[eBE] ThomasRed : the Saddest Day...

Day 1,211, 20:57 Published in Belgium Serbia by Azor Ahai Reborn
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[eBE] ThomasRed : the Saddest Day...

Dear fellow citizens,

It's the middle of the night, and i'm here, in front of you, to announce a very sad news for our country. Today, the main party of eBelgium, Belgium for Belgians, is under a PTO theat. It's not the only party which have to face a threat, as three serbian citizens are running for Party President in three others parties. But there is a difference between the threat that have to face the BfB. This threat didn't came from abroad, but from eBelgium !

One week ago or so, the BfB have welcomed a new member, who was before known to be a BCP member and later a Res Belgica member. Even if the policy of BfB is to not let newcommers running for Party Presidence, (but to propose them instead an other function to let them discover the party and its interns rules), Critically decided to run for PP. In the same time, after a intern debate, the BfB asked Jamster737 to run and to become their new Party President and to lead the party toward new success.

Nothing was suspicious before today, when after few hours, Critically had already 5 votes and Jamster737 0 while BfB party members had already voted... Yesterday, the BfB had 14 members and Res Belgica had 13 members. Tonight the BfB have more than 25 members, and more than 25 votes have been casted too. I have been informed this afternoon that a lot of RB members and of other parties member joined the BfB to vote.

I was quite shocked, and i still have no words to describe how i feel tonight. While our country had to face a threat (even small) of foreign PTO and that Army orders were to hold his votes to help the three parties in danger, some belgians citizens have chosen to PTO a Belgian party.

Among these citizens, a lot of people for who i had a lot of respect and confidence. Sammy Tanghe, our last President, Medrolke, our forum admin and old Justice, Frostie, a soldier, Shadowukcs, the loosing candidate at the last two CP elections, Bertie Ahern, our State Secratary for National Security (!), Kabouter_Wesley, and so on...

I can't describe the ambiance of the BfB irc channel today, as everyone was so surpised, so sad, so shocked, so angry,...

I have also learned that the Res Belgica Party President was aware of this PTO attemps and that our MoFA Chris Stanwick also knew it, even if both refused to be part of his act of treason. So does Theneka, the communist leader.

Today, dear citizens, some Belgians citizens have chose to take the political control of a party there wasn't member of, to make a political take over. The very same day we needed votes to protect three of our others parties from a possible foreign PTO.

The redline have been crossed : there is things we can't accept. The political competition is what makes our political lifes interesting ! To fight with ideas, with programs, with solutions, it's what i called being constructive and it's what help a country to level up. To fight by unmoral and baseless ways, it's just a shame, and it won't help Res Belgica or the others parties to become bigger.

If Shadowukcs have been reported to me as the main investigator of this PTO attempt, and he did promised me hell when i win the last CP election (at that time, i replied to him to not take the country in hostage with his desire to make my presidency term a failure), several citizens have accepted to follow him. And it made me ask : why ?

Since the electoral campagn, the BfB and I had suffered from an heavy opposition. It have been said that eBelgium was an olygarchy of the BfB and that i was a real dictator. Shadowukcs didn't accepted the fact the BfB didn't supported him last month but proposed me as CP candidaite instead. He didn't find that fair because he said that it's not possible for a candidate to win an election if he is not the BfB candidate.

Why does the BfB candidate "always" win ? Because the Belgium for Belgians party is the oldest and most experienced party ? Because we have already proposed several successfull president candidate and congressmembers ? Because the BfB ministers are doing a great work in the government ? No, according the Opposition, as they called themselves, the BfB is only winning because we have many 2 clickers and sheepvoters.

I guess this is one of the reason they decided to PTO the BfB. Instead of recruiting new members, of publishing articles with new ideas and programs for eBelgium, to show their activity, etc, they decided to destroy what they think is the power of the BfB, the party.

One of the others critics we have been able to see on the forum is that i'm a dictator. As you know, i asked Slivever to become Minister of State of Companies, and for these citizens, it was a bad choice because Slivever was not active on the eBE forum and that it made him "a piece of incompetence". I have explained my choice to the Congress, and asked them to give Slivever a chance to prove he could be a good Minister. But a poll have been started, and on 15 citizens, 10 thought that Slivever should be replaced. As i refused to replaced him without having offering him Slivever to prove he was a good choice, the Opposition told i was a dictator who didn't respect the volunty of eBelgium.

The Opposition have also been incredibly active in the Congress to limit the power of the President : they proposed a law to force me to stay in eBelgium during my term of President. They also proposed a law to give power to the Congress to removed a Minister from the Goverment (while Ministers are “in fact nothing more than personal assistants of the CP, who is solely responsible for day-to-day running of the government. It should be 100% up to the CP how he delegates that responsibility and authority”, and if the Congress estimate i made mistakes, they can use the impeachment law if required - that's proposal have been declared unconstitutionnal).

One of the others problems is that some of these citizens also think that their voice is more important than the voice of the ingame players who are not active on irc and on the forum. These players, active ingame, working, fighting, reading newspapers, posting comments and shouts, don't desserve to be listenned because they made the choice to not be active on the forum/irc. I don't agree with that because i don't want to create a two class society, with a form of discrimination towars citizens who only play ingame. The citizen who votes for elections are not the citizens on the forum, but the citizens ingame ! And their votes have the same value than the vote of a forum user !

Quite ironic if you ask me, as the ones who want to have more power than the ingame citizens are the same that accused the BfB of being an oligarchy... It's also ironic to see that the ones who accused me of being a dictator and not respect the choice of the Belgians citizens are the ones who are today pto'ing a belgian party ! Is it the way they enjoy "democracy" ?

How to deal with the shamefull acts of today ? I really don't know, but what i know is that I won't level down myself to their level, and that i ask the BfB to continue to be an example of democracy.

To calm down the opposition, i can already announce that i won't run for Presidence next month. The BfB will maybe propose a candidate, or support an other party candidate. It's too early to announce it. I'm not power hungry, and i don't seek the power for the power. I never did. If i decided to run, it was because the BfB thought that Shadowukcs was not a good candidate for our country. He have shown his limits during his presidency last month, where he had a lots of difficulty to handle the french crisis and to manage the country in the same time. He have also shown to be disrepectfull and unpolite at many occasions, not the image the BfB want for our country.

How does we need to react to this act of treason ? Forum banned these citizens ? Fire them from the Army ? Fire them from their Government function ? Add them to the "Ennemy of Belgium"'s list ?

I don't think it will help our country to find back a good political climate, so i have a proposition : i would like to launch a debate on a congress government. Instead of having the CP making his government each month, i would like to propose the different parties to make the Government and to let to the Country President only the Foreign Affairs and the Defense department. How will it work ? To propose a government, parties have to get a majority and to propose a common program. In this case of figure, it won't be possible anymore in the future to have party with too many power in eBelgium, as he will have to share it with an other party at least. It will also make bigger the competition between our parties and give a real mission and goal to them. Of course, it's just a draw. But i think it could help our country to solve it problems. It worth the shot to debate of it.

See, Oppisition group, this is the way to be constructive. Please accept my proposition of dialogue, and let's all work for eBelgium instead of trying to destroy our community !

I have also heard tha the part two of the Shadowukcs' plan was to get me impeached. I don't know if it will get 66%, it's not the question, but i will find it quite sad as our country is currently living some enthusiastic hours !
My government and i have been very active, and we already accomplished a lot in only 10 days. Many articles from Belgium.Info, a good Government activity, the deal and the start of the Training Wars with the Netherlands, etc... I just hope that we will be able to continue on the same level !

It's now time for me to quit you, and here are the current results of Party Presidents elections :
Res Belgica : MaryamQ : 5 votes
Belgium for Belgians : jamster737 : 14 votes / Critically (PTO) : 13 votes
Belgian Democractic Front : Juan Cruz : 4 votes / Thore Thoreson : 1 vote / paskalino (PTO) : 1 vote
Belgian Communist Party : Theneka : 3 votes / Draganw (Serbian Citizenship) : 1 vote
eBe Groen Party : szigiri (PTO) : 3 votes / Kylero : 2 votes

L’Union fait la force ! Eendracht maakt macht ! Einigkeit macht stark !

President of eBelgium