🛩️[EdA] September + Renewal

Day 3,967, 18:22 Published in Chile Chile by HerrKader
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En la 🛩️[EdA] incentivamos a los jugadores activos con CLP cuando suben de rango aéreo. El que quiera unirse envíeme un mensaje privado.

Estos son los números de septiembre!

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At the 🛩️[EdA] we give cc incentives to the active players when they increase their aerial rank.

Here is September in numbers!

Financial Overview

💰Total Expenses during September: 362750 CLP.
💰CLP obtained from Plato Foundation: 229550 CLP (63.3😵.
💰CLP obtained from eChilean Government: 133200 CLP (36.7😵.

️ We are applying for a renewal to Plato Foundation.

We appreciate the confidence and trust of the board and our manager |Curlybear.

The funds obtained with no changes will be used specifically in:
◼️The rank up incentives.
◼️The subsidies of Q1 houses for the ones who work 7 days in a row.

Shout-out to Plato Foundation, part of the reason why the [EdA] pilots and me keep playing.

Master gDoc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Xz24-aBt3sonqaZdaQUTNtVxwPDdpjJDqZzNsW-PFv0/edit#gid=1378690646

🛩️[EdA] September + Renewal


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