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[EDEN soldier] Oh America and Brazil, oh ONE, oh EDEN!

Day 1,755, 15:10 Published in Croatia Serbia by Arrlo

My newspaper, like the rest of my eRepublik places, has been gathering dust. This is partially because I made the conscious decision after publically berating Evry not to be a loudmouth EDENite abroad any more, but also because I continue to lose interest in playing the game in any way other than as a "clicker".

Now that I have left the USA (thanks for having me) and returned to Croatia, I no longer feel like I would be a meddling pthut to voice my opinions. Now I can simply observe. And preach with a megaphone 🙂. I should state before I begin in earnest that I am biased in favour of EDEN, and while some of this article will poke fun at ONE, I have tried to keep some sense of balance.

Omg everyone do what I say

Now, much noise has been made lately about America's foreign policy. And by lately, I mean people haven't shut the f*ck up about it for the past 3 or 4 months. I mean seriously, it's like a saga from a terrible soap. Fighting for America's affections we have seen:

The wife

EDEN. Dutiful, dependable, but after some years together, boring for some Americans. EDEN has now got to contend with:

The hussy

The stains on the bowl of the eRepublik toilet that ONE left behind when EDEN and Terra cooperated to flush them to defeat, otherwise known as ALT GR or something God awful.

These camps are generally led by mature individuals who have been playing the game for quite some time, both sides being keen on trying to turn America's head with their attractive qualities as allies and friends. Surely Americans could expect a beauty pageant of suitors, eager to win them over with impressive displays of friendship and loyalty.

Oh dear.

The birth of EDEN, the very alliance so vilified by so many in the USA, took place in a time when the USA itself was under sustained and very serious threat from the PEACE alliance. Hungary, Russia and Indonesia (as well as other vassal states) were almost in full control of the USA’s home territories, a feat which arguably took a lot more cold determination to destroy America than it would today.

That was a long time ago now, and the "new world" has changed. Nothing feels "new" in the game any more, with modules geared towards constant minibattles, constant campaigns, constant wars, each more "epic" than the one before. In my opinion this has led to ever decreasing periods of alliance stability, with players trying to create some excitement to keep the game feeling fresh, to keep the "new world" feeling new.

The alliances have changed. EDEN fights on, while the hardcore of PEACE still opposes them. But many countries have, at various times and for apparently various reasons, decided to change sides. Attempts to disguise it and furious PR campaigns are waged by both sides. Shouts, articles, official releases, leaked logs: they all appear (with annoying regularity) as symptoms and causes of eRepublik countries changing sides. What never ever varies, though, is that NO SIDE IS EVER WRONG. No really, ask anyone. No side is ever, ever in the wrong. The truth is that blame always lies somewhere in between two sides, but, fundamentally, there has to be some kind of desire for the country in question to move, some hunger for change.

As a relatively untouchable regional superpower the USA has long tried to tread a different path to the rest of the world. We saw this when the USA attempted to create Fortis, when they left EDEN, and when they formed Terra. It is happening in a new way now. Whether it will result in a clean break from EDEN remains to be seen, but my instinct tells me it will not be as straight forward as that.

But I would like to explore what has brought US and Brazilian populations to this.

Constant fighting in the Balkans means that enemy superpowers very rarely get an opportunity to threaten the USA or Brazil's security. America and Brazil have carved economic empires, with coveted 100/100 bonus sets, while their allies in Europe are usually struggling against the ONE (sorry, I refuse to use that silly name they're trying to sell ONE to you as) superpowers. The USA and Brazil had 100/100 recently, and were still complaining about being forced to fight in the Balkans. This struck me as slightly petulant and perverse. You had effectively won the game, and issues with PTOs were limited to grumbling about that multi using, right wing lunatic Mexican kid who thinks he is a RL president in waiting. I don't see why fighting for Croatia or Romania or Turkey suddenly became so unbearable for you. In fact, I remember the USA fighting for France and for Germany a fair few times more often than the Ro-Hun Cro-Serb wars when I was involved with Terra. What changed? I think the answer is similar to many instances of side-switching: a group of old players got bored and decided to shake things up.

Some douche bag players from EDEN countries are not helping EDEN's cause,
as was the case in Brazil. Nothing will force Americans and Brazilians into the enemy camp more surely than trying to take control of their affairs. Knock it off, and have a little faith. Do you imagine that the USA will let Serbia march to Liaoning unopposed? Do you imagine that Brazil will abandon Argentina? Do you imagine that either will leap into bed with the auld enemy Hungary? I don't.

I think they will understand that a multipolar world is, in the medium and long term, impossible, that allying SPoland now means eventually allying Serbgary, and that joining this new stupid named alliance ultimately means leaving true friends to total destruction.

And if I'm just being naive and am mistaken in this faith, then, America and Brazil, I wish you the best.




Arrlo Day 1,755, 15:12

EDEN y u so beautiful

Tannin Day 1,755, 15:15


victoria aut mors : D

Mete Arhan
Mete Arhan Day 1,755, 15:17

hard voted!!!

Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Day 1,755, 15:22

Americans are idiots, face it.. They can't live if they arent simply in the center of everything!!

poseidonsr Day 1,755, 15:22


Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 1,755, 15:23

Ok, EDEN is not trying pto USA.

BigAnt Day 1,755, 15:24

old news..

fagyan Day 1,755, 15:26

where is my part in your story thatcher ? 🙁

Arrlo Day 1,755, 15:27

fagyan: The part where I say we'll stop Serbia before they reach China. For ariyan, FOR IRAAAAN!

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,755, 15:38

our america and brasilian "friends" can go on my shoot list

hubertuses Day 1,755, 15:39

I agree that the name of this quasi-alliance is stupid.

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,755, 15:47


Dryblas Day 1,755, 15:50


AngelluS CAT
AngelluS CAT Day 1,755, 15:53

"Some douche bag players from EDEN countries are not helping EDEN's cause,
as was the case in Brazil. Nothing will force Americans and Brazilians into the enemy camp more surely than trying to take control of their affairs. Knock it off, and have a little faith. Do you imagine that the USA will let Serbia march to Liaoning unopposed? Do you imagine that Brazil will abandon Argentina? Do you imagine that either will leap into bed with the auld enemy Hungary? I don't."


Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,755, 15:53

"Some douche bag players from EDEN countries are not helping EDEN's cause,
as was the case in Brazil. Nothing will force Americans and Brazilians into the enemy camp more surely than trying to take control of their affairs."

"Some?" America has so many new faces, I'm not surprised there is some concern over many hundreds who, for the most part are visitors because of resource bonuses. Especially now that there is a movement to reduce that, the "PTO" threat looks very real indeed.

Fernando Colunga
Fernando Colunga Day 1,755, 15:53

What is Eden?
Jel se to maze na lebac???

diuras Day 1,755, 16:02

Victoria aut mors!


eDarkAngel Day 1,755, 16:03

bipolar world is over, get over it ad move on. n the new world you actually have to deliver on your promises and you can't threaten others into submission at the end of a barrel.

Many countries are trying to balance complicated relations, the game has become more interesting because of it. The sooner the sect ideologies are gone the better for everyone and for good or bad the last sect left is EDEN. Maybe if Romper let go of wanting to control everything it might adapt but fat chance of that.

rco Day 1,755, 16:04

Good try EDEN guy

Arrlo Day 1,755, 16:06

Ralph Kline, this "EDEN PTO" is a huge exaggeration.

Some moron illustrated it perfectly when he tried to show it via a pictorial list of America's newest congressmen. The EDEN PTO (which btw has failed to stop Spanish MPP, or to pass a single meaningful NE), included Inci (since when did they dance to EDEN's tune?), and several eAmerican players who had been there long before 100/100 bonus.

Mr_Pornstar Day 1,755, 16:06


Arrlo Day 1,755, 16:07

eDarkAngel: Are you kidding me with your first sentence? 🙂

Hallas CAT
Hallas CAT Day 1,755, 16:10

I'm a blind guy.


Spite313 Day 1,755, 16:13

EDEN beat ONE sure... by repeatedly smashing ONE's fist with their collective faces 😛

If you call being occupied 90% of the last year a victory...

If you call simply refusing to acknowledge reality a victory...

If you call spending thousands of euros simply to match day-to-day firepower a victory...

Perhaps in this case "Mors" is the only path to victory 😛

Arrlo Day 1,755, 16:13

OK former SG of former alliance!

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,755, 16:31

You mean bunch of people saying how they won the game? This game?!?!?
EDEN as alliance died long time ago... Now you have alliance that only kept name and logo and nothing more.... Only because they can brag(?!?!?) how that alliance outlived every single alliance in this game even tho they know it is not true....
Want examples? Sure there are plenty....

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,755, 16:31

< 3 Maggie

Niemand Day 1,755, 16:34

EDEN claimed to be a brotherhood. Maybe it was true. But when you want to bind one brother to fight for your interest only, things will not improve. When you organize all EDEN power to force USA a willing hammer for EDEN it makes USA an EDEN slave. It seems USA wants tio be free of EDEN influence. Maybe when EDEN would accept that, than brotherhood could be there.

Even old Terra allies seems to like USA be a hammer for them:

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,755, 16:41

Examples: India is waiting to get into EDEN for 2 years now(or more) and they are ignored even tho they deserved it more than any other nation that is in EDEN now....
Remember how did EDEN treated Bulgaria with their stance towards Turkey and how they even changed alliance rules because of that....
(If want more just say)

P.S. EDEN pto is quite possible...
Look how EDEN players vote on NE towards Poland... That is not politics eUSA want right now when they are leaning towards neutrality...

dinossauro Day 1,755, 18:04

tatchy s2

EternalLightStream Day 1,755, 22:24

Low class article contained full of hatred.

vladb Day 1,755, 22:57

Nice article .

As far as my memory serves me : US left Atlantis to form Fortis ,not EDEN (but I am like a dinosaur in this game so cannot really count on my memories).

Zelja Day 1,756, 00:02

eDarkAngel ffs you should really get some help in RL, your obsession with EDEN is way past trolling or "healthy" gaming, you are in every article in every country where EDEN is mentioned, you are in every shout concerning EDEN, if you are not writing dozens of comments there,you are probably searching for articles where EDEN is mentioned

you may and will fool yourself that your behavior is normal and common, that is just one more symptom...

Janis Gustavian
Janis Gustavian Day 1,756, 00:59

short ending

Smiljan Day 1,756, 02:09

The truth is pronounced...

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,756, 02:13

I'm sure PTO-ing Brazil and the USA is proof enough of your glorious friendship and brotherhood. I mean who doesn't want to be a PTO-ed puppet of EDEN these days?

MDejzi Day 1,756, 02:16


m8, sleep off next two or three months, and u will see just end results. No fuss, no drama, just the final score.

vladb Day 1,756, 02:48

@Cookies : What PTO ?
Ofc ..Brazil and US are PTO ed ,that is why they have MPPs with whoever they desire to ?
Do you see any action done by US and Brazil that would really make you say they are under PTO ?

Did they set EDEN enemies as NE ? Do they have MPPs with EDEN countries ?

Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Day 1,756, 03:42

lol when serbian is talking about PTO i think any discussion is completly unnecessary..

Spite313 Day 1,756, 04:33

There is no EDEN, only Cromania

funky_ribar Day 1,756, 06:29


Ariakis Day 1,756, 09:50

There is no UK. Only Eastern Ireland.
Or Northern French Isles.

efprepios_Rev Day 1,756, 10:33


Arrlo Day 1,756, 10:37

@Vladb: you're absolutely right, and I meant each of the three examples I listed as three different occasions. Trying to found Fortis, quitting EDEN (with PiZ as CP I think) and then creating Terra (or Panam, as it was at the time).

@EternalLightStream: I don't think this is a hateful article, and the class I will leave to you to decide, but I'm sorry you didn't like it.

@Cookies: I don't think you read the article. sadface

FrutekXXX Day 1,756, 11:01

go ONE try to get more power, more nations you need this is not enough for destroy EDEN , you can beat us, but you can't kill us!
proud and honor, nothing but that.......



fagyan Day 1,756, 11:14

EDEN is actually cromania ! they just eat kebab to get strength

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,756, 17:05

coockie.. thats actually what u guys trying to do, a real pto-ers of USA keep screaming eden is ptorrrrrrrrrr we are good guyssssss they are bad.. ur alliance is trying to pto you bla bla bla
who cares keep licking bro : )

krispo Day 1,757, 01:39

So true article.

Norbengo Day 1,757, 02:19

""Now that I have left the USA"" - Another failed dmg control mission, like in Bulgaria? :😁

Good that you left, one edenite PTOer less :😁

Norbengo Day 1,757, 02:22

""Now that I have left the USA"" - Another failed dmg control mission, like in Bulgaria? 🙂

Good that you left, one edenite PTOer less 🙂

Face it miss Thatcher, the only thing that you are good for in this game is buying gold and tanking :😁

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