[EDEN] An invitation to the people of eChina

Day 915, 17:20 Published in China Greece by Greek Ministry of Health
Dear eChinese friends.

After many months of mutual friendship and battles fought together, time has come to see if we can take our friendship to a next level. We have been talking a lot about this, and a long time ago we agreed that eChina should be invited to join the EDEN brotherhood.

We have had to wait a bit to solve some of our internal issues, but now we are ready. Even the last formality has been fulfilled - an official vote to invite eChina to join EDEN as a full member with all privileges just recently took place, and the result is a clear unanimous YES among us. This decision was probably one of the easiest that EDEN leaders have had to make. Now we are awaiting your decision with great anticipation. We hope that you see the benefits that a full EDEN membership brings.

The EDEN cooperation is based on the principles and regulations laid down in the Treaty of EDEN - consequently, becoming a member will offer both rights and obligations.

Diplomatic relations with other countries will still be at the discretion of each member nation, but there is an obligation to inform the brotherhood of diplomatic moves as well as other topics that might be of interest to EDEN fellow countries. A membership also puts some regulations on what intelligence information that can be shared with other countries. But basically, this means that your international relations will remain the same as they are today.

The military collaboration between eChina and the EDEN countries is already excellent. But by joining as a full member, your country's representatives will be able to vote on every EDEN decision and will be involved in the making of EDEN's global military strategy. Contributing in offensive campaigns as well as defensive, your powerful tanks will be victoriously rolling alongside the strongest mobile fighting force in the New World - the mighty EMC. At the same time, you will take upon you the obligation of helping out your allies in times of need, just like the rest of the brotherhood will come to your aid should you need it. No EDEN member has ever been left alone or unsupported while being threatened by hostile forces.

As a member, eChina can take an active part in shaping the economical aspects of the network - a topic that understandably has been less emphasized than the military up until now. But as expenses related to warfare have shown that efficient and coordinated organising of both military and economics are closely related, this will be a major topic in the time to come.

But there is so much more than this. If you join our brotherhood you will be treated just as the word implies: like brothers. The logistic, diplomatic and media support from all the members will be available to you. There is also a basic understanding that EDEN is made up of individual countries and that individual plans must be allowed to exist. We approach those plans like we approach all the decisions - as a team. Whenever you make your plans known to the Brotherhood, we will all work together in helping you.

Over many months we have been looking to eChina with growing satisfaction and realizing that in you we have true friends. You have passed through some rough periods but you never gave up, and that is worth admiring. You patiently worked on getting stronger and waited for the best moment to strike back, and yet you always managed to find the people and means necessary to help the others. That kind of commitment and cooperation spirit is exactly what EDEN is all about.

It is with great pleasure and pride that we, the country leaders of the Erepublik Defence and Economy Network, hereby formally invites the free and sovereign nation of eChina to become a full Member of the EDEN Brotherhood. By this invitation we declare that eChina upon admission shall receive equal rights and privileges in the Brotherhood as outlined in the Treaty of EDEN, while oblige to uphold the Brotherhood values of mutual Respect, Loyalty, Valour, Unity, Friendship and Sacrifice both within and outside national borders. This is an open invitation if you wish to join the Brotherhood of EDEN. We from EDEN await your decision with patience, and respect your decision no matter what it will finally be.

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