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[eIndia] Asha - Hope

Day 1,861, 05:34 Published in India India by Uv Ajed

Asha: "Hope: to believe, desire, or trust; a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfilment"

Greetings Everyone,
Over the past few days, the media has been hyper active in dealing with various issues. We had people attack the govt. and its decision, we had people who supported the govt. and attacked the anti govt. propaganda, we had people who attacked both these groups and played their innocent card, but in the end what we had were several questions and an active media. So here's an honest attempt to answer few charges that were leveled against the govt. and the community.

Accusation 1: why was there no debate?

To summarize it, we had a 6 hours long meeting/debate on 19th December 2012. As you can see eIndians from all walks of elife were invited to the meeting. It was a collection of Old players, New players and Players who joined the country not so long ago.
The meeting started with an insight on the history of eIndia by the wise old Ashwamedh and Navin Charles. It was followed by a rather fiery debate between several people. And ultimately we had three questions which popped up 1. Should India join CoT 2. Should India remain in EDEN and 3. Should India go neutral. Everyone got a chance to put forth their views on this matter and finally after 6 hours the outcome was that everyone, except 1 person, wanted us to quit EDEN. I don't see how 6 hours that we wasted debating and putting forth our views were unreasonable.

Accusation 2: why was the referendum rushed at?
We all know how EDEN treated us in past several months and then we were put into the battlefield to fight a war that wasn't even ours. We Indians value our honesty above everything else. Tomorrow irrespective of the outcome we can proudly say that we chose to be neutral and that the battle wasn't a deciding factor in what we chose. The deciding factor was our Honour and self respect. We made it clear repeatedly to the whole world that we would fight the current battle in Indian soil for EDEN, and we are doing it right now. And that once the battle is over we will go on our neutral way. We sent a message to everyone, our current allies and our future allies, that we are not governed by our selfishness or greed, but we are governed by our right to be honest.
Another reason is any changes in current policy within the present game mechanics is bound to look radical even though it is a result of several months of discussion and contemplation specially in a small country like India.

Accusation 3: why was the names of the voters disclosed in the referendum?
Because some people can't get enough. The govt. was first accused of meddling with the decision and ignoring the result of referendum, few went to the extent of claiming that without a detailed report we can't take the decision of leaving EDEN, so we gave them a detailed report. And now we have someone asking us as to why we gave out the names.

Accusation 4: Why was the referendum announcement biased?
Because that is the very purpose as to why we are going for referendum.
Can you imagine this situation?
"We love EDEN, We love CoT, we hate EDEN, We hate CoT but lets just go for a referendum!"
The fact is we won't have even gone for a referendum hadn't we got a strong reason to leave EDEN and that is what the article was about. And sorry we are not hypocrites to claim that we have no reason to leave EDEN yet we want to go for referendum to leave EDEN.

Just to give the expats an idea about what India is
India might have a population of 700 citizens, but we have hardly got an active population of 50 to 60 players. And yes, majority of eIndian community know each other, we know our real names, what we do, where we live, we meet from time to time, etc. And this has been a strong aspect of this community. It's wrong with the current low population to expect things in India to work like it does in other countries. Here the Govt. is the whole Community. The decision is taken by majority within community. And No the community is not just Real Indians, but it also has several Non Indians, who play a big role in Indian Politics. And this is the sole reason why we have stayed strong in defending our country against several PTO threats in past.

Finally An opinion: Am I personally apologetic the way People presented their opinion in the media?
An honest answer is No. We need to understand the human psychology, no two people can think alike in every situation. Some like to present their views in an aggressive manner, some prefer mild manners. We have conservatives who think liberals are stupid and we have liberals who think conservatives are crazy, does that make either of them right or wrong? What might look morally right to one person, won't to another. This is what makes us "Human" and we need to accept that. Judging a person within our mind's capability or perspective is actually wrong. Plus remember that this is a game of pixels in a virtual world of existence. I am with everyone who presented their opinion as per their choice and I don't think anyone should be apologetic for presenting their opinion in past few days.

What hurt me though was people being judgmental about other's real life with comments such as "you are immature, I have kids of your age, I have family in real life, etc. etc."
Just to let you know, all of us here have a family. Some of us play the game for fun, some play it to escape reality. We have people who are 15 years old and we have people who are in forties. But, remember that age or family background isn't the deciding factor of a person's level of "maturity", neither is judging a person behaving the way you expect them to, fits the label of "being matured". What is immature though is to claim that you are "so and so" and that's why you are mature!

On a Lighter note here are few pictures from the recently held meet in Mumbai and Chennai! I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and tons of congratulations to all the participants and the organizers of the meet for success.

In my next article, I'll be covering the details about Secret Santa Event scheduled for Tomorrow i.e. 25th December 2012, The Rules of Congress for the prospective congress members and the plan for Gaming Tournaments across India as a part of Babyboom effort.
Uv Ajed


Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,861, 05:35


Commius Day 1,861, 05:52

Was this an eRep meet or a gypsy meet?

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,861, 06:12


Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,861, 06:18

Great answers and who's who in the pics? 🙂

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,861, 06:42


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,861, 06:42

@wild are a known stalker & paedo..can't expose the kids. 😛

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,861, 06:44

who's who in the pics?....... x2

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,861, 07:06

No more secret...

Pic 1 : prabal, sumit(left to right)
Pic 2 : Abhinay, xordin, sharry(left to right)
Pic 3 : hemanathan, goutham, adhavan(left to right)
Pic 4 : goutham, adhavan, vivekanand, citizeneel(left to right)

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,861, 08:56

some corrections:
Pic 3: hemanathan, goutham, MohanB(left to right)
Pic 4 : goutham, MohanB, vivekanand, citizeneel(left to right)

Adhavan was part of the meet. The pictures were taken b4 Adhavan joined. Should have taken a group picture with him as well.

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,861, 09:17

/me slaps neel...
Adhavan was in black too ?

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,861, 10:05

Nope..Adhavan looks more like Arjuna Ranatunga but more trimmer. Let me try to meet him again and post his picture.

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,861, 10:06

v+s good job

I need 1 gold for training 3 🙁

Fighter100 Day 1,861, 10:14

Referendum was a mess..plz admit it. There were people who couldn't even vote because everything happened so quickly...ex: ultimatewinner, etc....Lots of people were excluded from it...not sure if it was part of some govt plan. i wonder why Congress was not aware of it too.

The govt itself was biased...even your own cabinet agree to that. I You can try all you want to convince others....but you had made up your mind of leaving EDEN(GEA)...long before.

oh and great pics. o7

navincharles Day 1,861, 16:33

As for Accusation no.1, instead of "Why was there no debate", "Why was there no debate b4 the referendum" would have been better...

Bro, on the day of the cabinet meeting I asked the same thing... Y the referendum first and then the meeting? Should it not be cabinet meeting first and then referendum...

I am assuming that except "1 person" everyone voted to quit EDEN is me... Let me make a small correction... My justification back then and now is that I m not against the idea of quitting EDEN.. I agree we r a democracy and if majority wishes, we can go NEUTRAL or join CoT (My vote was for EDEN).. But what merely happened there was EDEN was accused and I was supporting EDEN... I quit the channel shortly after that as I realized that the decision was already made even b4 the cabinet meeting started...

I would have explained myself with all these points if u gave me a chance that day on skype, that day when I gave up my MoF position... Trust me bro, I was upset that day..

And in Accusation no.2 , I believe by WE you mean your cabinet... It is quite sad that thou i was the MoF back then, and thou I was available on iRC and skype, I was never even told or informed or asked for an opinion about the referendum until the referendum was published.. Had you asked, I wud have suggested for a cabinet meeting first... Perhaps MoF is not considered to be part of the cabinet...

All I ask of the current cabinet with due respect is that hold the referendum ideas until this Croatia-Indo thing is over and make a much clearer one with consequences explained.. Show the world, the vote count... Thats all...

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,861, 18:50

that discussion was from a day before the article about referendum was published and navin you were a part of it.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,861, 20:41

@Sam, I didnt vote the referendum simply because it was rushed up and i wanted that to be annulled and a new referendum called for.

Neutrality was decided in the cabinet (I supported neutrality btw), i dont think congress member voted on that.

Third, Alector published the "Neutrality" long before you released the referendum results. Hence in the eyes of the public, it shall seem pre-determined and not a outcome of the referendum or cabinet.

If you put yourselves in others shoes, you will note that its a hurried process raising eyebrows on the intent. Being on the cabinet discussion on that day, i know all the people who voted for neutrality /eden / cot. The results published is a cabinet decision and not congress. Referendum results came late and hence can't be used as a justification (true that around 10-20 entries are by dead / inactive citizens)

Now that we have gone public with our intentions, there is no point flip-flopping. I shall stand by the Neutrality. Anyway what's the point of fighting for an ally with whom we are not Friends or don't want to have any friendly ties.

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,861, 20:42

We had tons of discussions and from a very long time. So long that my head hurts just reading them. To the people who missed those, I suggest you become more proactive, it's not like the CP should send personal love letters to each one of you.

ultimatewinner Day 1,862, 23:51

citizenneel > "Anyway what's the point of fighting for an ally with whom we are not Friends or don't want to have any friendly ties"

Agree with the above statement 100%. What is this strategy that we will fight for Eden but we are going out of Eden next week or so and think that Eden countries will wipe us out. What we want to achieve.

If we want to wait for this war to finish to get out of Eden then what was the hurry for such referendum.Anyhow all done and now nothing can be taken back.

ultimatewinner Day 1,862, 23:54

"We Indians value our honesty above everything else"

Are you sure?

navincharles Day 1,862, 00:27

I m not saying you didnt put forward the idea of referendum.. But never considered my opinion which I tried to give.. If you go thru my comment again, "ingame msg" is something I have not included...

"that discussion was from a day before the article about referendum was published and navin you were a part of it."

Sam, seriously is a day enough for the idea of referendum to put forward!! And we were not in a hurry to get out of EDEN on that day? Were we?

Honestly, I dont know how else to explain this incident..

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,862, 01:19

I'm afraid all this does is reinforce the fact that there was no 'referendum', not by any method that we normally understand. What it does seem to confirm is that the 'referendum' was skewed (not normal) out of a fear of involving the whole eIndian nationhood, probably on the basis of a perceived manipulation by a pro-EDEN bloc.

In Ireland we have always had a high proportion of RL Croatians in our eCountry and this has led to fears of a PTO. It was only when I did some serious research that we discovered the threat was a complete illusion. In fact, the many eNations that make up the Irish citizens are a vital component to our country, just as your foreign contingent are to yours.

It seems the issue here is one of trust, and that's not a good thing is it?

I would still advocate, as an opinion, that the next congress or CP ratifies your decision to leave EDEN. I am 100% sure the result will be the same.

Zinaa Day 1,862, 04:01

nicely put Death and Taxes.....
I believe now that the decision is final and we have all heard the pro's & cons, we better embrace the spirit of the Holiday Season and try to be more wise in the future decisions. Life is full of mistakes for everyone....we all live & learn no matter how old or young we are.

Shakti Rocks
Shakti Rocks Day 1,862, 10:07

put label of names below d pics ..... it will be easier to recognise : )

St0L3n1 Day 1,862, 10:43

Respect o/

regen Day 1,862, 12:33

Where's ostin in this picture?

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