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[eBelgium] An Update

Day 1,884, 12:59 Published in United Kingdom Switzerland by Dan/naD Wilshire

The Introduction

Well I have been given the honour once again to represent the eUK in eBelgium. Over the past week I have conducted a poll of the eBelgiums and today I am here to share the results. But before that I will bring to you their new government!

Belgian Government

President: BrunoCND
Vice President: Kiyonori Dragnier and Elynea

Minister of Foreign Affairs: tommot
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kaad and Jens Leupe

Ministers of Defence: Tony Clifford
Vice Minister of Defence: BelgiumGeneral

Minister of Finance: SX80
Vice Minister of Finance: JdlF

Ministers of Home Affairs: Yannis de Leeuw
Minister of Education: Yannis de Leeuw and Beaver Juice
Minister of Immigration: Kiyonori Dragnier
Minister of National Security :Kylero
Chief Multy Hunting : Olv007

BrunoCND: “ I know this Government will provide us with the activity, experience and transparency, while at the same time, giving new players the opportunity to be in the cabinet. We are here to serve you and to serve the interests and wishes of eBelgium.

Belgian Poll

A total of 73 eBelgians filled out my poll. That’s a modest 13.6% of the “active” Belgians as according to eRepublik. However as a percentage of party members filling it the poll it’s a more respectable 37.8%. Although Belgium has 247 non-dead or banned citizens accordingly to egov4you. Along with the fact that have about 130 citizens active daily, that would mean a turnout on the poll of 56.2% a promising figure for the country.

Between Belgium’s 3 biggest party’s they accounted for 69% of the responses which is not that surprising considering their membership makes up 60% of Belgium’s political party membership. ATO as a percentage of membership was the most active of the major 3 party’s.

Following on with the political party’s theme from the graph above we can see that the bulk of the Belgian population (46.6%)are left winged. Although twice as many eBelgians consider themselves left winged than right winged, within the top 10 of eBelgiums political parties there are 2 left winged parties and two right winged parties with centre making up the other 60%.

As you can see a huge majority of eBelgians enjoyed the Training war. “Superb”, “I like it”, and “More of that” are some of the ways Belgians described, or gave their support towards the Training War and future TW’s.

However there was an overwhelming consensus that if another training war is to take place between the eUK and eBelgium then better communication and a better transference of information between the governments and citizens should take place to successfully organised Training War between the two countries.

Suprisingly there is not an overall majority in support of Belgium’s membership within CoT. If was assume that half the maybe’s support CoT and half don’t that would give 58.5% in support of eBelgium being a member of CoT. However it is never that simple.

Broken down between the party’s the majority of the No votes came from the “H.O.P.E” party. If we removed that party from the equation totally 52% support membership of CoT. If we once again add half of the maybe supports to yes that would boost it to 71% in support of CoT membership which is a lot more promising.


The eBelgian community has a diverse range of nationalities, cultures and beliefs. From the far left authoritarian to the liberals sitting on the fence in the middle the Belgian community has evolved over the years. With many highs and lows the country can look back on their eHistory with pride or remorse.

With a new wave of playing “coming of age” in eBelgium the community has had many financial troubles supporting its young so that they can play the game with the support they need. The older players recognise this and have been working hard to engage the community through their Forum and IRC. Many of the new players have recognised this and have taken the advice and support on board. This is most visible if you take the time to look at the level s of many of their cabinet members, a large proportion are under level 30. This is very promising for the country and for many experienced Belgians. It gives the country a chance to carry on its evolution and for the older players to take a more relaxed role in the game.

Currently the country has a large proportion of players who prefer the war module, those who will be mostly involved within the MU system that this game offers. There is also an equally large proportion of players who desire to be more involved with the political system. These players tend to be the most active on the eBelgian forum and IRC channel.

There are two major issues which concern Belgians. The first is the possible PTO that is taking place in the country. The government has been forced into implementing stricter immigration laws and sanctions on those congress members who break the laws set by the government of Belgium. The other major problem that Belgians face is the large deficit that has accumulated over the past few months due to the crash of the value gold.

Only time will tell whether Belgium can resolve their issues or not however with strong core of new players active in the game, they have a strong foundation to carry on building their nation upon. The Belgian people seem to suggest that they see the eUK as an ally, a friend, however many are concerned about the communication issues that have arises from the government. However numerous Belgians are excited about the prospect of another training war with the eUK. Hopefully our relations will improve over the coming months so that more training wars will be possible in the future.

Final Note

Congratulations to Appelby who won the UKRP PP elections!

Thanks for you for your time! o/



WayneKerr Day 1,884, 13:04


Saiwun Day 1,884, 13:16


Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,884, 13:20

ATO is ALWAYS the most active 😛

You have to take into account that a lot of Belgians likes neutrality. That's probably why there are a lot of "maybe". Next time put different options like: "CoT", "TWO", "Asgard", "EDEN", "Neutrality", "don't care".

(Belgium has 247 non-dead or banned citizens accordingly to egov4you. We have about 130 citizens active daily. you can edit with these figures)

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,884, 13:24

Voted for effort and clarity. Job well done

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 1,884, 13:24

Thanks tony 🙂

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,884, 13:29

lol democracy at its best. If we remove the opinion of all members of a certain party we get a close majority. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

nW0lf Day 1,884, 14:14

Nicely done.

BigAnt Day 1,884, 14:14

o7 Belgium 😃

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,884, 14:16

Fun article to read, good job Dan!

@A Vegan: The breakdown in parties is a good thing to show the current positions of the parties. It's like free publicity for HOPE.

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 1,885, 10:26

@A Vegan your party was an anomalous result, and in many cases that result is ignored to form a result.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,885, 10:32


BelgiumGeneral Day 1,885, 11:25

voted! vMoD is a beast : P

Chihiroh Day 1,886, 01:07

"However there was an overwhelming consensus that if another training war is to take place between the eUK and eBelgium then better communication and a better transference of information between the governments and citizens should take place to successfully organised Training War between the two countries."

BigAnt please get the wink ^^

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,886, 02:15

+1 A Vegan

Thanks for the analysis Eco!

lin0leum Day 1,886, 16:41

"If we removed that party totally"

crystal clear example of "erepbelgium democracy"

unvoted hard

Kaad Day 1,919, 09:33

As HOPE gather PTO, it is not surprising...

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