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[eBG Embassy]Circle of Trust

Day 1,927, 11:05 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

[eBG Embassy]Circle of Trust- Posted on their behalf by the Foreign Office

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself to you and the purpose of this article. I’m Epssia, the Bulgarian Ambassador to the UK and vMoFA of Bulgaria. Also I’m glad that I have the chance to communicate with such friendly and resposible people like you. I’ve never thought that you are so open to foreigns and I’m still amazed by your hospitality.

The reason for this article is that I want to keep our good relations between our two countries and I hope you want to do the same. Admittedly, the main thing in the game is the support. As you know, without its friends and allies, a country is nothing. Its contacts and diplomacy should be the basic things in its strategy. Both Bulgaria and the UK keep their relationship and help each other in difficulties. This is an extremely important advantage for our nations and our future development.

For this purpose I have a desire to explain to you the histroy of Circle of Trust, or also called CoT. As you may know, CoT is a friendly alliance to TWO(in which UK is part of)and they have common enemy - EDEN.

The whole story started when Turkey left ONE because it wasn’t in good relations with most members in the union and mainly with Iran and Spain. In other words they demanded more teritories in the way of “bullying” which wasn’t liked by the HQ of ONE. After a while Turkey left ONE and EDEN’s HQ saw a new ally and a strong country which can seriously influnce the war between ONE and EDEN in the face of Turkey. The problem was that Bulgaria has a rivalry with Turkey. The other reason for the conflict was that the EDEN HQ wanted Turkey to become a full member of the alliancel. Bulgaria vetoed that but the HQ didn’t agree with us and after long diplomatic meetings, Bulgaria left EDEN and announced neutrality.

At the same time, Chile, member of TERRA (a friendly to EDEN union) kicked out Chile because they had a problems with Argentina. It’s common with the story for Turkey so Chile now became neutral. Chile was a small country and not a big damage-maker so for Argentina thay were just bonus regions. Soon Chile and Bulgaria decided to make a new Alliance called - Circle of Trust. The main purpose for the union was to defend all its members and the most important thing in it was that in CoT every country was equal. The influnce and population weren’t significant. Soon more countries found the idea of CoT similar to their and they liked it. Therefore, a lot of new and smaller countries joined the alliance and it started to become bigger and bigger up to now 🙂 Although it’s full with small countries, CoT is one of the strongest unions in the game nowadays and it maintains good relations with TWO, who have really been helping a lot, and their main purpose is to defeat EDEN.


Supreme Commander – chukcha
Supreme Commander – seascifi
Supreme Commanders Advisor - AlexFran
Military Commander – Ko3aTa
Alliance Communications Assistant – Uncle Sociopath
Alliance Administrative Assistant – Lotus Black
Public Relations Organizer – seascifi
Alliance Court

CoT Members

SPAM Channel #eBrussels
MoFA #ebe_mofa
Supply #ebe_war

SPAM Channel #erepublik-bulgaria
MoFA #bg-mofa

SPAM Channel #eChile
MoFA #echile.mofa , but also try out this one #mofa.echile
For Citizenship #congresoechile
Supply #help.echile

SPAM Channel #ERepIndo
MoFA #indo-mofa
Supply #lograk

SPAM Channel #nippon
MoFA #nippon.mofa

SPAM Channel #eLietuva
Supply #lk.misija

SPAM Channel #emkd
MoFA #emkd-mofa
Supply #podelba,

SPAM Channel #Canal_Oficial_Mexico
MoFA #MoFA.Mexico
Supply #venemex (also used by Venezuela)

SPAM Channel #moldova

New Zealand
SPAM Channel #eNewZealand
MoFA #nz.mofa
Supply and Orders #nzarmy

SPAM Channel #eParaguayos
Supply #supp

SPAM Channel #ePeru

South Korea
SPAM Channel(sometimes used for supply) #esk
Supply #skfight

SPAM Channel #eSwitzerland
MoFA #Swiss-Diplomacy
Supply #Save.Switzerland


the USA
SPAM Channel #usa-chat (basic), #usa
MoFA #us-state
Citizenship #ies
Supply #defense

Official CoT Newspaper

I hope you enjoyed the article and it was helpful 🙂

See ya!



Ernesto Jeon
Ernesto Jeon Day 1,927, 11:14

plz fix South Korea

Normal - #eS.Korea
MOFA - #eS.Korea-MoFA
Supply - #eS.Korea-Supply

epssia Day 1,927, 11:14

o7 : )

GameChanger Day 1,927, 11:14

Of course, Chile did go through a massive babyboom shortly after being kicked from Terra

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,927, 11:15

o7, great work : 3

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,927, 11:15

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 1,927, 14:51

nice article...thanks and much love to our bulgarian friends

WayneKerr Day 1,927, 15:35

hey Epssia o7 Day 1,927, 16:04


Strength and Honour

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,927, 19:19

You can thank me later for working the deal that got Chile kicked out of TEDEN, worked out well for everyone I think. Little old eNZ doing big things 😛

Boyde Day 1,927, 20:43

Its good and interesting to know makes me feel a lot better about being associated with that Alliance

Rfeist Day 1,928, 01:45


North Scale
North Scale Day 1,928, 10:51


painkiller789 Day 1,929, 02:02

We are friendly and responable people, I think you have the wrong country there.

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