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Day 1,902, 04:19 Published in Albania Albania by Lucifer aka Biuy

These days I am seeing people shouting and creating articles about the economy modul.Its not the admins fault about this its our foult about the gold price
we choose how much the 1 gold will cost admins cant do nothing about this so dont blame them.

Its in our hand to change this 🙂




StreakyTyphus Day 1,902, 04:28

for once i agree with an article like this

citizens if you want the economic module fixed its easy
- work together to get the right prices
- discuss RAW prices
- discuss prices of Food/Weapons
- Monetary Prices

and together we will fix it

Bitorino Day 1,902, 04:39

The last one to arrive at the Market wants, always, to sell his goods in the shortest time possible. So, what do they do? They decrease the price of the products.
Some people do it in just 0.01cc. Others in 1 cc. Other are more ambicious and decrease the price in 5 or more cc.
This happens in gold market. In raw materials market, in food and weapons market... Well, it happens in all markets.
Is this Plato's fault? Nop... just our fault...

Yes, Plato is a greedy guy. But aren't we even more?

DonCurtis Day 1,902, 04:43

I dont think this article is right. eRepublik is overfilled with weapons and stuff so its obvious that when there is too much of something, the price of that thing will go lower and lower. eRepublik needs a bot to buy gold/weapons/food when they go under a certain price, so there wouldn't be much of these stuff around and the sellers would automatically higher the prices of the products they are selling. I think the bot was active a few months ago, but it isnt now!

PretenderHT Day 1,902, 04:53

Does free market, supply and demand rings any bell?

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,902, 05:06

This is when we need to understand that there is too much supply for demand, we need to be either increasing that demand making prices go higher, or decreasing supply and also increasing prices so we have a mutually beneficial market with an equal amount of demand to the supply. Stop blaming the module because in truth, we caused this, not Admins.

Rubicon8 Day 1,902, 05:36

Beatiful words... Nothing more
Completely useless strategy
Have you heard about supply and demand?
Admins (not you) can set gold price at their will
By putting more gold in the game (promotions, overproductionetc) or draining gold out of the market (simply buying it)
In this matter They have almost unlimited power
So don't be naive

Valerio Maximo
Valerio Maximo Day 1,902, 05:37

I made my contribution to a good economy, several months ago: I stop to produce raw, food, guns.
I profite more to buy than to produce, so I produce nothing since July/2012.

So, why you still continue to produce? You lose money and in that way increase the offer of gold and lower prices in goods

AqifPasha Day 1,902, 14:43

That's not true. This is not how the liberal market works.
I'm not going to ask other people for the price to sell or buy goods. But on the other hand the admins can work on that. Why all the Achievements are in gold ? Why people bye gold with real money ?This of course will increase the amount of gold more than what is spent.

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