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[EDIT ]The latest and biggest journey ever

Day 1,671, 10:37 Published in USA Czech Republic by Rhual

Dear eWorld!

I’m old here enough, I experienced many things, few days ago reached the God of War too. I lived in every version of the history of eRepublik, thousands battles and big wars. I’ve seen how the game downgraded, the economy disappeared, the war module became childish because of the rules. I’m a strategist but this game isn’t strategy for a while. I called the v1 war rules (with blocking, fighting for the high regions) strategy but nowadays the same, old pingpongs are going on and if someone can get some bonuses, the bridge cannot be kept.
Fighting against the same enemies time to time, collecting golds for companies or the idiotic training grounds or doing BHs from the habit, owning full bonuses, etc are boring enough.

So I found something out. A new aim. One of my friends has a big journey what comes to the end soon. He is a traveller, he visits every country on the eWorld, he spends 1 week there, working, fighting for the actual nation. This is the base of my idea, what is unique and hard to finish.

My new aim is also a travelling, becoming the citizen of not 1 country, but the whole eWorld. Im trying to get citizenships from every nation, writing 1 article there about the country to their citizens and fighting for their side a little, just to letting viewable it on my profile page, I was there!

It will be hard, some nations have hard immigration rules or the country doesnt exist for a while. It will be a long journey and will be fun. Mostly I worked with statistics, at the beginning of the year I made stats about the country presidents, one time I PMed all of them. And those conversations were awesome, knowing many people, many opinions, I got new friends, all the same where s/he came from, which side s/he is at. I’m hoping in the same right now and I hope they will welcome me with pleasure.

I’m not planning to stay long in a country, only few days, max 1 week, I dont have rules about this, nor about the order of the visiting.

Soon I’m leaving America.

May the Nations of Understanding guide me.


Unbelievable, but not Im the only one who does the same, dSoKre started it 1 week ago, but I didnt notice 😕 A little bit annoying, not Im the only one, but maybe we can work on this together 🙂


GregoryG Day 1,671, 10:37

Good luck!

Sisk Day 2,047, 13:28

o7 rhual

atrej Day 1,671, 10:53

Looking forward those articles : D

Have a safe journey!

Istencsaszar Day 1,671, 11:08

Good luck!

zero cool
zero cool Day 1,671, 11:22

Sit back and enjoy the ride ; )

OdagiriJoe Day 1,671, 12:39

visit indonesia ! 😃

Rhual Day 1,671, 13:37

I'll visit every country, Indonesia too

Thanks anyway

George Pumpkinette
George Pumpkinette Day 1,671, 13:47

good luck v + s

shiloh13 Day 1,671, 13:59

Good luck and have fun.

threesecond Day 1,671, 15:23

Spamgobbler Day 1,671, 16:31

Safe journey.

Ambrosius77 Day 1,671, 17:46

dsokre találta ezt ki először nem?

Joe Franco
Joe Franco Day 1,672, 22:52

Have a great journey, but most of all have fun.

Andrei SexR1n
Andrei SexR1n Day 1,684, 14:41

Good luck buddy ^^

Wacky368 Day 1,692, 23:07

Good luck, I see ur in sunny eSA at the moment


R O B E R Day 1,755, 06:26

You should come to our country, you'll enjoy.-
Best regard

Ruosmo Day 1,755, 18:12

Trae Alfajores.

mhifzan Day 1,812, 03:14


kefallonian Day 1,952, 10:23

Good luck

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