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[Education] Benefits of higher EXP

Day 1,815, 05:25 Published in Philippines Republic of China (Taiwan) by Al Raposas

This is my fifth official article for the Ministry of Education, and the second as its Minister (or Secretary). This shall provide new players a preview of what they expect to gain for working hard on their experience bars. Thank you for reading.

* Level 1:
- Eat
- Work
- Train
- Fight in Division 1
- Build Q1 Rocket Factory

* Level 9:
- Create Newspaper (sample interface below)

* Level 13:
- Join a party (sample interface below)

* Level 14:
- Vote

* Level 15:
- Candidate for Congress (sample interface below)

- Donate
- Check battle statistics

* Level 16:
- Create party (requires 40 gold)
- Candidate for Party President

* Level 17:
- Sponsor a Resistance War (sample interface below)

* Level 18:
- Candidate for Country President (proposal for a presidential candidate comes only from the respective party president)

* Level 25:
- Fight in Division 2
- Build Q2 Rocket Factory

* Level 30:
- Fight in Division 3
- Build Q3 Rocket Factory

Miscellaneous notes:
* You get 1 gold for every level acquired.
* Level 30 is not the highest, but it is expected that a new citizen have experienced many of the game's features by Level 30 (requires 25,000 experience points).
* You can fight in Division 4 and build a Q4 Rocket Factory when you reach Level 37 (requires 60,000 experience points).
* You can access your rocket factory in the Advanced Buildings page.

Diligence gets you far. Courtesy of Erepublik Wiki, the official online encyclopedia of Erepublik.

Yours truly,
Al Raposas
Minister of Education



Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,815, 05:27

o7 but why is there no level 40

BasilanWhiteDevil Day 1,815, 17:21

nice article

kmm225 Day 1,816, 16:39


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