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[Education] Support for eUP is a support for our young (updated)

Day 1,825, 20:05 Published in Philippines Republic of China (Taiwan) by Al Raposas

As Minister (or Secretary) of Education, I have published three articles to help younger citizens know some of the features of Erepublik. You may have some time to read any one of them:
* How to fight (improved article)
* Benefits of higher EXP
* The Energy Bar

Note: New citizens now have a new mission, Becoming an adult, which requires 50 strength points and gives an additional 10 strength points as reward.

Now, with the help of the Ministry of Education, eUP is now in service of the country's young citizens. The Ministry sent 550 PHP from my own account and a lot of Q5 (five star quality) food from the government of President Eldarion Sionnodel for eUP.

We must be proud because we now have the chance to train our younger citizens to weld them better for Erepublik. As said in this article, eUP is only the fourth to open under the eUniversity Project. The country must be proud to be one of the forerunners of this new trend in education.

You can help by donating here. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Yours truly,
Al Raposas
Minister of Education



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