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+eHealth4u Magazine Issue 7 - FREE Food and Advice! Player Assistance Program!

Day 1,553, 19:25 Published in USA USA by Kristof Starkk
Issue: 7 - Date: 2/20

"Don't Be Afraid To Ask" by Kristof Starkk, 2/20

Welcome to the seventh issue of +eHealth4u!

If you are a new (or not-so-new player) under level 25 and need food I would like to tell you this: Don't be afraid to request supplies! That's what we are here for!
The eUS has a long history of helping its new players. We WANT you to succeed. We WANT get involved in the community! Take the help to get started while you can!

I would also like to take this time to thank our many generous Benefactors! If you use our service, please feel free to drop a thank you note to someone from the list of Benefactors below!

Thanks for taking time to read this week's eHealth4u!

-Kristof Starkk, Founder +eHealth4u

Political Awareness Column - "Oblige's Cabinet" by
Brotherhood Sniper 2/13
(This is running from last week. We feel it is important to have a grasp of who is running what.)
The topic of today's column is President Oblige’s Administration.

Secretary of Defense will be Gnilraps!

Current Info: Former multiple term Federalist Party President, Congressman and Officer in the Special Forces. In addition to being a media mogul and one of America's best writers, Gnilraps currently serves as Commanding Officer of EZ Company, and is a member of the NSC (National Security Council).

Will be assisted by: Gnilraps will be assisted by deputies: Emperor ZahradkaII (retired Bootcamp XO), Firo Prochainezo (retired Army CO), and Hekter (Army CO).

Your National Security Council Chairman will be Ralph Ericson

Current Info: Retired General and Founding member of the eUS Calvary, former Congressman, multiple term Deputy Secretary of Defense and Deputy NSC Chair, he now serves as an officer in the Special Forces and the Vice Chairman of the National Security Council.

Will be assisted by: RNP will be assisted by Senior Tactician, Tronyx, the current Commanding Officer and General of the Airborne. As well as deputies: Jude Connors (The Higher Calling CO & SEAL Team 6), John Killah (National Guard), and TTi09 (Special Forces CO, EDEN aMC).

Returning to direct the Office of Militia Services will be SgtRock.

Current Info: A nine term Congressman, media mogul, and current Party President of the USWP. He also serves as the Commanding Officer (on executive leave of absence) of Seal Team 6.

Evry will be replacing Alexander_Auctoritas as Secretary of State.

Current Info: Evry is currently one of only two acting Congressional Budget Office Directors, Chairman of the Economics Council, retired XO of the Army, four term Congressman, my previous Secretary of Defense, and the current lowest-common-denominator for the Q6 hit requirement of the Special Forces.

Continuing with his third term of service as Director of Ambassadors will be Tenshibo (gogo)!

Also continuing will be our newly retitled Director of Alliance Affairs, Fhaemita Malodorous.

The team will be completed by deputies: Alexandr Sunbeliever III, Athanaric, Cody Caine, David Wilson, Evry, FranciscodeMiranda, Jameson L. Tai, Molly Emma, scrabman, and Synesi.

Molly Emma will be your Secretary of the Interior.

Will be assisted by: rainy sunday (Commander of the Civ MU), and Kodos (Meals on Wheels Director).

Secretary of Media will be Athanaric

Current Info: A multi term Secretary of Media from ages long past, he is a notable Dioist and the first PP of the recently formed Stardust Crusaders. He's also a six term Congressman and publisher.

Will be assisted by: George Armstrong Custer (White House Press Director) and Jude Connors (Executive Producer of eNPR).

This is the current list of his Administration,

Brotherhood Sniper

Advice Column - weasel2, 2/13

As in all things eRep, subject to change.

Do not engage in gold/currency speculation unless you really understand what you are doing.

Yes, you can make money buying and selling currency, gold, RMs, weapons and food. It is not beyond your reach to really grasp how each market can be worked. However, there are many stories of people losing that game. Think through the transactions and the variables completely. Make sure the amounts you are making are worth your time. Don’t gamble, only invest knowingly.

Do watch for RMs at prices where you know you can sell them for more later.

Sometimes you see good deals. Be aware and do not fail to take advantage.

Lvl 26 to weasel2
I’m a USA citizen, but was an Aussie. The only place I can sell to is the Australian market. I must pay the import tax as well as the VAT and I only get AUD. I do not yet have 20 gold to buy a USA license.

weasel2 to Lvl 26
I definitely learned something new here. The only useful suggestion I have is to find someone who will (without gouging) buy your products for USD. The lower import and VAT taxes of the USA makes the products here cheaper, but gold is cheaper too.

Beginning Rules complete

Please PM your questions or put them in the comments. Can’t write an advice column without advisees, you know.

PTO Awareness Program - "PTO Examples" 2/20
PTO Awareness is brought to you by Gordy Browning

A PTO is a Political Take Over. A PTO can target a Political Party, Congress Seats and even the Country President position.

An infamous (well know) PTO’er in the eUS is General Cartman Lee (Also known as Ajay Bruno, Pizza the Hut, Pizza the Hut II and Pizza the Hut III) He tirelessly tries to recruit new people who do not know who he is and what he does.

PTO’s have been happening since the beginning of the new world. Enemies try to directly take control of another Alliance's countries so that they can strike a blow from within. For every PTO there is an ATO (Anti Take Over) A group of people from allied countries sent to that country to help stop PTO attempts.

Example- 2 PTO attempts on China:
Attempt at a political takeover in China.
A group of 20 people from Indonesia migrated to China, set up Liberal Party of China and won the general election in March 2008. The previous Chinese ruling party and Japan protested this. The government of Indonesia at first had no knowledge regarding this, however eventually Indonesia defended the movement. In the end the Admin banned most of members from Liberal Party of China in the April 2008 election without clear reason.

Political takeover in China.
A group of citizens from Pakistan followed a well-meaning user to China to take over a political party and then run for the general elections. The conspirators succeeded, and one of their members, Gyro Zeppeli, became President of China. He later declared war on Pakistan, possibly knowing that China would lose and Pakistan would gain the territory with no contest. The government of Pakistan supported and funded this operation.

eHistory Column - 1/29
by eHistorian J. C. Magan, eHST

"The USA-Canada War began on April 11, 2008, day 143 of the New World. It was the first major conflict in eRep."

The President of the USA (PotUS) was Nave Saikillah, and Canada’s was Faltnor. Both countries held some of the largest populations in the eWorld at the time. Faltnor was very inactive and weak, making few public appearances. With these factors combined, the USA saw this as an opportunity to test out its military strength for the first time. At first, the USA had the advantage as they took over many regions of Canada within the first day of the war. But Canada fought back, with blood.

It seemed that USA would overpower Canada, but many factors led to the eventual treaty between the two powerful nations. First was a group of freedom fighters who joined the Canadian side in search of fame and power, some even from the US soil. These extra forces were recruited by the Canadian military to their own advantage. The second factor was the bugs that existed during the BETA years. An imfamous bug was where a troop could constantly reuse their hospitals to regain 100 wellness, even though they were past their limit. This bug created a cease fire, as requested by the administrators, which lasted for about a week. Another known bug cause Canadians to fight against their own brothers in arms on Canadian soil. After this war, the war module went over a complete maintenance.

The final battle dawned after 15 days of blood, sweat, and tears. It was in Manitoba, April 26. From dawn till dusk soldiers fought for the final battle. The thing is, it wasn’t about who won the territory in the end, the mission statement at the beginning held strong; America wanted to test it’s military power. And did they ever. During the battle of Manitoba, President Nave Saikillah went into his arsenal of gold powered weapons. He consistently fought throughout the battle, successfully becoming the first tank in eRep history. Afterwords, being a tank in a battle would be called “pulling a Nave”.

But even with President Nave’s demonstration of power, Canada was still able to reclaim Manitoba, therefore regaining all of its original regions. A final peace talk was held between the two presidents, previous meetings only yielded unagreeable terms of surrender. With the help of John Wilkmot as a mediator, the two leaders were able to agree to a 3 month NAP, and Nave paid Canada 100 gold (initially this was a private matter, but word soon spread throughout both sides).

The USA-Canda War was one of the bloodiest wars in eRep history, but a conflict between the two nations will most likely never happen again, as USA and Canada are now bound by a Brolliance. A copy of the contract can be found in any archieves in USA and Canada.

Brought to you by Zuntale

Born on This Day
Feb:18 Mary Tudor 1516 - The Queen of England known as "Bloody Mary"

Feb:19 Nicolas Copernicus (Mikolaj Kopernick) 1473 - Polish astronomer, known for the Copernican theory: the sun is the center of our universe.


This Week in History
Feb:18 1685 - Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle established Fort St. Louis at Matagorda Bay, and thus formed the basis for France's claim to Texas.

Feb:19 1881 - Kansas became the first state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages.

Feb:20 1792 - U.S. President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act thereby creating the U.S. Post Office.

Where in The World
The Alhambra - Built by the Moors in the 12th and 13th centuries. It was both citadel and palace, and is a wonderful example of Moorish architecture.

Stonehenge - This group of standing stones was created between 4000 -1000 BC. It could have been used for religious ceremonies and astronomical observances. Becuase of damage you can no longer get near enough to touch the stones.


A Look Back in Music
Feb:18 1974 - KISS released their first album "KISS".

Feb:19 1964 - Simon & Garfunkel completed the original acoustic version of "Sounds of Silence."


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weasel2 | Advice Column

kooguy | PTO Awareness Program

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This position is open for anyone that wants to write comical and/or entertaining pieces for the magazine. It is also for anyone who wants to run a comic in the magazine.

For any writers, your name (containing a link to your paper or profile) will be included in the title-head of your literary piece.

As you can see, there is a lot of writing going on. I don't expect, or even necessarily want, the articles/columns to be long. That is why there are so many contributors. Everybody can say what needs said without drawing it out, unless they want to! I hope it will make for an interesting read.

2/13 - I will be tweaking the graphics a bit after after publishing to make the magazine easier to read. -Starkk

2/8 23:31 - As you may have noticed, the format/layout looks different. We wanted +eHealth4u's newspaper to have more of a Magazine-like feel to it. Jump to the sections you like, or better yet READ IT ALL! 😉 We hope you like the new format!

PLEASE NOTE: We will no longer be regularly updating the first issue! All the latest information will be in the latest eH4u Mgazine.

1/23 08:00 - As you may have noticed, the distribution channels are NOW OPEN! Apply for food / weapons at Level ~20 and under only, please. This requirement may change as we receive more supplies. | 15:46 : It was already changed from 15 to 20. ~Kristof Starkk

1/16 19:36 - If all continues to go as it has been, we will be making the projected Distribution Channels Grande opening date of 1/23, thanks to our generous Benefactors! ~Kristof Starkk

2/13 - ISSUE 6 And it's looking good! 😃
2/08 - ISSUE 5 WITH eh4u's NEW FORMAT!
We have added a new section: trivialFACTS, by Zuntale! Enjoy!
2/06 - ISSUE 5 - YEAH!
1/30 - ISSUE 4, baby! 😃
1/23 - Distribution Channels Grande Opening to new players
1/23 - First New Player Advice Issue of +eH4u Mag!
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1/16 - Sent Appeal to Department of the Interior
1/16 - Request Form / Distribution Channels created

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*date subject to change

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Jackosbournelookalike 40x Q4 Wep, 250 Q2 Food, 2500USD, .50 Gold
Avren 500 Q1 Food, 50 Q1 Weapons
Axe238Man 1500 Q1 Food, 45 Q4 Weapons
rainy sunday 500 Q3 Food
Gnilraps 50 Q5 Wep.
Colonel Brad Gwatney, USTC 1 Gold, 1500 Q2 Food
code0011 200 Q2 Food | Running for Congress in Wyoming, U.S Marijuana Party
Captain weasel2, USAF 1000 Q5 Food, 500 Q5 Food, Volunteer Advice Columnist, 500 Q5 Food
Captain J. C. Magan, USTC Volunteer eHistorian
kooguy Volunteer PTO Awareness Program Columnist
First Lieutenant WebMastR, USTC 3 Gold
Rose Lopez 600 Q2 Food
Joesim 2000USD; 1000USD, 500 Q5 Food, 500 Q5 Food, 5 Q6 tanks
Tycomedes 200 Q1 Food, 100 Q2 Food, 250 Q2 Food
CMSG IstLtHawkeye, USTC 20 Q6 Tanks, 100 Q6 Food
Private xy2set, MI 50 Q2 Weapons, 1000 Q1 Food, 1000 more Q1 Food
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xy2set Day 1,553, 19:39

First! and voted!

Empress Mantis
Empress Mantis Day 1,553, 20:02

Cool Trivia facts ! I voted !

Kristof Starkk
Kristof Starkk Day 1,554, 01:56

Thanks! 😁

@Empress: That was Zuntale's Idea! 😃

WebMastR Day 1,554, 03:42

BLOODY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

beerman616 Day 1,554, 05:21

Great Article!

Zuntale Day 1,554, 08:07

Nice , very e'Informational ! Keep up the good work.

Kristof Starkk
Kristof Starkk Day 1,556, 10:53

Bloody Mary's are AWESOME 😛

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