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(+eHealth4u) Free Food and Advice! - Issue 5 - "Economics" [Volunteer?]

Day 1,539, 11:21 Published in USA USA by Kristof Starkk
Issue: 5 - Date: 2/06 | Last Updated: 2/08 00:10

"Positive Feedback" by Kristof Starkk, 2/06

Welcome to the fifth issue of +eHealth4u!

Sooo... You may have noticed the style change... 😁
This "newspaper" is meant to be read more like a magazine. It has its own individual sections of interest and whatnot... So I updated the design accordingly. I hope you like it!

In other news--

I have noticed a LOT of positive feedback from both the contributing individuals and the receiving players about th +eHealth4u Program. Thank you all for your continued support! Remember, if you want to help without losing anything but a second or two, click the Vote and subscribe buttons! 😃 Shout it if you're feeling spunky!

I'm going to leave those quotes there for now because they're quite inspirational. 🙂

"Thank you very much for both the influx of supplies and for the information as well as the dangers of Pizza. I will most certainly look out for being swayed by the wrong people. Your help is very much appreciated and I am proud to be a loyal US and eUS citizen."

"Thanks for the food and knowledge. I have very little understanding about how all this works and the insight and information is greatly appreciated. I also dont have any understanding of the politcs but will study as I can and thank you for the offer of yours and I will let you know."

YOU ARE ALL MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Thank you for everything that each and every one of you have done! If you would like to volunteer for this cause, message me!

-Kristof Starkk, Founder +eHealth4u

Political Awareness Column - "Second Term for Oblige" by Brotherhood Sniper 2/06

Presidential Election
WINNER: Oblige

1144 votes

Trailed by:

631 votes

Advice Column - weasel2, 2/06
As in all things eRep, subject to change.

Lvl 24 to weasel2
"i have one more question. i have all the parts to assemble the bazooka but it wont let me assemble it. if i put the mouse over the assemble button it says to assemble the bazookas you have to complete the super soldier missions. how can i complete these missions?"

weasel2 to Lvl 24
"IRC battle priorities, accessed: !battles, override everything else except an MU mission not yet completed for the day.

Don't worry about assembling bazookas at this time. Buy an aluminum mine and a fruit orchard. You can borrow a Q2 weapons factory to complete that mission."

Lvl 24 to weasel2
"the problem is that i dont have that money. everyday i get only food and i have to buy weapons with my own money which is 50-60$ a day which means 2 Q6 or 4(?)Q5 which means 12 fights in first case and 20 fights in the second case. that is not enough. is it a better bet if i quit the communes and get a normal job so i can buy more weapons? i can produce the daily amount of food i need. whats your opinion?"

weasel2 to Lvl 24
"At this point do not fight with weapons. You can’t afford it and frankly, at your strength, the rank bonus to you and the extra amount of damage is not cost effective. It is more important at your stage of the game to increase your income so you can buy more buildings so you can increase your income. Yes, it may be to your advantage to quit the army and get a paying job. The eUS Civilian Military Group provides food and weapons to fight. B4N gives out free food. Do not use the food you produce to fight, only to sell.

An eRep player is equally an economic and military entity."

Lvl 24 to weasel2
"no i will stay and wont buy weapons so i can save money. thanks for the advice."

Beginning Rules complete

Please PM your questions or put them in the comments. Can’t write an advice column without advisees, you know.

PTO Awareness Program - "Introduction to PTOs" 2/06
PTO Awareness is brought to you by kooguy

"No More Second Chances From Me" (Kooguy's Fire)
"Well guess what? He did it again. Countless times have people started to trust him again, but every time he finds a way to fail."

Read the whole article in Kooguy's Fire

eHistory Column - 1/29
by eHistorian J. C. Magan, eHST

"Within the first month of the New World, a citizen was born that would create a pivitol insight to eRepublik’s economics."

Kaleb was an inspiring entrepreneur of the United Kingdom. He saw great potential in the economic systems, and set a plan in motion. The first step was to invest in food and weapons companies once he obtained enough wages. As he started earning increased amounts of profit and further expanding his companies, Kaleb made one of his boldest moves; purchasing K-Travel, a company that sold export licenses. As these licenses were essential in the early days of the New World, Kaleb’s business was a monopoly that made him one of the first millionaires of the eWorld.

Due to his expertise in business, Kaleb took it upon himself to create the first economic league table. A sample can be found here.

He soon joined forces with shadowukcs, a fellow millionaire working in the hospital departments. Together they created the S-K Corp. Eventually, the corporation gained more shareholders, each addition expanded the power of S-K Corp., to the point where they gained complete control over 5 different company branches. Kaleb was able to expand so quickly due to his popularity in the political world, as well as his known friendship with the Admins of eRepublik. Another jump for the corporation was the recruitment of former US president Dishmcds, who invested gold in S-K Corp. and helped establish their main connection to the American economy. The corporation started to go through big changes. The first was the renaming to Aurum, the Latin word for gold. Later, Aurum would open branches in America, Brazil, Mexico, and Slovenia to expand their monopoly of exporting. Aurum was one of the most powerful corporations the New World ever saw, with it being worth over 1000 gold, and each shareholder had cuts of 200 gold. And it was all done through economic strategy.

Currently, Aurum was not as powerful as it used to be, as many of its original shareholders died over the years. However, its contract between the shareholders still exists in the libraries of eRep history. Aurum’s reign succeeded because of the deep business relationship between Kaleb, Dishmcds, shadowukcs, and the shareholders; by their actions, many of the shareholders have been given Honours as Commanders of the British eRepublik Empire.

Brought to you by Zuntale

February 9
This Day in History:
1870 - The U.S. Weather Bureau was established.

Born on This Day:
1773 - William H. Harrison was the 9th President of the U.S. and the first president to die in office.

Where in The World:

Machu Picchu is an Incan city, high in the Andes Mtns of Peru.
At an elevation of 9,000 feet.

February 7, 2012

This Day in History:
1795 -11th amendment to U.S. constitution ratified,affirms power of state.

Born on This Day:
1812 -Charles Dickens (a basic fact of the person as well)

Where in The World:
On the southern tip of Malay peninsula you find the city state of Singapore. It is one of the most densely populated countries on Earth, with over 4M people living in 267 sq miles.

Brotherhood Sniper | Politcal Awareness Columnist | Supplies Distribution Specialist

weasel2 | Advice Column

kooguy | PTO Awareness Program

eHistorian J. C. Magan, eHST | eHistorian / eHistory Column

Zuntale | trivialFACTS Writer

Kristof Starkk | Founding Editor | Design | Supplies Distribution Specialist

Supplies Distribution Specialists

Brotherhood Sniper, SDS
Kristof Starkk, SDS

Shouters wanted! If you would like to help advertise this program, please contact me. 😃

Short Article Writers / Comics

We have 2 potential writers for this section. One comic writer and one entertainment writer! We are always looking for weekly or random entertainment writers or comics.

This position is open for anyone that wants to write comical and/or entertaining pieces for the magazine. It is also for anyone who wants to run a comic in the magazine.

For any writers, your name (containing a link to your paper or profile) will be included in the title-head of your literary piece.

As you can see, there is a lot of writing going on. I don't expect, or even necessarily want, the articles/columns to be long. That is why there are so many contributors. Everybody can say what needs said without drawing it out, unless they want to! I hope it will make for an interesting read.

2/8 23:31 - As you may have noticed, the format/layout looks different. We wanted +eHealth4u's newspaper to have more of a Magazine-like feel to it. Jump to the sections you like, or better yet READ IT ALL! 😉 We hope you like the new format!

PLEASE NOTE: We will no longer be regularly updating the first issue! All the latest information will be in the latest eH4u Mgazine.

1/23 08:00 - As you may have noticed, the distribution channels are NOW OPEN! Apply for food / weapons at Level ~20 and under only, please. This requirement may change as we receive more supplies. | 15:46 : It was already changed from 15 to 20. ~Kristof Starkk

1/16 19:36 - If all continues to go as it has been, we will be making the projected Distribution Channels Grande opening date of 1/23, thanks to our generous Benefactors! ~Kristof Starkk

2/08 - ISSUE 5 WITH eh4u's NEW FORMAT!
We have added a new section: trivialFACTS, by Zuntale! Enjoy!
2/06 - ISSUE 5 - YEAH!
1/30 - ISSUE 4, baby! 😃
1/23 - Distribution Channels Grande Opening to new players
1/23 - First New Player Advice Issue of +eH4u Mag!
1/18 - Volunteer Job Description Issue of eHealth4u Magazine!
1/16 - Sent Appeal to Department of the Interior
1/16 - Request Form / Distribution Channels created

2/08 - We are doing awesome! Nothing to project at this time.

*date subject to change

Samuel Seabury $2,000 : FIRST BENEFACTOR!
Civil Anarchy $10,000
Brotherhood Sniper 50x Q1 Food, 3x Q6 Wep. | 100x Q1 Food, 15 Q1 Wep. | 115 Q1 Wep., 1 Gold, 5 Q6 Wep., Volunteer Political Awareness Columnist, Volunteer Supplies Distribution Specialist
Jackosbournelookalike 40x Q4 Wep, 250 Q2 Food, 2500USD, .50 Gold
Avren 500 Q1 Food, 50 Q1 Weapons
Axe238Man 1500 Q1 Food, 45 Q4 Weapons
rainy sunday 500 Q3 Food
Gnilraps 50 Q5 Wep.
Colonel Brad Gwatney, USTC 1 Gold, 1500 Q2 Food
code0011 200 Q2 Food | Running for Congress in Wyoming, U.S Marijuana Party
Captain weasel2, USAF 1000 Q5 Food, 500 Q5 Food, Volunteer Advice Columnist
Captain J. C. Magan, USTC Volunteer eHistorian
kooguy Volunteer PTO Awareness Program Columnist
First Lieutenant WebMastR, USTC 3 Gold
Rose Lopez 600 Q2 Food
Joesim 2000USD; 1000USD, 500 Q5 Food
Tycomedes 200 Q1 Food, 100 Q2 Food
CMSG IstLtHawkeye, USTC 20 Q6 Tanks, 100 Q6 Food
Private xy2set, MI 50 Q2 Weapons, 1000 Q1 Food, 1000 more Q1 Food
Because there will (hopefully) be too many to list, I would like to thank everyone who votes and/or subscribes as a whole! (:

Support from Congress!
Congress members! Contact me so that I can add your support to this list!
CII venom - Federalist Party - Nevada

Supporting Newspapers
Link to us with the button below and contact me so that I can add you to this list!

News From The Trenches
JOLA's New Player Assistance
The Halfing Times
E$C Mutual Funds

You can also link to +eHealth4u using this convenient button! 😉
Put it in your forum signature! On your newspaper! Wherever you want! Shout the article, if you feel like!

Please report any Spelling / Typographical errors to me.

All +eHealth4u & Starkk Enterprises logos/images are created and owned by Kristof Starkk. You may contact him to discuss having a custom logo made for your purposes.



WebMastR Day 1,540, 03:25

Issue 5 looks pretty sweet! 😃

Kristof Starkk
Kristof Starkk Day 1,540, 14:12

Thanks, Webby! 😃

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,540, 14:45

Looking good. Let me know if you need some help, Starkk!

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,540, 14:59

Very very good.

Kristof Starkk
Kristof Starkk Day 1,540, 15:11

Thanks, guys! 😃

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,540, 16:20

voted and subbed BROS

code0011 Day 1,541, 23:52

me gusta

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,541, 06:28

Holy hell. Runs a tad long. May be better off dividing each column into separate articles. Just my two cents.

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,541, 07:42

Damn that new format looks good!

Kristof Starkk
Kristof Starkk Day 1,541, 14:48

Thanks guys! 😃

Tycomedes Day 1,541, 17:10

Nice format! Like the new look!

Hope Solo
Hope Solo Day 1,545, 17:16

Great Mag! Hope to see many more issues...

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