO, the question rather is whether CoT wants us or not. Things are not as simple as some people make it seem like. You don't just quit an alliance overnight and join another the next day. People need to realize that CoT has it's own set of terms, conditions and expectations that they would want us to comply and at the same time we, Indians have our own set of terms, conditions and expectations from an alliance before we decide to join it formally. This is done in a due process of time, and not just overnight, taking everyone's view into consideration.


I am not aware if people have realized that Plato's World is currently experiencing a World War. Owing to our strategical location we can't deny the fact that we will become a battlefield of the two alliances again(It was once last month). Have a look at the world map and you would realize that it could happen sooner that we expect it.
At this point our focus will be on our survival, not just of our own but also of our friends, allies and well wishers.

We started working on organizing the Army. Currently we have compiled a list of all active Players in India that would come handy at the time of need. The focus should now be to take it a step further into organizing the division of various MUs and co-ordinate the damages dealt by them.
The Ministry of Defense would comprise of 5 experienced military strategists.

Media and Competition

Last Month's Ministry of Media and Competition did an excellent job in organizing Treasure Hunt. The media was full of life and we had atleast 2 pages of Articles everyday. Something that we have not witnessed in a long time. While we do appreciate the amount of effort people put to write these article and keep the media alive, my sincere request would be to maintain a level of decency and etiquette. But once again I highly appreciate free media, even the ones that attacked the govt.
This terms focus should be to keep the media alive and have similar competitions like we did last month.

While the attempts to bring babyboom started last Month itself. But it's only the ground work that has been done so far, this terms strategy should be to take it a step further by organizing real life events and co-ordinating with some experts in this field from other countries. Just to add that CoT has a division with lot of experience in handling real life marketing and strategies for bringing in hordes of new players.

Now for the real fact as to why I published this article now. Because some of my friends and I felt that having CP elections without any articles makes it look rigged and bad for a democracy. It is to set an example that no elections should be fought without giving your views and your way expressed to the general public.

Whatever was done in this term, was done with a long term perspective and not with a short sight. The fruit of this work will be reaped in nearby future, actually it already has. But, any mistakes even a little one right now will end up destroying the very foundation that we started to build. It's like we are in the middle of a tunnel and we have started to see the light. Any chaos or confusion would end up getting us nowhere and we will eventually meet our fateful end.

And one more thing my sincere appeal to everyone is to play the game like a game, the moment you start taking things to your personal level and life, you should realize that it's time to move on. The way wildy was treated was bad and I hope that people realize her efforts and the work she did, in her absence. I totally respect her decision.

And yes, I am a man of my words and I had clearly mentioned my own decision yesterday as a comment in WildQuark's article. Unfortunately the election was less that 24 hours away, lol.

But some friends here wanted me to continue as they felt that it could screw up things beyond repair. And that I would again be made a scapegoat for it. And I decided to do my bit of duty and responsibility before plunging back into the peaceful life that I have missed for a while now. I had a brainstorming session with xordin to find out and make him realize if he could handle how to put thing the way they are supposed to, in the coming term for the future we have been working on since a while now. And I was asked by several people to rethink my decision and to be honest I have thought about it over and again.

People can complain, people can rejoice, but remember that India has now changed. It's once again a young country, full of life and excitement. An inspiration of hope, justice and honour for the whole Plato's world. Just a sincere & honest request, don't let it die once again 😉
Uv Ajed,
An Indian


off whisky
off whisky Day 1,873, 06:30

Kshamta о/

Lonqu Day 1,873, 06:40

Well, yes. Uv Ajed can be criticised for a lot of things, and so can I. People may not agree with his views or his way of handling things, But what I can attest to, from my time in govt, is that this guy has given his all, his absolute all, to eIndia. And that is all we can ask for really.

Respect. o7

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,873, 06:54

Well, yes. Uv Ajed can be criticised for a lot of things, and so can I. People may not agree with his views or his way of handling things, But what I can attest to, from my time in govt, is that this guy has given his all, his absolute all, to eIndia. And that is all we can ask for really.

Respect. o7 x2

Wildrunner Day 1,873, 07:14


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,873, 07:23

For this country to prosper we need Uv Ajed, particularly in his role as fostering a baby boom and in his commitment to India. It's the sign of a real statesman that they can accept the criticism (the constructive type) and refrain from fighting back.

So a lot of respect there.

Even if you don't get in as CP, I hope you play a major role in the next government.

Thanks for the article too

Stolch Day 1,873, 07:41

Alliances are alliances, the key is to fit in them or it makes no sense to be in one be it the strongest or not. And in fit in is included sharing a similar style of play.

Main problem with EDEN is that it projects verbally one style of play and executes an entirely different one, reconciling and rationalizing the discrepancy through vilification of the ones with different opinion on the state of things.

In any case, war can be good for a country in this game, but the most precious resource of any country is it's players. I hope India will get it's BB and I'm sure it will find that it has plenty of friends who are ready to help them grow and mature those players.

Asmitatheone Day 1,873, 08:41

I would assert the same as alector.
Decisions were tuff, but probably good, unfortunately cant say the same about the execution. However, As Ash always says, this term with all its controversies has seen the highest activity is months.
CP or no CP, if we lose Uv Ajed, we will possibly lose on of the best Babyboom/Rentention/IA person eIndia has ever had.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,873, 09:03

@Uv Ajed: Thank You. While I may be seen as your toughest critic, I hope that you can appreciate that I can be overly passionate. The above article was professional and informative. Thank You

And I meant my PM from a few days ago: don't quit.

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,873, 13:39

BrknSword Day 1,873, 19:48

Respect. o7

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,873, 20:08

there is a lot to be done... the most challenging term is now - when Croats obviously made deals with the thais (who like to take credit for everything)

Read that and in retrospect realise that India did not have much of a choice when friends and foes get together to take advantage.

There is one very important thing that is obvious - Bulgaria has and always will be our true friends and whatever happens, we will fight for Bulgaria till the end. o7

True allies are like that ... not like the bigoted, opportunists around in most nations.

Thank you Thailand and Croatia for letting us know who our true friends are o7

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,874, 04:40

UV Ajed.. Not the time to quit.. Its the time to resurrect.. 😉

You quit and you let the enemy win..

soumo1989 Day 1,874, 12:38

don't quit UV Ajed o7

Xicor13 Day 1,875, 02:36

Brilliant as usual \o/

btw,Kshamta means Ability imho : P

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