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[EDEN] Farewell EDEN

Day 1,994, 08:33 Published in Greece Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

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This is the last article from Erepublik Defence and Economy Network. There is no more one final battle, no one final challenge. All stories must come to an end, and the time for EDEN has long since come.

EDEN was founded in the aftermath of ATLANTIS collapsing, during summer of 2009 when PEACE invaded North America. EDEN formed to fight against the PEACE incursion. Its ideals were to defend member countries and to fight with valour and dignity. Founding members were the nations of Croatia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden. Later on countries such as Greece and Bosnia & Herzegovina joined the Brotherhood.

During its past, EDEN gained and lost members. With each new joining and each new departure, EDEN changed. It evolved as the world changed - some may say even too much, for the alliance was barely recognisable at times when compared to its ideals. EDEN during its last year was very different from EDEN during its first year.

We achieved great victories. The world history is filled with campaigns where EDEN marched forward. Even in times of defeat EDEN was still the one everyone looked up to. For years we marched on. Look what happened to our opponents:

PEACE fell.
Phoenix fell.
NWO fell.
ONE fell.

One after another they formed, fought, resisted and eventually, collapsed. This is the testimony of EDEN - the oldest alliance of eRepublik history. Everyone came and went, but EDEN stayed. Maybe it stayed for too long, since now it is only a shadow of its former self; an echo from the past. Only the name is the same for an alliance that outlived everyone else.

What describes EDEN perhaps the best is an old poem from the 19th century by Lord Tennyson:

“We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

Indeed, EDEN has been made weak by time and fate. We do not possess the strength of the old days nor the will, but the alliance lingers on. It has become time to stop.

There are now none of the founding members left in EDEN. Countries left are leaving one by one to join other alliances or to try something new. Channels have been dead for months. This isn’t the alliance it was and calling it EDEN is blasphemy to its history. Maybe the countries left as members form an alliance, but do not call that EDEN. That it is not.

Stop spitting on EDEN’s grave. We ask rest of the in-game alliance country congresses to vote for leaving EDEN so it may finally be let in the ground. Be fair and let it die with honour.

Farewell. It is time for new trees to grow.

Signed by
Avec, alpho, Atea, [CRO]Radens, Iaswn, Justino, Lavanche, Petsku

The last of EDEN.


Greek Ministry of Health Day 1,994, 08:33

Comment deleted

Petsku Day 1,994, 08:34

I can smell the wind of change..

Tototwalker Day 1,994, 08:47


anThhraX Day 1,994, 08:49

Take Turkey they said.
Kick Bulgaria they said.

Now enjoy! : )

The.Clairvoyant Day 1,994, 09:07

best move ever. Turks were 100 times better allies than Bulgarians

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,994, 10:48

What about the Romanians? Were they better than Bulgarians? 😁)

AngelOfBulgaria Day 1,994, 13:45

Турците са фурнаджийска лопата. А дърварите, които пазеха еденското дърво (то май само пън остана вече), избраха щетата. И така самите те порязаха братството.

hanibalbg Day 1,994, 13:51

Then take them in TWO, Noumpas ... I'm sure you're the only one who loves them and wants them.
And, if you really want to speak the truth, and looking at when your account was registered - do you remember anything from BULGREECE, and the time when we were allies in EDEN?

The.Clairvoyant Day 1,994, 14:04

hanibalbg, this account remembers nothing. On the other hand, my old account remembers alot. Remembers how you found shelter in EDEN, when Phoenix turned the back on you, the same shelter you denied to provide to Turkey. The old account remembers how eGreece pushed into the direction of BG into EDEN. Also remembers the secret NAPs with FYROM and Turkey when eGreece was fighting against all. Yes.. You were tired of constant fights too. But it was bulgreece. And that was treason in my eyes

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,995, 02:49

Noumpas, You avoid the question about Romanians? Are they traitors now?

The.Clairvoyant Day 1,995, 03:16

It was a stupid question to answer, I ignored it not avoided it. They betrayed no-one. The dissolve of EDEN was pre-arranged IMO. In any case, they did not NE any trial member, they did not fight against EDEN, they did not troll EDEN. Is it clear now?

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,995, 07:22

You rely on my short memory, but you failed.

When Bulgaria first NEed Turkey, Turkey was not a trial member and in this first attack EDEN fought against Bulgaria. So a full member was ignored in favour of no member at all. Even then Bulgarians were divided 50/50 to stay or leave EDEN.

EDEN alienated a dedicated full member in order to lick the asses of the Turkish damage.

Learn your history lesson better.

The.Clairvoyant Day 1,995, 07:50

total failure. There was agreement on trial member for Turkey when the first NE law had fallen on the BG congress. Learn history better. There was an agreement for Turkey as trial member from the first summit back then. The max fault of EDEN then, was that they agreed for 1 month and not 3 trial, and second fault that they did not kick BG out of the alliance as soon as they NE Turkey.

dia piros kai sidirou
dia piros kai sidirou Day 1,995, 08:32

EDEN will be a great legend that will be told from us to the newest memers/players.
"What was EDEN?"
"It was an old alliance that lived,developed and marched into glorius victories"

Yankul9 Day 1,995, 15:49

EDEN was one of the most organised alliances. Most of the time eBulgaria was part of it, was fun, sucesfull, full of strategic moves and etc. We helped even small countries in the alliance and get help when we needed. But some of the countries just start to follow their own interests and just using us from some time. I remember BULLGREECE. Greece was one of the better ally we have in this game, untill you turn your back on us. And you were (are) the toughest enemy we hade. I never put RL issues against you in this game, becouse you are very well organised and use good strategy to admire. And i don't remember any "secret" NAPs. Everithing was clear even if some EDEN countries don't admited it. And it was a result of as been used for some sick plans and left been constantly wipen with little support. I don't remember Greece to be even ones wiped in this time. And about Turkey. Honestly, i was for it back then. Because it was key moment in the game, when EDEN had a chance to prevail and dominated. But this separated our comunity and we start to loose players. Because honestly speaking, this game is rulled by RL issues, otherwise it became boring. And not every is ready to take such compromises. Nor Croatia for Serbia, Greece for Macedonia, Bulgaria for Turkey. Romania for Hungary and vice versa ond so on. And our decision proof to be right in time and your to be wrong. Because, don't say it wasn't damagehood in ONE/TWO stile? Or you was very happy to be rulled by Turkey/Argentina/Albania trio later? So, admitted or not, the and of EDEN on it's shine was sighn by accepting Turkey.
Anyway, it was fun and intriguing, both in good and bad momments and allies or foes. For the real ol' EDEN - 07.

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,994, 09:23

Oh its a year ago already.

AMIRKABIR72 Day 1,995, 01:33

Fight Fight Fight Fight
At the end
Rest in peace EDEN 07

Mlendea Horatiu
Mlendea Horatiu Day 1,994, 09:29

Noting lasts forever

It was fun!

pista2 Day 1,994, 09:34

memories last forever
Eden was something great than can never be forgotten

Alex.L Day 1,994, 15:46

Even cold November rain? :😁

(couldn't refrain from posting it)

Rona1d Day 1,994, 16:25

RIP to EDEN, the inmortal alliance.

Simonymous Day 1,995, 05:27

"memories last forever"
my alcoholic head can argue with that

dimikala Day 1,994, 11:07

Comment deleted

Danidada Day 1,994, 11:48

Danidada was here

Dozzer_x Day 1,994, 13:33

o7 Canada will never forget their old allies.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,994, 19:41

Question is... where will the Petsku endup when the wind settle 😉

Romper Day 1,995, 06:29

in retirement home for old fags?

Absinthium Day 1,995, 10:14

Winter took all EDEN leaves.

Respect for a great alliance.

But where is EDEN money?

KaRaBeLa48... Day 2,209, 11:44


Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel Day 2,209, 11:50

Burası tam elit mekanıymış xd

Freiheitskaempfer Day 1,994, 08:36

it was about time.

Brovario Vein
Brovario Vein Day 1,994, 11:19


Unafano Day 1,994, 12:39

figurando 😃

MaartenW Day 1,994, 08:36

Respect for this decision!

Dhoo Day 1,994, 09:04

Requiescat in pace in aeternum EDEN.

mancera Day 1,994, 10:44

Hola Dhoo, siento colgarme de tu post pero...

Mancera estuvo aquí 😛.

Atracurium Day 1,994, 08:36

ehm, I remember EDEN has some EDEN pool of money of 600k (Around there) how will it be redistributed back to the countries?

Didei Day 1,994, 08:38

Lol ... like that money will be sent bk xDD

PretenderHT Day 1,994, 08:39

This is definitely an interesting question...

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,994, 08:39


Petsku Day 1,994, 08:40

Like I said, it was spent on booze, women and drugs.

Hawley Day 1,995, 09:26

Who gave money for finns?

delete this
delete this Day 1,994, 08:40


Alfadi Day 1,994, 09:10

Ni Hao

tompola Day 1,996, 01:10

χ0αχ0α0χ0αχ0α έκλαψα

Didei Day 1,994, 08:43

Petsku there were no girls or drugs yesterday!!! Or did u tricked me and Santa?! 😮 xDDD

delete this
delete this Day 1,994, 08:44

we gave you the men

Didei Day 1,994, 08:46

Comment deleted

KOSOVA ArlinDx Day 1,994, 09:10

well just split it equally among the remaining countries (croatia could be included) , fair enough.

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