[EDEN] China - a new leaf added to a larger tree

Day 982, 04:57 Published in China Greece by Greek Ministry of Health
As most of our readers should be aware of, China decided to join EDEN in early July. As mentioned before, due to overlap of summer vacations, the Media Team has been less operational during July. And as such, this official greating comes late but in no way does it come less heartfelt.

The entire Brotherhood of EDEN is elated to welcome our dear friends from China as full members of our alliance. A few months ago, we unanimously offered China the possibility to join us in our fight, we gave them the possibility to become a full member with all the privileges and responsibilities of a full member.

China took the offer into consideration and after a democratic referendum followed by a congressional vote, it became apparent that the people of China felt ready to join EDEN. A revised treaty for the Brotherhood of EDEN is now taken in review by EDEN country leaders for signing by each individual country, including our newest member China. More information about this will follow when the ratification of the new treaty has concluded.

A new leaf added to our Brotherhood tree.

Already long before China were even considering the option to join our ranks, we held China in high esteem. Remember when large parts of China were occupied by various enemies until EDEN campaign spearheaded by USA shoved Iran, Indonesia and Hungary away from China. Meanwhile, China grew to be one of the powerhouses of the Allied nations, and their progress of growing from a small nation oppressed and being tossed around to a strong, independent and magnificent nation culminated when you took point in our latest attempt to finish our mission and liberate China completely.

Our mission is still unfinished. The changes and challenges of eRepublik Rising combined with the resistance our adversaries offer make our mission tough, but together as a Brotherhood, we will survive and prevail.

As a full member, China will have a say to the strategies and military involvement of EDEN and a quota of EMC soldiers depending on their population. China will also participate to the financial support of EDEN, also known as The Allied Fund, which funds common military movements. EDEN as a whole is looking forward to extend our close relationship with China even more now when they are full members of the Brotherhood.

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