[EDEN] Welcome back Finland!

Day 864, 02:09 Published in Finland Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Operation Winter War

On Day 862 began the first phase of the liberation of Finland. EDEN forces, alongside with their American brothers, launched several battles on Finnish soil, began by a direct assault from Sweden and Norway. Russian militia was unable to halt the offensive, and allied troops advanced deep into Finnish countryside. After over 24 hours of fighting, Finland was successfully returned to the map.

This is what EDEN is - a brotherhood. EDEN is committed to serve the interests of its members, and defend them at all costs. No matter how big or small, all members are equal in EDEN. Finland has been an outstanding member of EDEN, and as a founding member of the alliance, it deserves all the support it can get.

The liberation campaign was a show of well-working cooperation between American and European forces, despite the media hype that United States would no longer participate in military operations alongside EDEN. This operation, if nothing else, proves them wrong. It doesn't matter if USA is in EDEN or not, as we are still friends and allies in blood, and continue to fight alongside around the world.

United States of America formally withdraws from EDEN

On Day 863, the United States congress voted to withdraw from Erepublik Defence and Economy Network. The decision was not easy, as USA and EDEN have bonds spanning months back to early days of World War III and beyond. The decision won't most likely cause any change in either country policies towards each other, and EDEN continues to coordinate military operations with their American counterparts. Being part of EDEN is not something that identifies you as an ally solely because of membership. EDEN is based on mutual goals and friendship, and as such, USA can never be out of the EDEN brotherhood. We hail our friends and allies across the pond and beyond, unwavered in our commitment to serve the best interests of our members and allies, and the brotherhood as a whole - including the USA.

EDEN. It's not just an alliance. It's a brotherhood.

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